Advertising on Berkeleyside allows you to: 

  • Reach more than 220,000 unique visitors a month (over 750,000 pageviews monthly) with an ad that clicks straight through to your website.
  • Update ads with your creative at a moment’s notice for special promotions and time-sensitive occasions.
  • Get performance metrics, including impressions and click-through rates.
  • Be a part of the central news site for the people of Berkeley, as well as a vital community forum. Support independent news and help boost the local economy.


Why advertise on the Web?

As newspaper circulation continues to decline, people are turning to the Internet as their primary news source. In fact, a Pew Research Center study found that the Web surpassed newspapers as an information source in 2008 — and use of the Web over newspapers has only grown since. Moreover, people who get their news from the Web tend to be younger and well educated, a sought-after demographic for small businesses.

There isn’t a better way to reach local residents than with an ad on Berkeleyside.

Will Berkeleyside write an article about my business if I advertise on the site? 

No — our advertising is independent from editorial. Advertising with Berkeleyside is not a guarantee that the editors will write about your business. If you have Berkeley-related news please email the Berkeleyside editors at

Do I need to make my own ad or does Berkeleyside provide it?

If you need a designer for your ad we can refer you to professional freelance graphic designers who work with you to create a compelling ad at reasonable rates.

How many people will see my ad on Berkeleyside?

Berkeleyside’s readership varies with the news, but generally Berkeleyside averages more than 200,000 unique visitors each month. That’s over 700,000 pageviews a month (we have months that peak over 250,000 unique visitors and over 1 million pageviews). Our audience penetration is outstanding.

How do I know this will work?

The success of a campaign depends on many factors including ad placement, creative copy and design. We recommend that you use your ad primarily to increase brand awareness. Think of it as your billboard on Berkeley’s busiest virtual intersection – with the added value of driving traffic to your website over time, and the power to change your message on a regular basis. That said, we measure results with standard online advertising metrics and receive hugely positive feedback from our advertisers all the time.

Is there a pageview guarantee?

Berkeleyside does not guarantee page views or “clicks.” (But see above for our outstanding readership penetration numbers.)

For more information about readership figures, rates and ad dimensions email:

Wendy Cohen
Business Director
Tel: 510- 653 4482
Debbie McKeen
Debbie McKeen
Sales Executive
Tel: 510-214 3931