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Op-ed: An open letter to Safeway about carrying the National Enquirer

Dear Safeway,

I have been a longtime Elmwood resident who normally shopped at Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl. I loved the quality of the food and the experience at both. I liked how I felt when I left the store: … Continue reading »

By Kelly Cash

Kelly Cash is a writer who divides her time between the East Bay and Austin, Texas. 

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Op-ed: All parties agree… Vote no on BB and CC to preserve the City Council’s landmark minimum-wage ordinance

The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a new minimum-wage ordinance that is one of the most progressive in the country and is a significant victory for workers and the community. The new ordinance takes the best from both BB and … Continue reading »

By Linda Maio

Linda Maio is the Vice Mayor of the City of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Why I’m voting for Darryl Moore — The neighborhood grocery store that almost wasn’t

When picking out organic produce or enjoying lunch at our neighborhood jewel, West Berkeley Bowl, it’s hard to believe how many people tried to block it from being built, and how very close they came to succeeding. Amazing, and yet … Continue reading »

By Christine Staples

Christine Staples has lived in West Berkeley for 25 years and is a volunteer in the Berkeley public schools.

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Op-ed: Open letter to Mayor, City Council about homelessness in Berkeley

Dear Mayor Bates and Berkeley City Council members,

Once again, as winter approaches, Berkeley is confronted with the inadequacy of our efforts to address the issues confronting our homeless population. In the absence of significant progress, the city has once … Continue reading »

By Jack Kurzweil

Jack Kurzweil is professor (emeritus) of electrical engineering at San Jose State, a Berkeley resident for more than 30 years, and an active member of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club.

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Op-ed: A response to Terry Roberts

When responding to an opinion piece, as Terry Roberts purports to do, it is often quite useful to base your response on both on the opinions expressed in the original piece and also on actually relevant personal experience. The first … Continue reading »

By Robert Krumme

Robert Krumme is a structural engineer and researcher specializing in aseismic design, founder of the award-winning Seismic Technical Advisory Panel, and former member of various Berkeley commissions, including the Public Works Commission.

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Op-ed: We get what we deserve

Berkeley voters overwhelmingly support reducing the influence of money in politics. We also aspire to a political system marked by civil discourse focused on real policy differences. Everyone seems unhappy with the role of money and the tone of the … Continue reading »

By Eric Bjerkholt

Eric Bjerkholt is a longtime North Berkeley resident and a recently naturalized U.S. citizen. He is married to Sophie Hahn who is running for City Council in Berkeley’s District 5.

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Op-ed: Real progressives vote for housing

Berkeley has a Downtown Plan. The path has not been smooth or simple, but thousands of hours, plus voter buy-in has solidly approved it.

It was a compromise – the outgrowth of hundreds of hours of public meetings that took … Continue reading »

By Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy is the Associate Director of the Alameda County Family Justice Center where he works with women who are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and trafficking. He is running for Berkeley City Council District 5.

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Op-ed: A solution to Berkeley’s political price tag problem

Since 2008, I’ve had the privilege and responsibility of looking out for every Berkeley tenant and landlord while serving on the Berkeley Rent Board. Doing so has provided me a unique look at the skyrocketing cost of housing, the lack … Continue reading »

By Jesse Townley

Jesse Townley is Chair of the Berkeley Rent Board.

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Op-ed: Utility undergrounding must be considered in disaster planning

I read Patricia Mapp’s Oct. 27 and Isabelle Gaston’s Oct. 26 Opinionater articles suggesting that utility undergrounding is not an important priority when considering public safety and disaster preparedness.

I totally disagree.

I have first-hand experience when it … Continue reading »

By Terry Roberts

Terry Roberts is former Public Works director in Oakland and former Deputy City Manager in San Jose. He previously served on the Berkeley Transportation Commission and currently serves on the Berkeley Police Review Commission. He is a resident of District 6 in Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Why I’m supporting Cheryl Davila for City Council, District 2

Walking around District two, I can’t help but notice the purple Cheryl Davila signs displayed in windows and poking out of front gardens all over the neighborhoods of West Berkeley. I’m thrilled that Cheryl has answered the call from the … Continue reading »

By Noah Sochet

Noah Sochet was raised in Berkeley and served as chairman of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission from 2013 to 2015.

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Op-ed: Sophie Hahn is exceptional, and just what Berkeley needs

For too long, Berkeley’s City Council has been mired in timid, incremental politics. The council majority has dragged its feet on important issues, to the detriment to those most in need, and to the frustration of all who want Berkeley … Continue reading »

By Carrie Olson

Carrie Olson is a lifelong District 5 resident, former chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and former President and current board member of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association.

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Op-ed: The politics of hospital closures

Despite its summer resolution opposing the closure of Alta Bates Hospital, the City Council’s failure to plan for the medical needs of Berkeley rests squarely upon the shoulders of its majority members and their appointees to the Planning Commission and … Continue reading »

By Daniel Caraco

Daniel Caraco, a 50-year Berkeley resident, holds an MPH in Health Policy and Planning from UC Berkeley and has worked for the National Health Service in the UK.

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Op-ed: Berkeley values: Divisiveness isn’t one of them

During the course of a campaign it is completely fair to compare one’s record against that of one’s opponent.  I take no issue with that.  I am proud of my work for education, children’s health, affordable housing, fiscal prudence, public safety … Continue reading »

By Laurie Capitelli

Laurie Capitelli is a long-time resident of the City if Berkeley. He has been the city council member from District 5 since 2004, and is currently a candidate for Berkeley Mayor.

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