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Berkeley Humane Society recovers stolen van

Odessa and Ophelia
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A van belonging to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society that was stolen earlier this month has been recovered. After it disappeared from near the shelter at 2700 Ninth St. in Berkeley around July 4, the van was found in Oakland on July 11.

The Humane Society logo had been spray-painted over, but shelter manager Rachelle Williams said police officers were still able to identify the van, and they notified the shelter. A lock was also broken on the van and there were problems with the ignition.  … Continue reading »

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A year after fire, Berkeley animal shelter lands on its feet

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Against the back wall of the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society’s adoption room is a maze of cages, containing one lone cat. Magdalene, as she is called, is a black feline with patches of tan. She lies curled on a towel. When approached, she promptly rolls onto her back and paws the air, revealing a white underbelly.

Magdalene was found by a woman and brought to Berkeley Animal Services, the city’s animal shelter, two weeks ago, according to Valerie Mizuhara, the Humane Society’s Shelter Manager. At the time, the cat was extremely pregnant. Now, two faint blue lines on her stomach attest to the spay and surgery the Humane Society gave her to prevent “just one more unwanted litter,” from entering the world.

Magdalene sits up and emits a guttural purr. She is behaving so affectionately, Mizuhara says, because of residual pregnancy hormones in her system.

That Magdalene is the only cat in the room is a telling sign. It has been almost one year since a fire ravaged the nonprofit East Bay Humane Society nonprofit on May 20, 2010, killing 15 cats and wreaking $1.5 million worth of damage on the building. Most of the facilities remain condemned by the city, and the room that housed the cats is sealed with plastic and still smells eerily of smoke.

Since the fire, the shelter has spent $200,000 on rent and construction, according to interim Director Stephanie Erickson. It will be at least two years and potentially millions of dollars before the fire-damaged areas are completely rebuilt. … Continue reading »

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Dog festival to raise funds for burned animal shelter

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Every year, the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society (BEBHS) holds a fundraising event for dogs and people called Bay to Barkers. This year is the 13th year of the Bay to Barkers tradition, and may also be the most important for the BEBHS.

On May 20, there was a devastating fire at the BEBHS which burned down a majority of the building, killed   twelve cats, and left many animals homeless. With their goal of raising $25,000, BEBHS hopes … Continue reading »

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Breaking: Fire at animal shelter guts facility

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A fire that broke out shortly after 1 a.m. last night gutted the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in West Berkeley and killed a number of cats.

According to reports, at least a dozen cats were killed, but many more cats and dogs were rescued by volunteers. The entire cat sheltering area at the 9th Street site was destroyed as well as laundry and offices. The society is currently without water, electricity and phones.

The society is asking … Continue reading »

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Low-cost pet vaccines Sunday

Low-cost vaccine clinic held at Berkeley Animal Care Services in October 2009. Photo by Patsy Slater
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The city’s animal shelter and the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society are teaming up to hold their second vaccine and microchip clinic this weekend. Vaccines for rabies, dog distemper and parvo (DHPP), dog kennel cough, and common cat infections (FVRCP), will be offered for $5 each.

Microchips, which provide permanent pet ID and help reunite lost pets and owners, will be available for $15. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

The clinic will be … Continue reading »

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