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Op-ed: For college athletes, is graduation a celebration or a reality check?

Most people see graduation as a time to celebrate, a time for one to bask in one’s accomplishments. But for many college athletes, graduation represents a change in reality, a shift in their paradigm. For most of their lives collegiate spend … Continue reading »

By Delency Parham

Delency Parham is a Berkeley High alumnus who recently graduated from the University of Idaho, where he played cornerback for the Vandals. 

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Op-ed: Religious leaders support effective, compassionate services, housing, not criminalization of homeless people

To All Those Concerned: As Berkeley and Bay Area clergy and religious leaders of diverse faith traditions, we stand lovingly and firmly united in opposition to new proposed 2015 laws criminalizing homeless people. As we describe in this letter, we … Continue reading »

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Op-ed: Berkeley Unified Superintendent responds to story on Berkeley Technology Academy

Last Friday, I stood in line to congratulate our graduating students at the Greek Theatre, including students from our continuation high school, Berkeley Technology Academy (BTA). As I watched them walk confidently on and off the stage, I reflected on … Continue reading »

By Donald Evans Ed.D.

Donald Evans is Superintendent of Berkeley Unified School District

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Op-ed: Living beyond the tragedy at Library Gardens

It is not every morning that one wakes up to hear on the radio that five people were killed in the building you live in. But that is what happened after I woke up on June 16 and heard the … Continue reading »

By Sam Cacas

Sam Cacas is a writer who has resided in Library Gardens Apartments since June 6, 2014. Readers can reach him at samwriter1@yahoo.com

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Op-ed: Developers should permanently share with the Berkeley community the wealth created by tall buildings

With respect for this community as a whole, I believe Berkeley City Council’s most fundamental objectives regarding downtown development have little if anything to do with funding housing for families with low and moderate incomes. Yes, better designs and development … Continue reading »

By Edward C. Moore

Edward C. Moore, a retired lawyer, is a 49-year resident of California and a West Berkeley homeowner.

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Op-ed: Mending the urban fabric on Adeline Street

Everyone seems to agree that Adeline Street is too wide. The question is: what should we do with the extra land that we can get by narrowing the street?

Read more about the Adeline Corridor on Berkeleyside.

Continue reading »

By Charles Siegel

Charles Siegel was the proponent of Measure Q on the 2014 Berkeley ballot, the Flexible Work Time Initiative. He is the author of many books, including 'The Politics of Simple Living: Why Our Economy Is Making Life Worse and How We Can Make It Better.'

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Op-ed: Home sharing in Berkeley is a vital income source that serves entire community

This coming Tuesday, June 9th, the Berkeley City Council plans to vote on a set of recommendations to regulate short term rentals, such as those facilitated through websites like Airbnb and VRBO. Following other municipalities, Berkeley’s current proposal seeks to … Continue reading »

By Jenny Lederer

Jenny Lederer is a native San Franciscan and university educator who has lived in Berkeley for 14 years. She currently resides in West Berkeley with her husband, father, and three children.

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Op-ed: BTA teacher asks, how can we support our kids?

The lengthy piece published Wednesday on Berkeleyside about Berkeley Technology Academy has certainly caused a wide array of reactions and emotions throughout our school, district and community. 

Rather than cast blame, point fingers and re-count … Continue reading »

By John FIke

John Fike is a teacher on special assignment at Berkeley Technology Academy. He is a native of Berkeley who has taught for over 20 years in East Bay public schools.

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Op-ed: As an East Bay fast-food worker, I say we need $15 minimum wage and a union

If you listen to the big business lobbyists, you might actually hear them claim that the Bay Area’s higher minimum wage laws will have no impact or might even hurt our communities.

But that’s missing the real story: the lives of … Continue reading »

By Zharia Harper

Zharia Harper, 19, has worked at McDonald’s for two years in Oakland, she also studies African American Studies full-time at Laney College in Oakland.

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Op-ed: UC should re-invest its fossil-fuel portfolio in renewable energy

As a Cal alumna, I’ve been rooting for my alma mater to be among the first universities to divest from fossil fuels. Alas, Stanford, SF State and Peralta, along with dozens of other universities, religious institutions and cities, including Berkeley, … Continue reading »

By Erica Etelson

Erica Etelson graduated from Berkeley Law in 1993. She is chair of the Berkeley Community Choice Energy Working Group.

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Op-ed: Harold Way deserves better than Berkeley

Harold Way could be one of the best streets in Downtown Berkeley. It’s a quiet, narrow, low-traffic, shady street with some beautiful architecture from the Dharma College buildings. It’s highly accessible – with a parking garage next door, in direct … Continue reading »

By Ben Gould

Ben Gould is a Berkeley native and a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Engineering and Public Policy. He lives in Downtown Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Berkeley must insist that developers build more affordable housing than currently required

It appears that the Mayor and City Council of Berkeley, which has had the reputation of being one of the most progressive cities on the west coast, have been practicing embarrassingly stingy NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) with regards … Continue reading »

By Richard Tamm

Richard Tamm has lived in Berkeley for 25 years. He is a retired main frame computer programmer.

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Op-ed: A tale of two Measure Rs

This is a tale of why and how the citizens of Berkeley got scammed by voting for the 2010 Measure R, and then scammed again when they voted against the 2014 Measure R. Let’s start with “why”. Why is the … Continue reading »

By James McFadden

James McFadden is a Berkeley resident and research physicist at UCB whose interest of economics, bubble markets, and market manipulation date back to the 2008 economic collapse.

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