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Bayer explains loud alarm in Berkeley on Monday

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A loud alarm emanating from Bayer HealthCare’s West Berkeley campus concerned many local residents Monday night who wanted to know its cause.

Residents said the alarm went off for more than five minutes Monday, beginning around 9:10 p.m. The facility is located at 800 Dwight Way, and runs along Seventh Street between Dwight Way and Grayson Street.

Local residents described the sound as a siren or air horn, and said they heard it “wailing” for an extended period of time.

Wrote one local resident on Twitter, “Those alarms are disturbing & unintelligible when they relay spoken messages…like adults in Charlie Brown movies,” adding, “I don’t know if they’re tsunami tests, hazmat alerts, or what. I’ve never been able to make out a single word.”

Another local resident said she was “used to hearing it at all hours but it went on wayyy longer than usual this evening.” … Continue reading »

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Bayer invests $100M in new testing facility in Berkeley

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Bayer HealthCare on Wednesday announced an investment of $100 million to build a new product testing facility at the company’s 45-acre manufacturing site in West Berkeley. The funds will support the pharmaceutical company’s next generation of hemophilia A therapies.

Bayer said the investment represented its continued commitment to the Bay Area, which is its U.S. headquarters for research, development and biotech manufacturing.

“Building upon our legacy in hemophilia A, we are delighted to continue Bayer’s leadership in working to bring treatment options to patients around the world,” said Joerg Heidrich, a senior vice president and site head for Bayer in Berkeley, in a prepared statement. … Continue reading »

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Op-ed: Bayer needs to come clean on Aspirin’s inventor

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This past March I attended the 100th birthday of my uncle. Many of my relatives were gathered, including cousins from Israel. I learned that one of our distant cousins, Arthur Eichengrün, invented Aspirin, the most widely used drug in the world, with over 50,000 tons of it consumed annually.

There’s understandable family pride in having such an illustrious ancestor. But for me in Berkeley, that pride is tainted because of the actions of Bayer — which has a large presence in … Continue reading »

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Bayer HealthCare may expand in West Berkeley

Bayer HealthCare. Image: Flad Architects
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Bayer HealthCare won unanimous approval Thursday from the city of Berkeley’s zoning board to make significant changes at its West Berkeley campus, on Grayson Street, to prepare it to manufacture a new generation of the company’s recombinant DNA treatments for hemophilia.

Bayer spokeswoman Trina Ostrander said in May that the new 3-story facility would house testing operations — on an existing parking area and empty lot — “for various raw materials and final product” related to the treatments.

Berkeleyside wrote about the project, at 801 Grayson St., west of Seventh Street, in May. The project was approved as part of the consent calendar before the Zoning Adjustments Board on Thursday evening. … Continue reading »

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Bayer invites public comment on new building proposal

Bayer is considering the construction of a new building on the former Colgate soap factory site in West Berkeley. Image: Bayer
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Bayer HealthCare will hold an open house Thursday evening to ask for public comment on a new 80,000-square-foot building the company is considering constructing in West Berkeley.

The new 3-story facility, near Grayson and Seventh streets, would house testing operations — on an existing parking area and empty lot — “for various raw materials and final product” related to Bayer’s recombinant hemophilia treatments, said Bayer spokeswoman Trina Ostrander.

Bayer’s Berkeley facility is the pharmaceutical giant’s international headquarters for biotechnology development.

Ostrander cautioned that the proposal, currently, is just that, as it awaits approval from the company’s governing board in Germany, as well as the green light from local and state agencies. The board in Germany is, minimally, several months away from making a decision on the project.  … Continue reading »

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Berkeley praises Bayer, city’s largest for-profit employer

Berkeley Bayer employees display the site's total annual production of hemophilia medication. Photo: Bayer
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Over the years, Berkeley’s largest for-profit employer has contributed $20 million to the city, created hundreds of jobs, developed paid science training programs for youth and invested in a community foundation to support key health and education programs.

Yet Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, said Councilwoman Susan Wengraf earlier this week, “may be one of the best kept secrets in Berkeley.”

Wengraf, and other council members, spoke glowingly Tuesday evening about Bayer’s many community contributions at a special meeting to receive a report outlining the past 20 years at Bayer’s Berkeley site. The report was required due to a 30-year agreement forged between Bayer and the city in 1992 to streamline the development permit process and guarantee benefits for the city. … Continue reading »

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Bayer unveils Berkeley’s largest solar installation

Bayer solar panels
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Yesterday, Bayer Healthcare’s manufacturing facility in west Berkeley unveiled the city’s largest solar installation. Mayor Tom Bates cut the ribbon to the 1,000-panel installation which provides shading to Bayer’s parking lot, and was designed and installed by SolarCity.

At 295 kilowatts, the system is nearly three times as large as any other installation in the city and will help offset more than 10 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 20 years.

“Bayer has a global commitment to CO2 reduction,” Joerg Heidrich, SVP Product Supply Biotech and head of the Berkeley site said in a prepared statement. “We have learned that achieving these goals takes action on many fronts. Last year our water use declined by 14% over 2010, and solid waste was reduced by 20%. This new solar installation is one more step in our efforts and we look forward to working with the City of Berkeley to achieve our shared goals in climate protection.” … Continue reading »

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Activists accuse Bayer of killing bees, protest in Berkeley

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A group of about fifty protesters from Taking Back Our Food System, an East Bay coalition of food, Occupy, and environmental and human rights activists, staged a demonstration outside Bayer’s plant on Parker Street in west Berkeley Wednesday afternoon to protest what it said was the pharmaceutical company’s role in creating pesticides that killed bees.

The demonstrators claim that Bayer is a major producer of Neonicotinoid pesticides (Neonics) and that research show this line of pesticides has a direct role in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). “Because bees pollinate a most of the world’s food, Bayer’s Neonic pesticides are a threat to our food supply,” they said in a statement read at the demonstration. … Continue reading »

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Bayer Healthcare employees reject contract

Bayer Healthcare on Dwight in Berkeley
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The 414 union workers at Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals in Berkeley overwhelmingly turned down a proposed new contract on Wednesday.

The vote against the new contract was 264 to 90, according to Donal Mahon, an organizer for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 6. The two sides will return to the bargaining table next week, he said.

“We are very disappointed by the vote,” said Sreejit Mohan, Bayer’s director of public policy and communications. “We feel (the proposed contract) was … Continue reading »

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Laid-off Bayer workers still fighting for their jobs

Bayer Healthcare on Dwight in Berkeley
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When 414 workers at Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals vote on a new contract on today, Anita Holloway won’t be among them.

Holloway worked in janitorial services at Bayer Healthcare on Dwight Way for three years, earning $22.65 an hour. Then in August 2010, she and 28 other union members were laid off, with the faint promise of being rehired when times got better.

Many of those workers decided to take severance and separate themselves from the company. But Holloway didn’t … Continue reading »

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Biotech Academy students get hands-on education

Biotech Academy students look for clues
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The woman had been missing for six months, with no clue to her whereabouts. Now police had found her car, and it was covered with what looked like blood splatters, blood trails, and a bullet hole.

William Clark and Evanney Salisi went to work analyzing the clues. They looked at the pattern of the blood spatters and examined the ballistics of a bullet casing found at the woman’s work place. They did a DNA profile of the blood found in the car and compared it to the DNA of the woman’s parents and boyfriend. Finally, Clark and Salisi testified about the science behind their investigation. Even though the evidence was circumstantial, the jury reached a unanimous decision: the boyfriend killed his girlfriend.

While the facts of this case are real, it wasn’t tried in a real court or even examined by real police detectives. Instead, this CSI-like case was part of the summer curriculum of 28 East Bay students. … Continue reading »

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