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Crime in Berkeley: Apple store theft alert, threats of shooting — over stolen steak — at Berkeley Bowl, more

Police are looking for these two men in connection with the theft of an iPad at a Berkeley Apple store. Photos: BPD
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This overview of recent crime in Berkeley is based on reports to the Berkeley Police unless otherwise noted. Share photos, videos and tips by emailing crime@berkeleyside.com or on Facebook and TwitterDon’t assume someone else will alert us. We rely on readers to help us stay informed.

From March 24-30, there were reports of four robberies18 burglaries16 assaults or batteriesthree weapon-involved calls and two sexual assaults, according to CrimeMapping.com. There were also 14 stolen vehiclesnine disturbances and 40 auto break-ins or thefts from vehicles reported. Two robberies, two burglaries and two vehicle thefts were reported to the University of California Police Department (UCPD). Arrested or charged individuals in this blotter are presumed innocent. Find our March 24-30 round-up below.

Recent public safety news

APPLE STORE IPAD THEFT Police are looking for two men they say stole an iPad from the Berkeley Apple store earlier this month. On April 3, the men entered the store, at 1823 Fourth St., and left with the iPad. According to a police statement released Thursday, “At this point we don’t believe the theft is related to any ongoing thefts from Apple Stores in the Bay Area. Based on the quality of the video we hoped to enlist the community’s help in nabbing this duo.” The department can be reached at 510-981-5900, or by email at police@cityofberkely.info. The photographs appear above. … Continue reading »

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Landmark designation another hurdle for Berkeley Honda

Berkeley Honda is hoping to take over 2777 Shattuck Ave., the former Any Mountain location. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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The Berkeley City Council voted this week to review a decision by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to protect the former Any Mountain and Berkeley Bowl location, where Berkeley Honda hopes to one day open, as a structure of merit.

Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to bring the decision to a public hearing “at the earliest possible date.” (Councilman Max Anderson was absent due to illness.) City staff said that hearing may happen March 8, but has not been finalized. Earlier this month, property owner Glenn Yasuda also filed an appeal of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) decision.

Honda hopes to open a new full-service dealership at 2777 Shattuck, between Ward and Stuart streets, and is currently operating out of two temporary locations, at 2627 Shattuck and 1500 San Pablo Ave. Initially, the company hoped to move to 1500 San Pablo but “lost that site to a multi-national developer,” according to project documents.

See complete Berkeley Honda coverage on Berkeleyside.

The LPC voted Dec. 3 to grant one type of landmark status to the building in response to a petition and application filed by “at least fifty City residents,” according to Tuesday’s staff report. The LPC deemed the building a “structure of merit” for two reasons: as a notable example of “streamline moderne” architecture, and “for its historical significance to the City and neighborhood within the context of indoor recreation.”  … Continue reading »

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First look: Sprouts Farmers Market in Oakland

Sprouts has a parking garage that you can enter on 30th Street, and like Whole Foods, has parking on the roof. Photo: Alix Wall
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If you’re looking for ground antelope or elk meat, look no further than the freezer case at the new Sprouts Farmers Market in Oakland. But if you’re looking for an artisanal cheese made close to home? Not so much.

Located on Auto Row at the intersection of 30th Street and Broadway, the new market had a soft opening on Tuesday Jan. 12, and opened to the public the next morning. It was packed by 9 a.m.

Founded in Arizona in 2002, the Sprouts chain has over 200 stores nationwide in 13 states, going as far east as Tennessee. With an emphasis on organic and healthy products, the chain aims to be a grocery store with a farmers market feel and low prices. … Continue reading »

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Blogger inspired by unique, exotic at Berkeley Bowl

Blogger Laura McLively of My Berkeley Bowl. Photo: Mike Byrne
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Laura McLively first visited Berkeley Bowl as an undergraduate at Cal. The Sonoma County native took the bus there to pick up an item for a class assignment, and, like many who encounter the Berkeley institution of a grocery store for the first time, she went a bit nuts. She bought way more than she could carry home on the bus.

Soon, she borrowed a huge rolling suitcase from her mother to take on her frequent shopping trips to the store.

After a year of living in Spain with her husband, she returned to the East Bay. When she came back to Berkeley Bowl, it was like she was seeing it with new eyes. “I noticed this vacancy that had been left by not doing this kind of explorative cooking that I had been doing in Spain,” she said.

In the organic section, she saw a black Spanish radish, and wondered what she could use it for. The fact that it was Spanish was not lost on her. “It wasn’t a coincidence,” she said. “It sparked a need in me. I needed to know what [it was].”

Her desire to learn about every exotic item in the produce section of the Berkeley Bowl has become a passion project — McLively blogs about her these culinary experiments on her blog, My Berkeley Bowl, where she “explores new realms in cooking with ingredients most people don’t use.” … Continue reading »

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Nippon Gochiso Select brings Japan to the East Bay

Nippon Gochiso Select at Berkeley Bowl West. Photo: Amanda Kuehn Carroll.
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A slender woman with a dark sleek bob and large almond eyes hands out white wooden parcels the size of shoeboxes near the door of Nico restaurant in San Francisco. I finish a scrap of black sesame financier from the table before breaking my box’s white and red ribbon. Inside I find a long paper packet of Dashitamago omelet seasoning, a tall slender bottle labeled “Mikawa cooking rice seasoning” and a brown pouch of Kinako (soy bean powder) that looks something like tan-hued cornstarch. I have just finished a five-course Japanese tasting menu and sipped the last few dregs of my toasted rice “coffee.” Although I appreciated the meal’s exotic ingredients and elegant execution, I am clueless when it comes to the materials in front of me.

Japanese cuisine is widely spread across cultures, but has yet to reach the kitchens of American home cooks like me. Something about those unfamiliar terms and mysterious ingredients leaves even adventurous eaters wary of Japanese home cooking. It was this quandary that inspired recipe developer and food educator Ema Koeda to create Nippon Gochiso Select (NGS), a premium line of artisanal Japanese products specifically curated for Western markets. The word “Nippon” refers to Japan, and the term “gochiso” has several meanings related to feasting, hospitality and gratitude. In essence Nippon Gochiso is a reminder to celebrate and appreciate the act of enjoying a meal — a concept that rings true for Koeda, who views food as a connection point between cultures. … Continue reading »

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2-Minute Tip: A fabulous dinner party in 1 hour

Hugh Groman outside BB
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Have you ever found yourself getting off work, with guests on the way, and you have an hour to throw together dinner?

In the video below, sponsored by our beloved Berkeley Bowl, Hugh Groman, who runs two successful catering companies and a restaurant in Berkeley, lays out a plan to make it all happen — with minimum effort for maximum effect. … Continue reading »

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2 Minute Tip: Use all your senses to pick produce

Groman produce still
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Have you ever walked through the produce department and felt less-than-confident about how to choose the best stuff?

In a new 2 Minute Tip video, below, sponsored by our beloved Berkeley Bowl, Hugh Groman, who runs two successful catering companies and a restaurant in Berkeley, advises us on how to use sight, smell, touch, and even sound to choose our fruits and vegetables. … Continue reading »

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Cook like a professional chef: Learn how to use salt

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Neighbors to hold Adeline Corridor meeting Saturday

A map of the Adeline Corridor. Source: City of Berkeley
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Neighbors will meet Saturday morning at the South Berkeley Community Church to discuss the city’s plans to revitalize the Adeline Corridor. All are invited.

Unlike prior meetings organized by the city, this session is community driven: “We are NOT affiliated with the City of Berkeley. We are neighbors who care about each other and want to shape the future of our area plan,” according to a flier created to promote the event.

Organizers said attendees will “discuss and help shape our community values … to have a voice in creating an inclusive, fair and just proposal for the Adeline Corridor Plan.” (See the meeting flier.)

Councilman Max Anderson said at Tuesday night’s Berkeley City Council meeting that people concerned about increasing gentrification in South Berkeley should try to attend.

Last year, the city of Berkeley won a $750,000 planning grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to fund a planning process focused on the Adeline Corridor that’s set to look at everything from community character and business activity to open space, jobs, housing, parking, sidewalks and lighting, historic preservation and transit. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley Honda hopes to take over Any Mountain space

Berkeley Honda is hoping to take over 2777 Shattuck Ave., the former Any Mountain location. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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Berkeley Honda, which was displaced from its home at 2600 Shattuck Ave. in November, is making plans to move down the street into the building now occupied by Any Mountain, at 2777 Shattuck. Any Mountain has yet to find a new location in the city.

If Berkeley approves the auto dealership’s application, it would end a seven-year odyssey for one of Berkeley’s largest generators of sales tax. The dealership learned in 2008 that it had to leave its home of 40 years on Shattuck Avenue to make way for a mixed-use development called Parker Place. The dealership attempted to move to other locales in Berkeley, only to see them fall through. It is now renting temporary space at 2627 Shattuck Ave.

“It’s going to be Honda’s latest showroom design,” said Tim Beinke, the dealer/operator who owns the business with his father, Steve. “We have a lot of new products coming out. We have plug-in cars and a list of smaller vehicles.” … Continue reading »

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Berkeley’s Flux Coffee puts cold brew on tap

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Some five years ago, Arsalan Pourmand left his job managing a rock-climbing gym in New York to help a friend open a coffee shop — a business about which he knew nothing. But Pourmand proved to be a quick learner, especially since his habit had him drinking numerous cups a day. When he tasted cold-brewed coffee for the first time, it was love at first sip. A beverage with higher levels of caffeine but none of the acidity or bitterness of traditionally prepared coffee, cold brew became a new obsession. Pourmand wanted to know where he could buy it, but he learned that it was hard to find.

So he started experimenting at home, making a gallon of cold brew at a time. “My kitchen looked like a meth lab, with beakers and glass tubes,” he said. “No one had seen anything like it.” … Continue reading »

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Public meeting on Adeline Corridor on Saturday

Image: City of Berkeley
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Those interested in the future of Adeline Street in South Berkeley are invited to a meeting Saturday morning at the senior center on Ellis Street.

The city of Berkeley received a $750,000 planning grant last year to look at transit improvements and other development issues along the Adeline Corridor, and Saturday morning will be the public’s first chance to participate in that process since last year.

Read more about Adeline Street in past Berkeleyside coverage.

According to a notice posted by Mayor Tom Bates’ office, “The purpose is to provide information about City planning for the area, answer questions, gather community ideas on the effort and learn on how you might like to be involved.”

The meeting is slated to take place at the South Berkeley Senior Center, at 2929 Ellis St., at 10 a.m. Saturday. … Continue reading »

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New Whole Foods store wake-up call for Andronico’s

Whole Foods Gilman first day in the produce section photo Neil Mishalov
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Today at 9:30 a.m. a new Whole Foods Market broke bread rather than cut a ribbon, and opened for business in the rapidly transforming Gilman shopping district in West Berkeley. The store, and the competition it represents, has been a catalyst for at least one other local grocery chain to sharpen up its act. Early reports suggest the market will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood for local residents.

An estimated 600 people took tours of the new Whole Foods store last week in the lead-up to today’s opening at its location on 10th and Gilman streets. This is the second Whole Foods store for Berkeley (the first one opened at Ashby and Telegraph in 1990), the 41st Whole Foods in Northern California, and the 401st nationwide. It will be open 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily while the Whole Foods-owned Allegro Coffee roastery in-store, its first outlet on the West Coast, will be open from 6 a.m. every day.

The 47,000-square-foot market, with 85 car parking spaces, including electric charging spots, and 12 bike spaces, is employing 200 staff, two-thirds of them from other Whole Food stores while the rest are new staff members, said outreach team leader Kristen Tantarelli. … Continue reading »

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