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The unsolved mystery of the Berkeley boom

Some have posited that homemade firework rocket may be causing the Berkeley boom. Photo: Jeremy Brooks
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For more than a month, residents around Berkeley have wondered online about a recurring nighttime boom that has woken babies, freaked out pets and set off car alarms.

The sound, which has become known on Twitter as the #BerkeleyBoom, has been heard around the city, though it has been concentrated primarily in the southern part of town.

On numerous instances, police have gone out to investigate, but were unable to locate the source and found no indication of a crime. City spokesman Matthai Chakko said Monday there have been no calls to Berkeley’s 311 service center about the sound. So its source remains a mystery.

On Sunday, a Twitter user named LP described the “Loudest #Berkeleyboom yet. Scared me half to death. @berkeleyside – seriously – is this still ‘fireworks’?!”

Heather Hardison added: “I could hear all my neighbors up talking about it in startled voices. What the heck is it?”

Wrote cirus206: “I might not know what #berkeleyboom is but damn would I like to find out.” … Continue reading »

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Sleeping angel, crying dog: A small Berkeley puzzle solved

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By Jim Corr

Last week, Berkeleyside ran a photo in its popular “Where in Berkeley” series, featuring a work of art on Walnut Street, just north of Rose Street, in Berkeley. The photo showed a bench supported at one end by a sleeping angel and at the other by a howling dog. It didn’t take long for an alert reader to identify the piece and its placement.

What the photo did not show, however, was what the angel apparently had been reading when he/she fell asleep, and therein lies a small piece of Berkeley art history.

In the angel’s hand is an open book, with writing on the left page that reads: “a loving heart/an enquiring mind.” On the other page it reads: “1906 Diana Buist 2000.” As the person who submitted the image, I was intrigued by this and decided to find out more. … Continue reading »

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