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Op-ed: Do not sign any petitions at all in Berkeley

Councilman Laurie Capitelli has urged good citizens to question the need for, and motives of, the people seeking signatures on initiative petitions, and by implication, to vote against them. That would include the Overlay Petition which seeks … Continue reading »

By Julia Ross

Julia Ross is a Berkeley resident and member of the Berkeley-Albany Bar Association.

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Op-ed: Think about the importance of your signature on a petition

Berkeley’s iconic wisteria is exploding. Our young trees on Solano are budding out after their (barely) second winter. And as spring declares its arrival, so does our upcoming election season.

As a result, we should all get ready to be … Continue reading »

By Laurie Capitelli

Laurie Capitelli serves Berkeley as a City Councilman representing District 5.

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Op-ed: Let’s join forces to back Healthy Berkeley program

A broad coalition of diverse community representatives came together before the Berkeley City Council recently to call for Council support for two very important “Healthy Berkeley” initiatives. One involves a city parks bond proposal, and the other … Continue reading »

By Marc Beyeler

Marc Beyeler is a long-time Berkeley resident, a parent of a junior at Berkeley High School, and a member of the Berkeley Unified School District’s Parent Advisory Committee.

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Op-ed: Could Box have been Berkeley’s first $1 billion IPO?

Box, a leading cloud content management and collaboration company with over 20 million users, filed an S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission two weeks ago. It’s a hotly anticipated IPO, and an exciting milestone for the nine-year old … Continue reading »

By David McIntosh

David McIntosh, a UC Berkeley graduate, is the founder and CEO of Redux, a Berkeley company that "makes discovering exceptional online video as enjoyable and effortless as watching cable television — with content and personalization cable can’t match." It was founded in 2010 and is backed by Draper Fischer Jurvetson and Alsop-Louie partners. Follow McIntosh on Twitter at @dmcintosh

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Op-ed: East Bay should raise minimum wage, be a model for state

I am a person who escaped poverty with education and a minimum wage job.

In so many ways, I was lucky. My cousin and her husband, both campus police officers, raised me as their own son after my … Continue reading »

By Tony Thurmond

Tony Thurmond directs youth and truancy programs at Lincoln Child Center and is a former Richmond City council member and West Contra Costa School Board member. He's currently running for California State Assembly, District 15, which includes Berkeley.

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Op-ed: The 2020 Vision and the next election: Is the goal in sight?

What evidence do we have that the 2020 Vision for equitable outcomes in Berkeley schools will reach its goal by the year 2020?

The photo, left, shows 10 members of the 2020 generation when they were in kindergarten. … Continue reading »

By Santiago Casal

Santiago Casal is the former chair of United In Action, a multi-ethnic organization of community groups united in the effort to eliminate the achievement gap in Berkeley schools.

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Op-ed: Starbucks vote makes Berkeley seem unfriendly to business

Several months ago, Starbucks showed up before the Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board (I sit on the Board) to ask for a permit to operate a coffee shop on the corner of Ashby and Telegraph. It’s one of the busiest … Continue reading »

By Steven Donaldson

Steven Donaldson is a Commissioner on Berkeley's Zoning Adjustments Board

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Op-ed: Steps we can take towards long-term drought solutions

Many of us waited for months for Governor Jerry Brown to make official what our reservoirs and landscapes had already been showing: California’s water situation is dire. This isn’t the first time the state has weathered drought conditions, and, according … Continue reading »

By Anya Kamenskaya, Ingrid Severson and Linda Hunter

Anya Kamenskaya and Ingrid Severson are part of DIG Cooperative, Inc., an ecological design-build cooperative with a focus on sustainable urban water infrastructure. Linda Hunter is the Director of the Watershed Project, a Richmond-based nonprofit whose mission is to inspire Bay Area communities to understand, appreciate and protect our local watersheds.

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Op-ed: Ted Agu found his place at UC Berkeley, against the odds

O what is like the awful breach of death,
Whose fatal stroke invades the creature’s breath!
It bids the voice of desolation roll,
And strikes the deepest awe within the bravest soul.

–George Moses Horton (1797-1883)

By … Continue reading »

By Cecil Brown

Cecil Brown is a visiting professor in the Department of English at UC Berkeley and the author of 'Pryor Lives: How Richard Pryor became Richard Pryor.'

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Op-ed: Berkeley should allow curbside electric vehicle charging

More and more people are buying electric vehicles (EVs). For good reason. They have no tailpipes (zero emissions) and very low maintenance costs because the car’s electric motor has basically one moving part — the rotor. (There are no valves, … Continue reading »

By Alan Gould

Alan Gould is a Berkeley resident.

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Op-ed: A Berkeley elementary school shows how it’s done

When we first sent our two sons to Berkeley public schools in the mid-1970s, the debate about education was a little heated. Neighborhood schools were out, busing was in.  Tracking of any kind was a no-no. It seemed to some … Continue reading »

By David Wilson

David Wilson and his wife Miriam Wilson have lived in Berkeley since the 1960s. As a lawyer, David specialized in mobile communications issues. He has served as an officer and director of multiple community non-profit groups. Among these are the Oakland Youth Orchestra, the Inverness Ridge Association, and the Point Reyes National Seashore Association.

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Op-ed: We don’t need a redistricting referendum

There is a campaign afoot to waste Berkeleyans’ time and tax dollars.

On Dec. 17, 2013, the Berkeley City Council adopted a long-awaited redistricting map that rebalances population across Berkeley’s City Council Districts. The vote came after two rounds … Continue reading »

By Eric Panzer

Eric Panzer has been a Berkeley resident since matriculating at the University of California, Berkeley in 2003. Eric is actively involved in a variety of civic issues, and has served as a permanent and temporary member of several City of Berkeley commissions.

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Op-ed: Why oppose building new homes for the homeless?

The homeless are the most marginalized and dispossessed people in the United States. To be homeless is to experience a wide spectrum of discrimination. In the past decade, legislation seeking to criminalize the homeless has gained popularity in cities that are fed … Continue reading »

By Jason Budge

Jason Budge is a junior at UC Berkeley. He is an Interdisciplinary Studies Field major focusing on globalization and development, and he worked with the Berkeley Food and Housing Project as part of his minor in Global Poverty and Practice.

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