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Op-ed: Sophie Hahn is exceptional, and just what Berkeley needs

For too long, Berkeley’s City Council has been mired in timid, incremental politics. The council majority has dragged its feet on important issues, to the detriment to those most in need, and to the frustration of all who want Berkeley to reclaim its place as a progressive and environmental leader. Luckily, in District 5, we have the opportunity to choose excellence, by electing a candidate with the experience, knowledge, dedication and vision to move Berkeley decisively forward: Sophie Hahn.

The Berkeley Wire: 09.09.16

KlezCalifornia: Yiddishkeit comes to North Berkeley

No one is ever going to mistake the Gourmet Ghetto for the Pale of Settlement, but this weekend the JCC East Bay turns the neighborhood into a vibrant outpost of Yiddish culture. KlezCalifornia, the festival that celebrates the music, dance, poetry, and humor of Eastern European Jewry, returns to Berkeley on Saturday and Sunday with a jam-packed series of workshops, talks and performances.

The Berkeley Wire: 08.27.15