Articles by Moriah

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  • Pomegranate pumpkin cheesecake

    If you're looking for a new twist on a classic Thanksgiving dessert, give this silky smooth pumpkin-pomegranate cheesecake a whirl.

  • Citrus vanilla cauliflower cake

    Tender with a bright citrus essence, this cake is a perfect way to welcome cauliflower into the world of desserts.

  • Jicama cake with tequila-glazed nectarines

    Bursting with flavors that seem destined to be together, jicama lime cake is incredibly vibrant — practically the opposite of the main ingredient within.

  • Honey Dijon caramels

    Welcome this favorite condiment into the world of sweets. Its essence offers intricacy, unexpectedness and thorough delight.

  • Beautiful, flavorful, versatile cranberry curd

    This curd's tartness and vibrant hue are an unmistakable capture of the berries within, and its decadent creaminess and hints of vanilla and salt will make you want to spread it on nearly everything.

  • Aperol spritz cupcakes

    With their tender, airy, citrus-speckled crumb, these Aperol spritz cupcakes are a nod to the cocktail they celebrate and to the nuptials that sparked their inception.