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Op-ed: Clever design brings protected intersection to Berkeley

Students at Martin Luther King, Jr Middle School in North Berkeley will soon be able to walk and bike to school much more safely, thanks to a new protected intersection coming to the neighborhood. Over 22,000 cars pass through the … Continue reading »

By Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell is Advocacy Director of Bike East Bay.

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Op-ed: Berkeley should endorse, not oppose, Governor Brown’s housing proposal

Twice now, Berkeley City Councilmember Jesse Arreguin has introduced legislation asking Berkeley to issue a resolution opposing an important state affordable housing bill proposed by Governor Brown. City resolutions on state matters are of course non-binding, but if Berkeley … Continue reading »

By Garret Christensen

Garret Christensen is a Berkeley resident and an economics researcher at UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

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Op-ed: Environmental issues must be solved with Berkeley values

Berkeley prides itself in being a leader in environmental policy. In 2006, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly supported Measure G, which called on the City to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% by the year 2050. This vision, which received a … Continue reading »

By Jesse Arreguín

Jesse Arreguín is a City Council member representing District 4. He is also a candidate for mayor.

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Op-ed: We need real equity and access to a livable Berkeley

This letter, by REAL Berkeley, was sent to the Berkeley City Council ahead of its July 12 meeting. REAL Berkeley is a group of Berkeley citizens who are interested in helping to develop a comprehensive housing plan for the city that provides … Continue reading »

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Op-ed: We cannot wait until 2018 to achieve police accountability and reform

Within 48 hours in early July, five Black and Brown men were killed by police officers across the country: Anthony Nunez, Alton Sterling, Pedro Villanueva, Dylan Noble, and Philando Castile. Every 24 hours, new names are added to the list … Continue reading »

By Bulmaro Vicente

Bulmaro Vicente is a Police Review Commissioner for the City of Berkeley, a member of the UCPD Police Review Board, and an ASUC Senator at UC Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Berkeley’s street repair policy is flawed

Recent maintenance projects in the LeConte neighborhood have left me critical of Berkeley’s municipal street repair priorities. This past April and May, on both Derby and Parker streets, Berkeley has intentionally sacrificed decades-old street trees in order to repair small … Continue reading »

By Joseph Poirier

Poirier is a Berkeley resident, UC Berkeley student of city planning, and lumber industry worker.

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Op-ed: Council must adequately regulate short term rentals to protect Berkeley’s housing supply

Tonight the Berkeley City Council will vote on legalizing and regulating short-term rentals, defined as rentals which last for less than fourteen days.  Currently, such rentals are illegal in Berkeley, though that hasn’t stopped multi-billion dollar companies such as Airbnb … Continue reading »

By Matthew Lewis

Lewis is Housing Commission Chair for the Associated Students of the University of California.

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Op-ed: Why Airbnb is so popular among Berkeley homeowners (A cautionary tale on renting space in your home).

Berkeley City Council is attempting to promote creation of long-term housing by reducing restrictions on “granny flats” and “accessory dwelling units” (ADU’s). The state of California similarly has Government Code Section 65583(c)(1). But something crucial is missing: social … Continue reading »

By Bryce Nesbitt

Nesbitt was born and raised in Berkeley, and now with his wife is a Berkeley homeowner, raising two children. He will not offer an ADU under the current rent control laws.

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Op-ed: Berkeley’s fiscal condition is not good. Really

Berkeley’s fiscal condition is analogous to the global climate condition — not at all good, moving in the wrong direction, and portending eventual disaster. The City however, has somehow managed to develop a comprehensive and intricate Climate Action Plan (!) … Continue reading »

By Barbara Gilbert

Barbara Gilbert is a longtime Berkeley resident and Council observer with a particular interest in the City budget, public safety, and land use. She is active in several community organizations, including NEBA, Berkeley Budget SOS, and the Committee for FACTS.

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Op-ed: Keeping our teachers close to home

In a housing affordability crisis such as the one settling in on the greater Bay Area, we immediately think of the very poor and the chronically homeless. And rightly so. Their needs are immediate and tangible. The City Council has … Continue reading »

By Laurie Capitelli

Laurie Capitelli is city councilman for Berkeley's District 5 and is running for mayor in the November elections.

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Op-ed: Berkeley fumbles future: lacks long-term vision and financing strategy for our public commons

Once again, as in an seemingly endless ‘ground-hog day’ loop, the Berkeley City Council is busy with its every-other-year ballot exercise, considering various bond financing measures for the 2016 November. Much is desperately needed in Berkeley, and many competing needs … Continue reading »

By Marc Beyeler

Marc Beyeler is a long-time Berkeley resident, a parent of a Berkeley High School alumnus, and former co-chair of the Berkeley Unified School District’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

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Op-ed: The public and library employees are being ignored by the Berkeley Board of Library Trustees

In the home stretch of researching my latest book, I found myself consulting a 1969 issue of an anthropology publication archived in the Main Branch of the Berkeley Public Library, discovering what the people I had been writing about — … Continue reading »

By Cecile Pineda

Cecile Pineda is a prize-winning Berkeley writer recently honored by the City of Berkeley for some 50 years of cultural work,; she is the author of nine works of fiction and non-fiction published by WingsPress.com. Visit her at cecilepineda.com

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Op-ed: Why I support Isabelle Gaston for City Council

A few months ago, I joined the North East Berkeley Association (NEBA) Board of Directors at the request of President Isabelle Gaston. My limited time with the board has made me simultaneously distraught, and cautiously optimistic, about the future of … Continue reading »

By Dan McDunn

Dan McDunn is a resident of District 6, member of the NEBA Board of Directors, married to a third-generation Berkeley citizen, and father of three boys in BUSD schools.

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