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Op-ed: Don’t call what Berkeley Police used ‘tear gas’

“We believe ‘tear gas’ is a misnomer for a group of poisonous gases which, far from being innocuous, have serious acute and longer-term adverse effects on the health of significant numbers of those exposed.”

Physicians for Human Rights wrote the … Continue reading »

By Carol Denney

Carol Denney is a Berkeley writer and musician.

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Op-ed: BAMN’s protest plans calculated to cause violence

I am happy to see that a rising tide of idealism is causing non-violent demonstrations for justice across the country.

I am not happy to see that the one of the main groups planning our demonstrations in Berkeley is BAMN … Continue reading »

By Dianne Emmett

Dianne Emmett learned during the 1960s that violent extremists can destroy a progressive movement. She has lived in Berkeley since the 1970s and she works as an editor and writer.

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Op-ed: The Berkeley Public Library — Shelter from the storm

We’ve experienced quite the storm in Berkeley over this past week, both metaphorically and literally. Often, the media will focus on the negative aspects of a story such as the Berkeley protests, choosing to focus on that which turned violent, … Continue reading »

By Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott is the executive director for the Berkeley Public Library. He assumed the position in early November after having served as the county librarian for the Tulare County Library

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Op-ed: 5 myths about East Bay #BlackLivesMatter protests

I’m a longtime Berkeley resident who has attended two of the last five nights of protests and have been following reportage and readers’ comments on Berkeleyside. There are five areas of misunderstanding I’d like to try to clarify:

1. The … Continue reading »

By Erica Etelson

Erica Etelson is a Berkeley parent, journalist and community activist. 

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Op-ed: Talking about violence is not a distraction — The Berkeley protests for Ferguson

I marched again last night, Dec. 7, in Berkeley with my protest partner Sharon Fennema, and over 1,000 other committed, passionate, and almost entirely nonviolent people. It was astounding to see that there were more people gathered on December 7, … Continue reading »

By Jennifer Davidson

Dr. Jennifer Davidson is Associate Professor of Worship & Theology at American Baptist Seminary of the West, a member school of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. Follow her on Twitter: @momentofbeing

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Op-ed: How come my street isn’t getting fixed?

How come my street isn’t getting fixed?

Since Berkeley’s Five-Year Street paving plan came to Council November 18 (item 39), a lot of people have asked “how come my block isn’t on the list? It’s in major disrepair.” The … Continue reading »

By Ann-Marie Hogan

Ann-Marie Hogan has been the Auditor for the City of Berkeley since 1994. The Auditor's Office provides independent oversight of City operations; its mission is to be a catalyst for improving City government.

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Op-ed: Recess restriction is discriminatory and counterproductive

This Wednesday, the Berkeley Unified School Board will vote on a policy that would allow teachers to restrict students’ access to recess. As a parent of a child at Willard, I oppose the recess restriction policy as discriminatory and counterproductive.

Continue reading »

By Erica Etelson

Erica Etelson is a Berkeley parent, community activist and author of “For Our Own Good: The Politics of Parenting in an Ailing Society.”

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Op-ed: Sexual harassment at Berkeley High must stop

On the evening of Nov. 12 we sent an invitation to each member of the Berkeley School Board and to members of the leadership team of the Superintendent’s office at the Berkeley Unified School District, asking them to … Continue reading »

By Heidi Goldstein and Rebecca Levenson

Heidi Goldstein is the parent of two students at Berkeley High School. She is an adult advisor to #BHSstopharassing and can be contacted at hbgoldstein@earthlink.net. Rebecca Levenson is a consultant and nationally recognized expert on domestic violence policy and training. She has two daughters in the Berkeley public schools and is an adult advisor to #BHSstopharassing. She can be contacted at rebecca@rebeccalevenson.com

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Op-ed: More voices needed to set priorities for older Berkeley residents

Last Sunday afternoon, while some Berkeley residents recuperated from a half-marathon run, a decidedly older demographic gathered at the South Berkeley Library for a specially convened meeting of Berkeley’s Commission on Aging. Like all City Commissions, the task of this … Continue reading »

By Judy Turiel

Judy Turiel, EdD, a Berkeley resident, served for eight years on the the city's Commission on Aging. She is a longtime Board of Directors member of LifeLong Medical Care, a network of Alameda and Contra Costa County community health centers, and the Marin Adult Day Health Center.

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Op-ed: Berkeley overrules Citizens United!

The biggest vote-getter on the Nov. 4 ballot in Berkeley was not the tax on sugary soda, which got 75% of the vote and national attention. Nor was it a candidate for any office. It was Proposition P, which called … Continue reading »

By William Bennett Turner

William Bennett Turner teaches First Amendment courses at UC Berkeley, and is the author of 'Figures of Speech: First Amendment Heroes and Villains' (2011).

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Op-ed: No on Measure R isn’t nearly enough

I am thrilled that we voted 3 to 1 to defeat Measure R, and that the building of new housing in downtown Berkeley will continue. Let’s build on this momentum, and get serious about addressing the massive housing shortage in … Continue reading »

By Zach Franklin

Zach Franklin lives in South Berkeley with his wife and two daughters, and has a degree in economics and history from Brown University and a professional background in affordable housing.

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Op-ed: Berkeley love: Laying our Measure D vote on the cogs of the beverage industry machine

Fifty years ago Berkeley birthed the Free Speech Movement when Mario Savio stood atop a police car in the middle of Sproul plaza on the UC Berkeley campus and called for moral action. He shouted out:

“There’s a time when the … Continue reading »

By Xavier Morales

Xavier Morales, Ph.D. is a Berkeley resident, the executive director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, and co-director of Latinos Unidos de Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Cal should take down beer and athletics billboard

Has anyone been in the Alta Bates ER on a UC Berkeley football game night? I have, and it is an eye-opening experience of drunkenness and bloody injuries.

I was astonished this week as I headed home from work to … Continue reading »

By Jenny Burroughs

Jenny Burroughs is a Family Nurse Practitioner who lives in Berkeley.

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