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Which Berkeley council campaigns shopped local?

Spending in the mayor's race
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With the next round of election finance statements due Thursday, Berkeleyside took a look at which City Council candidates have kept their spending local for campaign materials and services.

Not surprisingly, candidates posted their largest expenses to date for the November 2012 election during the year’s second filing period, from July 1 through Sept. 30. The statements due Thursday will include donations received and expenses from Oct. 1 to Oct. 20.  Statements for all the races are public and can be downloaded from the city’s website.

We focused on spending on campaign paraphernalia, literature and mailings; consultant fees; polling services; professional services; print advertising; and website-related costs. The charts and descriptions below reflect these primary categories, not the entire amount of spending in the period. (Unless otherwise noted, we did not include office expenses, donation-related fees, fundraising event costs, filing statements or campaign workers’ salaries, which, even when combined represented a small part of overall expenditures.) … Continue reading »

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Capitelli, Hahn go head to head in Berkeley’s District 5

Laurie Capitelli and Sophie Hahn campaign signs, Oct. 10, 2012.
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Incumbent Laurie Capitelli and challenger Sophie Hahn will face off in November for the second time in a pitched battle for Berkeley’s District 5 City Council seat, in a race that has been tinged with allegations of distortion and ill will.

In 2008, Capitelli won District 5 re-election by defeating Hahn 4,299 to 3,898. But Hahn said Wednesday she believes her past four years of service and experience will help her come out on top in the polls on Nov. 6.

“I have a strong record of getting things done,” she said. “I do believe one person can make a difference. With hard work, collaboration, and really listening to and involving the community, you get good results for the community. And I think people recognize that. I think people have been waiting for a long time for change in Berkeley.”

So far, both candidates have raised about $30,000 for their campaigns. Each had $14,000 to $15,000 left in their coffers as of the most recent filing. The amount of money raised is second only to the mayor’s race on the ballot in Berkeley. … Continue reading »

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City Council candidates respond to your questions

Stewart Jones
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Berkeleyside recently sent all the candidates for the City Council a set of questions, partly based on the suggestions our readers provided. Candidates are running in Districts 1, 4, 7 and 8.

Of the 13 active candidates in the four districts, we received responses from six: Linda Maio in \District 1, Jim Novosel in District 4, Kriss Worthington and George Beier in District 7, and Gordon Wozniak and Jacquelyn McCormick in District 8. A seventh candidate, Merrilie Mitchell in District 1, replied to our email saying she did not like the questions. If we hear from the remaining candidates before the election, we’ll add their responses.

The East Bay Express recently ran a good summary article on all the candidates and their stances on some major issues.

These were our questions to the candidates:

  1. What are your ideas for fixing “Berkeley process” to make it more efficient, genuinely more representative and less intimidating?
  2. In some ways Berkeley is two towns — the flatlands and the hills. What are your ideas to better integrate our two communities?
  3. While many efforts are concentrating on reviving the downtown as a desirable destination, Telegraph Avenue’s decline continues seemingly unabated. What would you recommend to get Telegraph on a positive track?
  4. Are current salary and benefits for city employees sustainable? If not, what do you suggest we do about future employee contracts?
  5. What do you think needs to be done to achieve Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan?
  6. What is the single most important issue today in your district?

We didn’t give candidates a word count, but for those who asked, the answer was that space on the Internet isn’t limited, but readers’ attention spans are. We haven’t edited the responses in any way. We’ve listed the answers by district and, within districts, in alphabetical order. Read the candidates’ answers below the fold. … Continue reading »

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Election groundwork: Who’s running in November?

Old City Hall, where the school board meets
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Four Berkeley council seats and a variety of other Berkeley posts are being contested at the general election on Tuesday, November 2. Berkeleyside will have full coverage of all the races but, first, here is your quick summary guide to who is running for what.

We’ve provided links to the candidates’ profile pages at the City Clerk’s site, as well as to their own websites when we could find it (if we’ve missed some sites, let us know).

The November … Continue reading »

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