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  • Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

    VIDEO NO MORE After 22 years in business, Video Maniacs at 1482 University is shuttering its doors at the end of the year. Owner Henry Bhukhan said rentals are half what they were two years ago because of Netflix and online streaming. The closure leaves only two freestanding videos store in Berkeley — Five Star at 1550 University Avenue, and Blockbuster at 2390 Shattuck (near Channing). And, as we reported last month, the latter is scheduled to shut down in 2012 when a branch of Chase Bank takes over the space.

  • Donations sought so no-one goes hungry on Thanksgiving

    As we all begin the countdown to one of the most significant dinners of the year — loosening our belts in anticipation of the feast we may be lucky enough to partake in on Thursday — it is timely to remember that not everyone has enough food on their plates at any time of the year, let alone Thanksgiving.