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What’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening, II

New restaurants and bars, plans afoot by food entrepreneurs and chefs, launches and celebrations: all the latest edible news from the East Bay for our fellow gastronomes.

Diary of a haunted summer at the Berkeley City Club

When writer and artist L. John Harris had to vacate his Berkeley home for a month, he checked into the Berkeley City Club, a private social club and hotel where he is a member.

Interview: UC Berkeley’s new Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks

The second floor of California Hall is bright and airy, with a hushed air of importance. As Berkeleyside ascended the staircase last week, Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley’s head of communications, alerted us to prepare for a shock: The new chancellor was wearing jeans.

‘Remarkable job’ helps Cal navigate through tough times

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau lauded UC Berkeley’s continued excellence at the annual state-of-the-university press conference yesterday, citing its top five position in a leading ranking of global universities, the continued flood of applications from highly qualified students, the leading number of National Science Foundation fellows in graduate programs, and a flurry of other statistics.