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Berkeley could have bike sharing program by spring 2015

Bike share
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UPDATE, 04.09.14: Bike share funds approved, as is money for Bay Trail: The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted to allocate the $8.7 million in bike share funding at its committee meeting today. The MTC spending plan also includes two projects to improve Bay Trail segments in Berkeley. Berkeley will receive $1 million for the third segment of the Bay Trail Extension, a spur of the Bay Trail running through the Berkeley Marina. The first two segments of the extension have been completed, and the new funding would also add a public restroom, bike racks, access improvements, parking lot upgrades and other enhancements near the two sailing clubs and windsurf rigging area. At the same time, the East Bay Regional Parks District will receive $750,000 to fill the gap in the Bay Trail between Gilman Street in North Berkeley and Buchanan Street near the Albany Bulb in Albany. The new segment will run on the shoreline side of the Golden Gate Fields racetrack.

ORIGINAL STORY: This time next year, Berkeley could have a bike sharing program in place in the city. Mayor Tom Bates, for one, thinks it won’t be soon enough.

“We’ve been lobbying for this for a long time,” Bates said on Monday.

Bates sits on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission which will vote on Wednesday to allocate $8.7 million to be spent on rolling out Bay Area Bike Share to the East Bay. The program started in San Francisco and the Peninsula last August and, in San Francisco at least, has proved successful.

If approved, the program would see 60 bike pods installed in an 8 1/2-square-mile area of the East Bay, stocked with a total of about 750 bikes, around 300 of them in Berkeley. Planning is in early stages and locations for the bike stations have not yet been decided. … Continue reading »

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Bike rentals and much more planned for Aquatic Park

Street Level Cycles, or Watershed Workshops, is a non-profit that uses use vocational education to promote youth development.
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A popular bike shop and community bike repair space in West Berkeley’s Aquatic Park won approval recently from the city’s zoning board to expand its buzzing operation into new digs and bring bike rentals, and much more, to the park.

A new space for Waterside Workshops at 90 Bolivar Drive will give Street Level Cycles the space to offer low-cost bicycle rentals, more youth education, longer community hours and a community meeting space, as well as — possibly — a small indoor coffee bar. The organization currently has a café with outdoor-only seating.

“We see the building as a jump‐off point for community recreation that will make the park more accessible for all Berkeley residents, regardless of income level,” according to the group’s applicant statement. … Continue reading »

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In potholed city, which Berkeley streets will be paved?

Find out if your street will be paved in the next two years by consulting our interactive map. (Blue lines are scheduled for 2014, and red lines are scheduled for 2015.)
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The city of Berkeley has budgeted nearly $15.4 million through June 2015 to repave nearly 25 miles of city streets, many of which are in rough shape and desperate need of improvement.

So which streets will be paved? Berkeleyside has created an interactive map — scroll down to view it — to show which streets are on the list for fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Streets marked in blue are set to be repaved in 2014 by June, while those in red are slated to be fixed in fiscal year 2014-15. … Continue reading »

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Debate over new Tunnel Rd bike lane centers on parking

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.47.31 AM
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Plans for a bike lane on Tunnel Road — under negotiation for the past year between the city, residents and biking advocates — will be discussed Thursday night at a city Transportation Commission meeting.

Last fall, the city proposed a bike lane on the uphill side of Tunnel Road between the Claremont Hotel and the city line, near Highway 24, a road busy with recreational cyclists as well as bike commuters. The proposal eliminated all parking, making many residents unhappy.

“We take the brunt of all the traffic,” said Jacquelyn McCormick, president of Claremont-Elmwood Neighborhood Association. “To ask one street to give 100% of something is unfair.”

At a meeting Oct. 9, city staff, residents and bike advocates discussed a revised plan, which restored many but not all of the parking spaces along Tunnel Road. Most of the 40 or so residents at the meeting were far happier with this plan, but the sticking point was the block between Oak Ridge Drive and The Uplands, where the road narrows and parking (enough room for up to 20 cars) was still eliminated in favor of the bike lane. … Continue reading »

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New bay bridge span: It’s for bikes and pedestrians too

Bay Bridge New Path - 150
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Berkeleyside contributing photographer Nancy Rubin was lucky enough to be one of the first to cross the new eastern span of the bay bridge, not in a vehicle but on foot. To find out more about the span’s bicycle and pedestrian path, visit Bay Bridge Info online. … Continue reading »

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Electric bike rental program coming to Berkeley in 2014

Electric bike-sharing will be coming in the spring of 2014 to Berkeley. Photo: Credit: Self Trading/Creative Commons
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Electric bikes will soon be easier to rent in Berkeley.

City CarShare, the organization that lets members use cars for cheap for short periods of time, is launching a pilot electric bike-sharing program in Berkeley and San Francisco next spring.

Modeled on the car-sharing system, members will be able to use 32 electric bikes from about eight different places around Berkeley. People will be able to reserve bikes online, with a mobile app, or by telephone. But unlike the bike-sharing program that’s so popular in New York and Paris, the bikes can’t be dropped off just anywhere. They must be returned to the place from where they were rented. … Continue reading »

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Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 10.49.17 AM

A bicyclist was killed at around 4:30 a.m. this morning after being struck by a vehicle on eastbound Interstate 80, according to the California Highway Patrol, as reported in the local media.

According to preliminary reports, during the investigation into the fatal crash, another accident occurred around 5:30 a.m. resulting in an overturned SUV and a driver being sent to hospital with minor injuries.

Officers were called to the highway at 4:30 a.m. just west of the University Avenue exit after a bicyclist was hit by a truck while attempting to cross the lanes of traffic, Officer James Evans of the California Highway Patrol told the Bay Area News Group and Bay City News. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley set for $12.7m in downtown transport grants

An early conceptual rendering of the new Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza.
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Berkeley expects to get $12.7 million in grant funding for changes to BART Plaza, Shattuck Avenue and Hearst Street that should make life easier for people using the Downtown BART station and buses, biking to campus and even just driving through the center of town.

On Thursday, May 23, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) voted unanimously on an initial approval of the city’s grant proposals for the three transit projects. Construction could begin in 2015, said Matt Nichols, principal transportation planner for the city.  … Continue reading »

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Can Berkeley be most bike-friendly city in the country?

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 10.47.31 AM
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On Bike to Work Day, Berkeley’s mayor Tom Bates (who famously ditched his car several years ago) got on his bike to show support for the two-wheeler set and laid out his commitment to make Berkeley “the most bike-friendly city in the country.”

At a series of press events this morning, Bates spoke of updating Berkeley’s Bicycle Plan so that it was the best bicycle plan in the country. He also hopped on his own bike first thing to take a (helmet-less) spin down the brand new West Street Pathway.

“Lowering our transportation GHG emissions is a key component of our award-winning climate action plan,” Bates said. … Continue reading »

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BART seeks owners of recovered bikes, parts after arrest

Photo: BART
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BART Police investigators are looking for the owners of more than 10 bicycles and a slew of bike parts after arresting a Richmond man on Sunday in Berkeley.

In a statement released Wednesday, police said they arrested 57-year-old Marque Moore after he tried to sell a stolen bike back to its owner near the Ashby Avenue BART station.

Officer Era Jenkins, BART police spokeswoman, said authorities got involved after the owner called the BART Police to let them know about the transaction.

According to the statement: “BART Police Officers were on hand when Moore agreed to meet at BART’s Ashby Station. The owner of the bike confirmed that the bicycle Moore was trying to sell was actually stolen from a residential burglary in the City of San Francisco three months prior.” … Continue reading »

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Dump truck collision did not kill visiting Israeli professor

Shlomo Bentin, an Israeli cognitive neuroscientist, who died in a bicycle accident on July 13. Photo: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Israeli professor Shlomo Bentin did not die because he was hit by a dump truck while riding on his bicycle on July 13, according to new details released today by the Berkeley Police Department.

Instead, the dump truck passed so close to Bentin that he may have taken evasive action that inadvertently propelled him over the handlebars of his bike, where he struck his head on the sidewalk, according to police.

Bentin was riding his bicycle westbound on Bancroft Avenue near Fulton around 3:38 p.m., and was riding in the right lane close to a line of parked cars, as the law requires, according to Capt. Andrew Greenwood of the Berkeley Police Department. A dump truck traveling in the same direction passed Bentin but did not strike him, according to an investigation by the Fatal Accident Investigation Team. … Continue reading »

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Neighbors demand safer streets in Berkeley’s District 4

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 9.20.22 AM
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More than 40 residents in one of Berkeley’s busiest districts came together last week to voice their frustration about traffic issues on their neighborhood streets.

Constant cut-throughs, shrugged-off stop signs, overgrown round-abouts and high speeds were among the concerns shared at a meeting Thursday night hosted by District 4 Councilman Jesse Arreguín. City Manager Christine Daniel and Berkeley Police Sgt. Robert Rittenhouse also were in attendance.

Arreguín said he scheduled the meeting, at Congregation Beth Israel, because of neighborhood complaints related to pedestrian safety and demands for traffic-calming measures. He noted a recently received petition, signed by several hundred people, calling for the installation of a four-way stop sign at one dangerous intersection. Arreguín also said he was working to bring resident concerns to city officials to have them addressed.

District 4 encompasses downtown Berkeley and is bound by Oxford St. to the east, Sacramento to the west, Dwight Way to the south and Vine St. to the north.

Concerns expressed at the gathering included high-priority intersections, such as the junction of McKinley Avenue and Channing Way, where attendees said they hoped to see traffic-calming tools or more stop signs. Others said they want the city to install barriers, such as those that exist around the Elmwood district near Ashby Avenue, to keep out through-traffic altogether. … Continue reading »

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BART tests allowing bikes on trains at all times

Bike on BART
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BART wants to make its system more bike-friendly. With that in mind, the transit company today launched a new Commute Period Bike Pilot Program that allows passengers to brings their bikes on trains all day every Friday in August. Bikes are usually banned from BART trains during commute hours.

BART Board Vice President Tom Radulovich says the pilot program is part of an ongoing effort to increase the number of bicyclists using BART.

“The pilot program is an experiment to expand bike access. BART has always had a willingness to try new things. We’ve experimented with cyclist permits and lockout periods. BART is once again experimenting,” he said Thursday at an event at the Berkeley Bike Station to launch the program.

The program will run through August, at which point the BART Board will determine whether to make any permanent changes to the rules regulating bike usage. … Continue reading »

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