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Op-ed: Why I support Isabelle Gaston for City Council

A few months ago, I joined the North East Berkeley Association (NEBA) Board of Directors at the request of President Isabelle Gaston. My limited time with the board has made me simultaneously distraught, and cautiously optimistic, about the future of … Continue reading »

By Dan McDunn

Dan McDunn is a resident of District 6, member of the NEBA Board of Directors, married to a third-generation Berkeley citizen, and father of three boys in BUSD schools.

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Op-ed: Berkeley must protect its cultural inheritance

“West Berkeley Shellmound dates back 5,800 years and is the oldest Shellmound in the area by about 1,000 years” Richard Schwartz. Berkeley Voice, April 15, 2016.

As many of you of may (or may not) know the City of Berkeley has … Continue reading »

By Negeene Mosaed

Negeene Mosaed is a single mother of two boys attending Berkeley's public schools. She is a resident of Berkeley, a tax payer, and a physical therapist working in downtown Berkeley where she provides treatment to people of all socioeconomic status. 

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Op-ed: Berkeley, testing, testing, 1-2-3… is this thing on?

BUSD is preparing for standardized testing next week. Meanwhile, across the rest of the country, there’s a strong, vocal tide that’s swelled into what has become the largest revolt against high-stakes testing in U.S. history.

I have been surprised by … Continue reading »

By Shannon Puckett

Shannon Puckett is a former teacher. She is now mom to two BUSD elementary school kids, supervisor of student teachers at Mills College, and the director of the documentary film, 'Defies Measurement.'

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Op-ed: stop UC from eliminating award-winning medical program that creates life-changing physicians

Proposed budget cuts are threatening UC Berkeley’s award-winning medical program, which partners with UCSF to create life-changing physicians. In a fight to keep the program alive, students, staff and alumni are taking action.

Since 1971, the UC … Continue reading »

By Allison Gower

Gower, a daughter of a UC Berkeley alum herself, is the Campaign & PR Manager for iPetitions.com, an online platform that allows anyone in the world to use its tools in order to start a petition, gain worldwide support and make an impact.

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Op-ed: New 783-bed, 8-story-high Stiles student housing project is too big

The University is poised to approve what may be its largest student housing project to date, the Stiles Student Housing project, in the form of this behemoth of a structure providing 783 beds for students on one of few … Continue reading »

By William McClung and Martin Holden

William McClung is President of the 2430 Arts Alliance and General Partner of University Press Books/Berkeley and the Musical Offering, both located next to the proposed project on Bancroft Way. Martin Holden is a board member of the 2430 Arts Alliance and former architecture critic for San Francisco Magazine.

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Op-ed: The ‘Right to the City’: Who should control the process of urbanization in Berkeley?

The “Right to the City” is an idea proposed by Lefebvre that those who live in a city have a democratic right, a human right, to shape the process of urbanization.

Unfortunately we seem to live in a world where … Continue reading »

By Dr. James McFadden

Dr. James McFadden is a Berkeley resident and research physicist at UC Berkeley, whose interest in economics, bubble markets and market manipulation date back to the 2008 economic collapse.

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Op-ed: An open letter to the citizens of Berkeley

Good People of Berkeley:

I’m here from out of town, on a five-month stay for my husband’s sabbatical from Middlebury College, but I lived among you for five years while that same husband received his PhD from UC Berkeley. So, … Continue reading »

By Faith Gong

Faith Gong is a writer from Middlebury, Vermont, whose work has appeared in On the Willows, The Longridge Review, The Addison Independent, and on her personal blog, The Pickle Patch.

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Op-ed: Berkeley is being overrun by a culture of greed

I feel so discouraged about what’s happening here in Berkeley. At the beginning of the year, like so many others, I was encouraged to hear Bernie Sanders speaking truth to power, calling out the culture of greed that is wreaking … Continue reading »

By Miranda Ewell

Miranda Ewell is a retired journalist and Berkeley resident for 43 years. Ewell lives in the Ohlone Park neighborhood.

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Op-ed: A new vision for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

On Tuesday, the City Council will discuss Mayor Bates’s omnibus housing plan. The plan has 13 points and covers everything from condo conversions to incentivizing Section 8 vouchers and by-right development rights. Yet, his proposal is a sweeping portrait … Continue reading »

By Ben Bartlett

Ben Bartlett is a member of the Berkeley Planning Commission and candidate for City Council District 3.

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Op-ed: Honor Berkeley’s history: build more housing

Please sign Livable Berkeley’s Housing Policy Petition at BerkeleyHousingCrisis.org to let the City Council know you support more housing for Berkeley.

What does the future hold for our community? In many respects, Berkeley is getting better with each passing … Continue reading »

By Eric Panzer

Eric Panzer is a UC Berkeley graduate with a background in environmental science and city planning, He works for Livable Berkeley, a non-profit whose mission is to promote great governance, environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and equity as the foundation of urban excellence.

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Op-ed: Introducing the Berkeley Social Services and Fiscal Accountability Ordinance

The voters in Berkeley will soon, I hope, be able to vote on whether we should continue to compensate our meter maids over $125,000+ per year while people go hungry and sleep in our streets.

The proposed ordinance is the … Continue reading »

By Vladislav Davidzon

Vladislav Davidzon is the founder of CityHacker Labs, a progressive think tank bringing disruptive innovation and effective business management practices to municipal government. He is also the CEO at the Regenerative Leadership Institute and a resident of Berkeley. All opinions are strictly his own and do not reflect corporate policy.

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Op-ed: An omnibus housing plan to address a critical shortage

We all agree on the urgent need to address our critical shortage of housing, especially affordable housing.

But how?

In Berkeley, as in other Bay Area population centers, the housing supply has not kept pace with population. Berkeley’s population grew … Continue reading »

By Tom Bates

Tom Bates is the mayor of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Truth and transparency of utmost importance at Berkeley Animal Shelter

If you visited Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS) Sunday, you probably noticed the BPD patrol car in the parking lot. The shelter doesn’t normally require police presence, but over the weekend, a threat was made to burn down the building with … Continue reading »

By Leslie Smith

Leslie Smith is a writer and long-time volunteer at BACS.

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