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UPDATE 6/12 10:15 a.m.: Berkeley police continued their investigation throughout the night and currently have patrol officers looking for the suspect in the Marina, according to Lt. Dave Frankel. The suspect is described as a male with a dark complexion, under 30 years old, with blonde hair streaked through with green. He was wearing jeans, a green shirt, and black sneakers.

Original story: Berkeley police sealed off the marina for several hours Tuesday and inspected every car coming out in the hopes of catching a man who had sexually assaulted a child earlier in the day.

Police received a report around 1:37 p.m. that a man had assaulted a child in a public bathroom, according to a press release. Police responded quickly and contained the marina by closely monitoring the roads leading in and out of the area.

“Officers took posts on University Avenue and Marina Boulevard where they visually inspected the interior of all cars leaving the area,” Sgt. Mary Kusmiss wrote in the release. “Officers also shared the reason for their interest in the cars with drivers and passengers and asked for the community’s help with the investigation.” … Continue reading »

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Cruise ship visits Berkeley waterfront

Cruise ship
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In a proof-of-concept demonstration early Monday morning, an 800-foot cruise ship berthed briefly in the North Sailing Basin, the body of water east of Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina.

“This had to be done at high tide, naturally,” explained Capt. Fidley Grating in a press conference Monday. “But it does demonstrate that it’s feasible. We will be able to bring the ships into Berkeley’s Aquatic Park without any major dredging operations.”

The demonstration, conducted on the north side of the marina, is part of a plan that has been taking shape over the last year to bring new commercial, residential and technology-oriented lab and office space to West Berkeley, but without the cumbersome and time-consuming zoning and use permit process. … Continue reading »

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Burrowing owls come out to preen at Berkeley Marina

Burrowing owl by Greg Merritt
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The Berkeley Marina’s much loved burrowing owls were out and about this weekend. Berkeleysider Greg Merritt caught this shot of one of them on Saturday afternoon. He said it was taken at the special fenced-off area near the Tom Bates/Gilman Sports Complex.

dozen volunteer docents from Golden Gate Audubon Society who help passersby spot and learn about the small population of Western burrowing owls who spend each winter at the marina.

As Illana DeBare reported for us this time last year, Western burrowing owls have been designated a “species of special concern” by the state of California, as their population has been declining. Local residents reported seeing as many as 15 owls at the Berkeley Marina a decade ago; last year just five were documented. … Continue reading »

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Low tides at Marina lead to impromptu clam bake

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The high tides on the San Francisco bay — part of the annual King tides phenomenon — also bring with them extraordinary low tides.

On Thursday, while many locals were out documenting through photography the impact of the King tides, others were planning on taking advantage of nature’s effect on our shores with more recreational ideas in mind.

On Thursday evening the Cal Sailing Club, the Bay Area Sea Kayakers, and the Berkeley Racing Canoe Center held a clambake on the Ashby Shoal, the muddy sandbar that only becomes an island when the tide is very low. Paul Kamen (who happens to be chair of the city’s Waterfront Commission) was there and took the photos. … Continue reading »

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Blue heron at Berkeley Marina scores its lunch

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Citizen reporter Gisele Frazão Teixeira shot these photos yesterday at the Berkeley Marina of a Blue Heron spying, catching, and flying away with its prey. Never let it be said that Berkeley isn’t a wildlife enthusiast’s nirvana.

Berkeley owl chick will soon branch out says expert [04.26.12]

Photos: Baby owl on Berkeley trail is growing up fast [04.19.12]
In Tilden Park’s Jewel Lake: Spotting a rare river otter [04.05.12]
Berkeley owl … Continue reading »

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Dragon boats take to water at Berkeley Bay Festival

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Some 395 paddlers of all ages had a chance to try out for the dragon boat team during the Berkeley Bay Festival on the Berkeley Marina on Saturday April 14, thanks to volunteers from the Berkeley Racing Canoe Center.

The Bay Festival was a free event organized by the City-run Marina Experience Program. This year marked the 75-year anniversary of the Marina which opened in 1937. The Bay Festival showcased activities and environmental education available here at the Marina and around the region accompanied by music and good food. … Continue reading »

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At Berkeley European car meet, the ambience is laid-back

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By Linda Hemmila

On a recent Saturday afternoon, the normally quiet parking lot at Hs Lordships at the Berkeley Marina was transformed into an arena for specialty cars, teeming with enthusiasts and interested passersby who probably didn’t expect to see a dazzling array of custom vehicles on their way to brunch.

Billed as the Berkeley Marina Meet, European car hobbyists who have connected through online forums gather at prearranged spots to share stories and take in each other’s rides. Some come from as far away as San Jose and Sacramento, and many come in caravans attracting curious looks on the freeway. Others are Berkeley locals with familiar looking cars who enjoy the opportunity to show off their work and socialize.

Many of the cars in evidence on January 21st were Volkswagens, as online forum VWvortex had been a conduit to orchestrating the gathering. Also featured were Audis, BMWs as well as a smattering of European models. … Continue reading »

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Community comes together to refurbish racing boat

After many days of hard work refurbishing "Max", the team head out in the boat onto the bay
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By Meredith Maran

When the DragonMax racing team needed a new 48-foot long boat, they were daunted by the prospect of spending thousands of dollars to acquire one. So they decided to do what everyone said could not be done: repair and restore a decaying boat.

More than 40 team members from team, located at the Berkeley Racing Canoe Center, spent hours restoring the 15-year old boat. Last Saturday, Dec. 10, the refurbished boat, named Max,  was set … Continue reading »

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Sky sailors flew high in Berkeley this weekend

Kites of all colors flew high this weekend at the 2011 Berkeley Kite Festival. Several hundred Bay Area sky sailors met at Berkeley Marina to take in the two-day event hosted by Highline Kites.

July 30 and 31 marked the 26th year of the festival. Strong winds blessed the sunny blue skies at the Marina on Saturday. Professional, intermediate and beginner kite enthusiasts flew homemade and collectible kites, single-line cartoon floaters, parafoils and dual- and quad-line stunt kites from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. … Continue reading »

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Flying high this weekend: The Berkeley Kite Fest

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This weekend sees the return of one of the most popular summer dates on our city’s calendar: the Berkeley Kite Fest, held at Cesar Chavez Park since 1986.

Organized by Highline Kites, expect to see jaw-dropping team kite flying demonstrations, Rokkaku kite battles and a plethora of octopi flying high.

Also on the agenda for the two-day event — which is free — are stunt kite flying lessons, free kite making and a candy drop for kids, and lots … Continue reading »

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Berkeley’s sailing club: “Sail here, you can sail anywhere”

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By Niclas Ericsson

At the Olympic Circle Sailing Club in Berkeley sailing is for everyone.

“We wanted to reinvent sailing”, said Anthony Sandberg, club owner and veteran skipper, who holds an open house every week.

It’s a Wednesday evening in June and Anthony Sandberg is showing Berkeleyside around the campus of the Olympic Circle Sailing Club (OCSC), while explaining the philosophy behind his life achievement.

“Many don’t think that they deserve sailing until they get to a certain point. It looks like it’s out of their class.”

It all started in 1978 when Sandberg needed to make a career choice. After leaving home at age 16 to sail around the Pacific, he was eventually accepted at Dartmouth to study political science and city planning. In the years to come he went from being “a skipper for rich people” in Europe to teaching hygiene and “pulling out teeth” in Nepal, working for the Peace Corps. Now he had to make a choice between a job in the insurance business and entering law school.

Sandberg took a two week time-out and lived on the beach, reflecting on his future. And he came up with something quite different from working in law or insurance.

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First time sailors take to the water, conquer many fears

Although apprehensive, the majority of students took to the water and were able to wave to photographers on shore
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This morning, down at the Berkeley Marina, 56 East Bay middle schoolers were experiencing a host of “firsts”. Many of them were taking to the water for the first time — donning life-jackets and sailing out into the Bay — not without a certain amount of trepidation in many cases. On shore, another group was being led in team-building exercises, letting go and learning to trust each other.

The group of students had only met at the beginning of the week, and, although most of the exercises were provoking peels of laughter, some of them triggered frustration and resistance.

All the participants, aged 11 to 14, were at Berkeley’s OCSC sailing school at the invitation of its founder, Anthony Sandberg, and all of them are members of the AileyCamp, a tuition-free, six-week dance and life skills camp for underserved middle schoolers entirely funded by Cal Performances.

After a week of ballet, modern, jazz and African dance classes, today was field trip day — a chance to get out under the clear blue skies and experience the beauty of the Bay up close. Many of them had never sailed before, and many cannot swim.

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Photographer captures drama of Berkeley after dark

Skyline in Blue
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John Vias prowls the streets of our city at night. He has been doing so for years, always waiting until darkness has fallen and the traffic is sparse before venturing out.

His passion? Night photography. His territory: Berkeley west of 6th Street, including the Marina and Cesar Chavez Park. The result? Stunning, moody images which can take up to twelve minutes under a full moon to emerge on his camera after he has released the shutter.

“There is more of a sense of mystery at night,” says Vias, explaining his motivation. “Things look different because of the quality of the light and the angles. There’s a theatricality and drama, compared to seeing the same thing with an even wash of sunlight on it.”

The impetus to explore his neighborhood after dark came to Vias when he was honing his craft on a UC Extension photography course in 2003. Assigned to shoot a roll of film for a darkroom class, he decided to do the assignment after sunset. “I’m a night owl, so one evening I thought, ‘why not go out now’?”

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