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Op-ed: Berkeley values: Divisiveness isn’t one of them

During the course of a campaign it is completely fair to compare one’s record against that of one’s opponent.  I take no issue with that.  I am proud of my work for education, children’s health, affordable housing, fiscal prudence, public safety … Continue reading »

By Laurie Capitelli

Laurie Capitelli is a long-time resident of the City if Berkeley. He has been the city council member from District 5 since 2004, and is currently a candidate for Berkeley Mayor.

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Op-ed: There is a lot wrong with Measure U1

There is a lot wrong with Measure U1. The tax rate imposed is many times higher than that imposed on virtually all other businesses and that charged in other cities. A 3% tax on gross receipts is the equivalent of … Continue reading »

By Albert Sukoff

Albert Sukoff is Editor of the Berkeley Property Owners Association (BPOA) newsletter.

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Op-ed: On negativity

As this long and grueling election season draws to a close, I can’t help but feel deeply disappointed by the state of our political discourse. I worry about whether the country can come back together after the vitriol candidates have … Continue reading »

By Victoria Legg

Victoria Legg a Berkeley resident who is closely following the local and national election. She lives in District 6.

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Op-ed: The race for mayor — a disconnect on development

I’ve had many a conversation lately with white liberals in Berkeley who lament the rise of Donald Trump. They always seem to be bewildered about how this could be happening in our country, how someone like that could be so … Continue reading »

By Dan E. Stein

Dan E. Stein is an architect and white liberal who lives and works in Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Don’t be misled by big landlords who will spend $1M to defeat Measure U1

Berkeley’s biggest landlords have already spent $800,000 and are on track to spend $1,000,000 by Election Day. If they are successful they will save millions of dollars every year and prevent the development of hundreds of units of affordable housing. Of … Continue reading »

By Stephen Barton

Stephen Barton is Co-Chair of the Yes on U1 campaign. Now retired, he served as the Berkeley Housing Director and as Deputy Director of the Rent Stabilization Program.

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Op-ed: Vote no on Measure U1, which is a shill for big developers

In his op-ed article urging a Yes vote on Measure U1 and a No vote on Measure DD—the two rental housing tax hikes appearing on the Berkeley ballot—Stephen Barton, the former Berkeley housing director, embarrasses himself by shilling for big … Continue reading »

By Krista Gulbransen

Krista Gulbransen is executive director of the Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition, the political action arm of the Berkeley Property Owners Association. The BPOA is a grassroots association of approximately 650 rental-housing owners and affiliated professionals. Its member owners are the primary source of rent-controlled, below-market rate housing in the City of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Laurie Capitelli is the social equity candidate for Berkeley

One of the biggest, if not the biggest issue facing our country today is social equity, and disparities in income, education achievement, and health. Thought leaders are recognizing that social equity is fundamental to building a sustainable economy and resilient … Continue reading »

By Carole Kennerly

Carole Kennerly is a former vice-mayor of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Why Laurie Capitelli shouldn’t be mayor, why Jessie Arreguín should: Equity & jobs

West Berkeley Artisans and Industrial Companies (WEBAIC) urges you not to support Laurie Capitelli for mayor because of his central role in a destructive, multi-year, anti-equity effort to force out West Berkeley companies and their thousands of productive middle-wage jobs. … Continue reading »

By Rick Auerbach

Rick Auerbach is the staff of West Berkeley Artisans & Industrial Companies, a former consultant to Berkeley’s Economic Development Department, a member of the Association of Bay Area Government’s Technical Advisory Committee on Priority Production Areas, and a 35-year resident of West Berkeley.

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Op-ed: We’re a city. Get used to it

Strolling out of the North Berkeley BART station one might be forgiven for thinking they had taken the wrong train. Despite standing well within city limits, there are no buildings taller than three stories, and no commercial buildings within a … Continue reading »

By Watson Ladd

Watson Ladd is a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying mathematics.

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Op-ed: Berkeley has a parking addiction

A host of regulations around off-street and on-street parking surround the development of new housing and the associated public discourse in Berkeley.

Per Section 23E.28.140 of the Berkeley Municipal Code, any new development which reduces the amount of off-street parking … Continue reading »

By Andrew J. Ho

Andrew J. Ho is a resident of Berkeley who supports mixed-use zoning, parking regulation reform and construction of new housing.

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Op-ed: Cheryl Davila, my mother, is ready to steer Berkeley in the right direction

My mother is Cheryl Davila. Maybe you’ve heard of her. She is running for Berkeley City Council District 2, and she is ready to win and steer our city in a beautiful direction.

As her son, I know how sincere … Continue reading »

By Armando Davila

Armando Davila, the son of Cheryl Davila who is running for City Council representing District 2, is an eco-social activist and artist and community organizer and a native of West Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Preserve public safety — Do not tie undergrounding utilities to disaster preparedness

Disaster preparedness and undergrounding utilities have become campaign issues in the District 6 Council race because the incumbent, Susan Wengraf, put “Improving Public Safety” at the top of her list of accomplishments and said she improved public safety because she “initiated … Continue reading »

By Patricia Mapps

Patricia Mapps has been a District 6 resident for decades. A computer systems engineer, she has created, refined and regularly tested mainframe computer and network systems disaster recovery plans for a regional bank and for a beverage company headquartered in Florida. Mapps also spearheaded a decades-long effort to have the utilities in her neighborhood undergrounded. Poles and wires serving 211 parcels were removed in Oct. 2010.

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Op-ed: We need Darryl Moore on Berkeley City Council

It’s simple – we need Moore.  We are facing both good times and challenging times, and that is a moment when civic experience matters. We need to reelect Darryl Moore for Berkeley City Council, District 2. When divisive politics … Continue reading »

By Stephanie Anne Johnson

Stephanie Anne Johnson is a professor in the CSU system, a former Berkeley Civic Arts Commissioner for eight years, an artist and arts review panelist, a UC Berkeley graduate, theater worker, and the recipient of the City of Berkeley's Stephanie Anne Johnson Day Proclamation in 2012. Dr. Johnson has been living in District 2 for 34 years.

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