Berkeleyside’s Op-Ed Section

Op-ed: My personal journey to becoming a fierce supporter of Measure D

In February, 1999 my first grandson was born in Berkeley. He arrived early and underweight, and came home from the hospital 6 weeks after birth. That same year, coincidently, the City of Berkeley issued a Health Status Report, which included … Continue reading »

By Joy Moore

Joy Moore is Garden Coordinator at Berkeley Technology Academy and a KPFA radio host on “About Health.” A long-time local food activist, Moore played a key role in community efforts to reform school lunch in the Berkeley Unified School District, co-founded Farm Fresh Choice, is a member of the Berkeley Food Policy Council.

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Op-ed: The League of Women Voters urges a Yes vote on Measure F

The League of Women Voters urges a YES vote on Berkeley’s Measure F, the Parks Tax. Measure F proposes a modest increase of 2.1 cents per square foot in the current parcel tax that funds maintenance and repair of 52 … Continue reading »

By Nancy Bickel and Carol Stone

Nancy Bickel is President and Carol Stone is Action Coordinator of the League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville.

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Op-ed: Measure D levels the health playing field

You are a busy person taking time to be informed and I respect that. So I’m going to let you in on my line of reasoning here: corporations impact what we drink, what we drink impacts our health, “our health” … Continue reading »

By Bryden Johnston

Bryden Johnston is a second-year Master of Public Health student at UC Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Berkeley teachers support Measure D

On behalf of all Berkeley teachers, I ask you to vote yes on Measure D for the health of our children.

Ask any teacher in Berkeley and they will tell you that there is a strong connection between physical health … Continue reading »

By Cathy Campbell

Cathy Campbell is the President of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers.

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Op-ed: Lessons from the war on tobacco: How to beat Big Soda

Remember when people could smoke in restaurants, on airplanes, and at work? This changed, thanks to tireless efforts by health advocates like me.

In 1988, California voters passed an excise tax on the tobacco industry which raised prices, reduced consumption, … Continue reading »

By Holly Scheider

Holly Scheider is Outreach Coordinator for the Berkeley Healthy Child Coalition and a former Tobacco Policy Coordinator for Contra Costa County.

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Op-ed: Admin, students share blame for BHS Rally Day mob

I am a senior at Berkeley High School, I’ve been in school Leadership — a student government organization — for all four years, and I was present at Friday’s Rally Day … Continue reading »

By Joseph Taecker-Wyss

Joseph Taecker-Wyss is a lifelong Berkeley resident and current senior in Academic Choice at Berkeley High School where he is involved in Student Leadership, Key Club and the Berkeley High Jacket.

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Op-ed: Democracy, transparency and Measure R

Last March after Berkeley’s Downtown Area Plan received a prestigious national American Planning Association award, I wrote the following for the “Cal Planner” newsletter:

“In the end, support was overwhelming as eight of nine Council members adopted a new … Continue reading »

By Matthew Taecker

Matthew Taecker AIA AICP was the City of Berkeley’s Principal Planner and guided development of its award-winning Downtown Area Plan. Now a private consultant, Taecker’s 30-year career has focused on pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented development to promote livability and environmental sustainability. Because of his familiarity with downtown policies and zoning, Taecker was asked to represent downtown Berkeley's high-rise hotel development project one year ago.

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Op-ed: Proposition O is a very useful fix to the law

Among the many ballot propositions up for a vote on Election Day, Proposition O — which makes some seemingly minor fixes to the city’s recall law – is very low down on the public discussion list. But it is actually … Continue reading »

By Joshua Spivak

Joshua Spivak is a senior fellow at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College. He blogs at www.recallelections.blogspot.com/

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Op-ed: Measure R delivers on the green promise for downtown

The Green Downtown Initiative is the latest chapter in the land use battle between big developers and the rest of us.

In 2010, Berkeley voters approved a different Measure R, which asked voters to adopt a “Green Vision” for the … Continue reading »

By Lisa Stephens

Lisa Stephens is the chair of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board and a former member of the Downtown Area Plan Advisory Committee.

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Op-ed: Measure R will kill emerging downtown renaissance

Berkeley has an international reputation as a free-thinking, expressive, welcoming and experimental city.  The current battle over the city’s downtown and November’s Measure R contradicts this image of ourselves, and in the worst possible way.

While promoted as a “soak-the-evil-developers” … Continue reading »

By Anthony Bruzzone

Anthony Bruzzone is President of Berkeley Design Advocates, a membership organization of architects, landscape architects, planners, builders and design professionals established in 1973 to promote excellence in the built environment of Berkeley.

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Op-ed: Measure D — a doctor’s perspective

I am a Berkeley doctor. I support Measure D, and want to comment on specious and incorrect arguments by Jill Herschman and Dan McDunn, both of whom argued against the measure in op-ed pieces published on Berkeleyside.

I assume that the … Continue reading »

By Peter Barglow

Peter Barglow, MD, is a clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry at UC Davis Medical School, and a Berkeley resident.

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Op-ed: Linda Maio is not the best environmental candidate

The Sierra Club Bay Chapter made a big mistake when it endorsed incumbent Linda Maio for Berkeley City Council.

In 2013, Maio led the move to gut a proposed ordinance that would have improved the information that dental patients receive about mercury dental amalgam fillings. She … Continue reading »

By Kristin Homme and Sandra Nixon

Kristin Homme, MPP, MPH is a retired engineer who has chronic mercury toxicity and who facilitates a support group for this illness. Her peer-reviewed article, "New science challenges old notion that mercury dental amalgam is safe," was published in February 2014 in the journal Biometals. Sandra Nixon, MS, is an environmental activist who has chronic mercury toxicity and multiple chemical sensitivities. Both women serve on the steering committee of the Bay Area Mercury Awareness Coalition.

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Op-ed: Support Berkeley’s important cell phone safety bill

Working at schools sites across Berkeley, I constantly see students carrying cell phones in their pockets and using them when they should be in class. It seems every year, younger and younger children are using cell phones.

Yet how many people are … Continue reading »

By Kevin Kunze

Kevin Kunze is an award-winning Bay Area filmmaker and Berkeley resident. His recent documentary, 'Mobilize,' explores the possible long-term health effects from cell phone radiation and the influence companies can have on public health.

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