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Op-ed: Berkeley must prohibit use of CS gas on protesters

The Berkeley Police and the Police Review Commission’s (PRC) recent report on the police response to the Dec. 6, 2014 Black Lives Matter protests reflected a remarkable amount of agreement, and came up with commendable recommendations. But it had omissions … Continue reading »

By Carol Denney

Carol Denney is a singer, writer, and veteran activist of social justice movements.

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Op-ed: Library Gardens before and after the tragedy

In 2009, moving to Library Gardens seemed like a dream come true. It’s within walking distance to transportation, restaurants, movie theatres, schools, colleges, workout facilities, the library and city offices, not to mention its scenic downtown Berkeley views. However, … Continue reading »

By Devisadaria Duchine-Khauli

Devisadaria Duchine-Khauli and her family have lived in Library Gardens since July 21, 2009.

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Op-ed: Utility-free restrooms in Cesar Chavez Park — A briefing

The need for permanent restrooms in Cesar Chavez Park has been on the City’s agenda since at least 1977, when the North Waterfront Park Land Use Plan said that “of course, a park headquarters building and restroom structures will be … Continue reading »

By Martin Nicolaus

Martin Nicolaus is a 23-year Berkeley resident, a park activist and blogger (http://viva-cesar-chavez-park.org) who is leading a campaign petitioning for better restrooms at Cesar Chavez Park. He has no connection with any party involved in the design, sales or construction of the restrooms. Nicolaus published a photo-book about Cesar Chavez Park in 2014.

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Op-ed: An open letter to the Landmark Preservation Commission about Telegraph Village

To the Landmark Preservation Commissioners:

At your Jan. 7 meeting, you acted to dismiss landmark (or related) status for a quaint, “uncategorizable”, unsafe, barely patronized — and utterly unique and irreplaceable — relic of ‘the Ingrate Generation’. In so doing, you … Continue reading »

By Phil Allen

Phil Allen has lived in Berkeley since the spring of 1970, and is a member of the Sustainable Berkeley Coalition and West Berkeley Neighbors.

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Op-ed: Cuba commits funds to Berkeley ‘Sister City’ water project

In what might be an indication of warming relations and cooperation, the Cuban Government has committed over one million dollars in Cuban currency to a project designed by UC Berkeley river restoration experts to help restore Cuba’s longest river, the … Continue reading »

By Tom Miller

Tom Miller is an attorney and co-founder of the Green Cities Fund.

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Op-ed: You and I created the housing crisis

The Bay Area housing crisis is getting worse so quickly, we barely have time to react. Locally, Berkeley rents are up over 30% year over year, and the median home price is now over $1 million. A recent … Continue reading »

By Zach Franklin

Zach Franklin lives in South Berkeley with his family, and has a degree in economics and history and a professional background in affordable housing.

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Op-ed: There’s one hiring trick local businesses may be missing

Over the past year, I have spoken to over 500 Berkeley and Oakland based business owners about their hiring practices. The consensus: hiring is hard!

As a former caterer and the current Co-Founder of Localwise, a Berkeley-based online job … Continue reading »

By Ben Hamlin

Ben Hamlin is the Co-Founder & CEO of Localwise, an online job market that has helped thousands of local businesses in and around Berkeley hire local employees.

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Op-ed: An open letter to City Council on homelessness

Let me begin this brief note by first setting aside all the bitterness and anger I feel towards recent actions you have taken against me personally as a member of the homeless community. I am commanded to “Get rid of … Continue reading »

By Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a homeless, disabled senior citizen.

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Op-ed: A night in Berkeley’s Liberty City

I wanted to camp at least once at Liberty City when I learned how it had formed, partly because I wanted to see what was really up, and partly because I wanted to meet the participants I had heard so … Continue reading »

By Genevieve Wilson

Genevieve Wilson chairs the steering committee for Berkeley's Homeless Task Force and works at the Acme Bread Company in West Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Not making all of us safer — police militarization in Berkeley

Next Tuesday, Berkeley City Council members will discuss the city’s involvement and participation in Urban Shield, a highly militarized annual SWAT competition and weapons expo. They will also consider a long-awaited report about the Berkeley police’s crackdown of a protest … Continue reading »

By John Lindsay-Poland

John Lindsay-Poland is the Wage Peace Coordinator of American Friends Service Committee in San Francisco.

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Op-ed: A call to white parents — address racism

A month ago, someone posted a racist threat against black students on a library computer at Berkeley High School. The threat expressed support for the KKK and stated that there would be a public lynching on December 9. In … Continue reading »

By Simon Abramowitsch

Simon Abramowitsch is a BHS alum, Berkeley resident, parent, teacher and PhD student at UC Davis. He can be found on Twitter: @ambitionsaz

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Op-ed: Omissions in the Berkeley Police Association letter for donations

I recently received a very unsettling fundraising letter from the Berkeley Police Association (BPA). The second paragraph, with my italics, reads: “Today as I ask for your continued support of our community mission, we are mindful of the unprecedented wave of violence against … Continue reading »

By Janice Schroeder

Janice Schroeder is a 40-year resident of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Lords, Ladies and the peasantry at KPFA — An allegory of the struggle at KPFA 94.1 FM

Longtime KPFA listeners remember 1999 as the year of the Hijacking, the Lockout, and the massive response.  Ten thousand people marched through the streets of Berkeley chanting “Take back KPFA!” and “Save Pacifica!” And, as a matter of fact, KPFA … Continue reading »

By Daniel Borgström

Daniel Borgström is a descendant of European peasants who lives in Berkeley and somehow got involved in the struggle over KPFA 94.1 FM. His website is at http://danielborgstrom.blogspot.com/

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