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  • Homemade sauerkraut

    It's not hard to find great raw sauerkraut in grocery stores, but it is so much more fun to make at home.

  • Aperol spritz cupcakes

    With their tender, airy, citrus-speckled crumb, these Aperol spritz cupcakes are a nod to the cocktail they celebrate and to the nuptials that sparked their inception.

  • Double plum torte

    With its fragrant maple-vanilla batter, this beautiful torte celebrates both dried and fresh plums in a single, succulent form.

  • Mulberry oat cookies

    With their soft, tender bite and their deliciously distinctive flavors, mulberry oat cookies are wholesome and delicious.

  • Quinoa and kale superfood patties

    These quinoa and kale patties hit all the marks: packed with superfoods, they’re nourishing yet hearty at the same time. Plus they appeal to kids as well as grownups!