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  • New program at REALM School gets students’ hands dirty

    When students at Berkeley’s REALM Charter School started their academic year today, there was a new creative space waiting for them at their campus on 8th Street, and a challenge: how might you get your hands dirty? Shortly after the semester kicks off, the students will spend a day and a half working on projects, either for the school or the local community, which they will dream up themselves, and then make.

  • Time to consolidate Berkeley’s dual immersion programs

    One of the crown jewels of Berkeley’s public school system is the District’s Two-Way Immersion (TWI) program, also called “dual immersion,” which was developed primarily to increase the academic achievement of English Learners.

  • Berkeleyside guide: Understanding Measures H and I

    Berkeleyans will have five local ballot measures on November 2 — in addition to the election of City Council, School Board and a variety of other Berkeley posts. Berkeleyside will cover all five measures, starting today with Measures H and I.