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Op-ed: UC profits from the fossil fuel industry

It doesn’t make sense for the University of California to hold millions of dollars of stock in the fossil fuel industry and at the same time espouse a goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. Students at UC Berkeley and throughout … Continue reading »

By Kathy Barnhart

Kathy Barnhart is a UC alum from the class of 1968 and is active with the Fossil Free UC campaign.

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Op-ed: Measure D will not reduce soda consumption

I was visiting recently with a fellow Berkeley parent while at the Washington Elementary School Fall Fair. He wanted to know if I was familiar with Measure D, and wanted to encourage me to support it.

Rather than avoid the topic, … Continue reading »

By Dan McDunn

Dan McDunn is the parent of three BUSD elementary school students, coach of two Albany Berkeley Soccer Club Teams, a food activist and the former chair of the No Sellwood Wal-Mart Committee in Portland, Oregon

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Op-ed: Support Measure F for care, repair of Berkeley parks

Life sometimes comes full circle. Eighteen years ago, I jumped into public service in Berkeley as a novice member of the Parks & Recreation Commission, experiencing first hand the tremendous assets we have in our parks, paths, street trees, and … Continue reading »

By Gordon Wozniak

Gordon Wozniak is a retired nuclear scientist and a 12-year veteran of the Berkeley City Council. He has lived in Berkeley for 48 years

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Op-ed: Why a liberal mother of 2 is voting no on Measure D

I begin with this confession: I don’t drink soda and I never have. My boys, ages 9 and 12, don’t drink soda, either. In fact, I’ve never even let them try it, because I didn’t want them to like it. … Continue reading »

By Jill Herschman

Jill Herschman is a Berkeley Unified mom and community activist. Opinions expressed here are her own.

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Op-ed: Why the 2014 Measure R is not ‘true green’

In 2010, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly ratified a different Measure R, which gave city council the go-ahead to adopt the Downtown Area Plan, a plan created through an open and transparent process with wide community participation. It became law in 2012. … Continue reading »

By Henry Siegel

Henry Siegel is the founding principal at Siegel & Strain, an architectural firm that has received more than 60 design awards, including four Top Ten Green Projects of the Year from the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE). He lives in Berkeley. 

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Op-ed: All of us in Berkeley should say yes to Measure D

I am writing to thank Erica Etelson for her op-ed in Berkeleyside on Sept. 8 in support of Measure D, titled “Soda kills – we need to vote ‘yes’ on Measure D.” It was well-written, passionate, timely, and … Continue reading »

By Mansour Id-Deen

Mansour Id-Deen is President of the Berkeley chapter of the NAACP

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Op-ed: Less shoot-from-the-hip, more planning for schools

In the past fourteen years, the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) has authorized $327 million in capital improvements. That represents approximately $15,000 in taxes per household, or about $35,000 per student, a generous investment by Berkeley residents. Most people are surprised … Continue reading »

By Mark Lemkin

Mark Lemkin is a longtime Berkeley resident with two children at BUSD elementary schools.

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Op-ed: Finding a better way to go solar in the East Bay

I’ve been thinking about “going solar” for a few years. I even got quotes from two different companies to put panels on my roof, but never felt ready to pull the trigger. I hadn’t been able to decide if I … Continue reading »

By April Gilbert

April Gilbert is a consultant to nonprofit organizations and has lived in Berkeley for 40 years.

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Op-ed: Save our green downtown: Vote ‘no’ on Measure R

Jacquelyn McCormick’s Sept. 9th Opinionator piece published on Berkeleyside is filled with misinformation about Measure R. Measure R is a 28-page downtown initiative on this November’s ballot that would impose strict new requirements on housing and office projects in Berkeley’s … Continue reading »

By Tim Frank

Berkeley resident Tim Frank is a longstanding environmentalist and sustainability expert, Director of the Center for Sustainable Neighborhoods, and Chair of the No on R campaign committee.

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Op-ed: Robert Reich: ‘If a soda tax can’t pass in the most progressive city in America, it can’t pass anywhere’

I was phoned the other night in middle of dinner by an earnest young man named Spencer, who said he was doing a survey.

Rather than hang up I agreed to answer his questions. He asked me if I knew … Continue reading »

By Robert Reich

Robert Reich is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He has served in three national administrations, most recently as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton. His new movie "Inequality for All" is in Theaters. His blog, where this piece first appeared, can be found at www.robertreich.org.

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Op-ed: True green not green-washed, we must support Measure R

I am supporting Measure R 2014 Green Downtown Initiative for the following reasons:

In 2010, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly approved Measure R, but our City Council has not delivered on its promises.  Here is how the measure read:  

“Shall the … Continue reading »

By Jacquelyn McCormick

Jacquelyn McCormick is the President of the Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association and a candidate for City Council in District 8. She has over 25 years of experience in commercial real estate and is a neighborhood and community activist.

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Op-ed: Soda kills — we need to vote ‘yes’ on Measure D

In two months, Berkeley voters will decide whether ours will be the first U.S. city to enact a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (or tie with San Francisco which has a similar measure on the ballot). When I heard about the … Continue reading »

By Erica Etelson

Erica Etelson is a Berkeley Unified parent and producer of the short hit video, "How Much Sugar." The views expressed here are her own.

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Op-ed: Berkeley schools are victims of their own success

I am a proud graduate from, and enthusiastic supporter of, the Berkeley public schools. I am a lifelong resident of Berkeley, and have chosen to raise my family here. I love the school that my children attend, and have had … Continue reading »

By Joshua Room

Joshua Room is a lifelong Berkeley resident and parent of two children at Malcolm X Elementary School in the BUSD. He was President of the PTA at Malcolm X in 2013-2014.

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