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Josh Thomsen gathers talent for Claremont wine fest

Josh Thomsen knew from a young age that he wanted to be a chef and credits his late father, Jerry, for sparking his culinary interest. His dad would put in a long day as a stockbroker, come home, go to the market, and then cook up a storm — making a mess, using every pot in the house, and turning out a delicious dinner.

Claremont files for bankruptcy, operations unaffected

The Claremont Hotel & Spa, a fixture in the Berkeley hills since 1915, was part of a luxury hotel group that filed for bankruptcy yesterday. The Claremont and seven other resorts were part of a $6.6 billion acquisition by Morgan Stanley in 2007. When debt of $1.5 billion came due yesterday, lenders foreclosed on five of the properties (three other properties with longer-term debt did not file for Chapter 11 protection).

The Claremont in gingerbread

Thanksgiving is just a brief memory away and now it is time for Christmas. The Claremont Hotel has put up an enormous gingerbread house in its lobby to usher in the holiday season. This picture is deceptive because it doesn’t show how large the house it.

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