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Op-ed: Berkeley needs a mayor who shows true leadership

Berkeley voters face a choice in the upcoming Mayoral race, but not the choice we’ve been led to believe. Contrary to much of the campaign rhetoric so far, this election is not a question of who is the most or … Continue reading »

By Eric Panzer

Eric Panzer has lived in Berkeley since coming to study Environmental Science and City Planning at Cal in 2003. Eric is an advocate for abundant housing, improved transit, greater sustainability, and good governance. All opinions stated here are his own.

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Op-ed: Laurie Capitelli? Progressive leadership?

— “I renege.” — Laurie Capitelli, May 6, 2014 Berkeley City Council meeting.

— Renege (verb): “to refuse to do something that you promised or agreed to do.” —Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

In campaign mailings Laurie Capitelli is bragging about being … Continue reading »

By Nicky Gonzalez Yuen

Long-time Berkeley resident Nicky Gonzalez Yuen was an active organizer for Berkeley’s minimum wage campaign, is a political science instructor at De Anza College, and has been an elected Trustee on the Peralta Community College Board since 2004.

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Op-ed: Why is the Berkeley City Council so right-wing?

You would think in a left-leaning city like Berkeley – a bastion of free speech and the home of one of the soda tax – that the City Council would be a pretty liberal group. So, it came as a … Continue reading »

By Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson is a resident of Berkeley and a professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley

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Op-ed: It’s not about the politics of the ’70s — it’s about the future of Berkeley

I’m pretty much known as a political middle-of-the-roader, so it didn’t really surprise me when people began asking me Why have I gone to the ‘other side’ in supporting Jesse Arreguín for Mayor instead of Laurie Capitelli and am co-hosting … Continue reading »

By Shirley Dean

Shirley Dean served on the Planning Commission, as an elected Council Member for 15 years and for eight years as Mayor.

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Op-ed: Jesse Arreguín, Sophie Hahn and the 2 Measure Rs

William Faulkner famously wrote “The past is not dead. Actually, it’s not even past.” That’s especially true in Berkeley, where civic issues can persist for years after they have apparently been resolved.

Take the case of “development,” a topic of … Continue reading »

By Alan Tobey

Alan Tobey is a retired technologist and urban-infill advocate who has lived in Berkeley since 1970.

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Op-ed: Affordable housing or Honda parking?

Berkeley has two proposals for development at a location in a Priority Development Area (PDA), which the city has designated for new housing near transit.

One proposal would create affordable housing, would modify the street to make it more attractive … Continue reading »

By Charles Siegel

Charles Siegel is a long-time Berkeley resident and an environmental and labor activist.

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Op-ed: The long and short of Cheryl Davila, candidate for City Council

Cheryl Davila is running to represent her neighbors in District 2 and to defeat Darryl Moore on the Berkeley City Council in November. Cheryl happens to be really short — standing barely at 4’ 11” even wearing her cowgirl boots … Continue reading »

By Kathryn Horsley

Kathryn Horsley, Doctor of Public Health, is retired from community health assessment work in California and Washington states as well as in East Africa and the Arabian Gulf. She has lived in Berkeley for 10 years, volunteers with KPFA Radio, and serves as treasurer on Cheryl Davila's campaign.

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Op-ed: Berkeley’s minimum wage bungle

Berkeley’s minimum wage rose to $12.53 an hour on Oct. 1, a brief stopover on its way to $15. By the fall of 2018, the city’s starter wage will have risen 67% in just five years.

While the city’s council members … Continue reading »

By Michael Saltsman

Michael Saltsman is research director at the Employment Policies Institute, which receives support from businesses, foundations, and individuals.

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Op-ed: Laurie Capitelli is not a true progressive

I was greatly taken aback when I saw Robert Reich’s endorsement of Laurie Capitelli. Being a resident of Capitelli’s district and a regular attendee of the Berkeley City Council meetings, I can honestly say there is a substantial difference between Mr. … Continue reading »

By Negeene Mosaed

Negeene Mosaed is a single mother of two kids attending Berkeley public schools and lives in District Five. She is a physical therapist working downtown Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Policy, not rhetoric needed to fight climate change

I was frankly perplexed by Ben Gould’s recent op-ed attacking two forward-thinking environmental policies I have brought before the Berkeley City Council. One would expect that the Chair of the city’s Environmental Commission would embrace meaningful steps to combat … Continue reading »

By Jesse Arreguín

Jesse Arreguín is a Berkeley City Councilman and a candidate for Mayor.

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Op-ed: Why I disrupted Chez Panisse

Friday night, I entered Berkeley’s world-famous Chez Panisse with a bouquet of flowers. I looked to Chez Panisse as an example of fine dining at its best. The sights and aroma all created a seductive … Continue reading »

By Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson lives in Berkeley and is an organizer with the grassroots animal-rights network Direct Action Everywhere.

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Op-ed: Councilman Arreguín can’t greenwash his anti-housing policies

Councilman Jesse Arreguín has put forward two items on Tuesday’s City Council agenda which impose infeasible requirements for new housing construction while making one-acre farms the easiest thing to build in Berkeley. While they’re presented as necessary to reduce greenhouse … Continue reading »

By Ben Gould

Ben Gould is Chair of the Community Environmental Advisory Commission and a candidate for Berkeley Mayor. He is a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying Public Policy and Environmental Engineering.

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Op-ed: Draft bicycle plan is good, but not good enough

Berkeley’s draft bicycle plan, released Aug. 29, is a good improvement over its current plan, and is better than most bicycle plans currently under development in other East Bay cities such as Concord, Pleasanton and Moraga. But Bike East Bay … Continue reading »

By Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell is Advocacy Director of Bike East Bay.

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