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Berkeley first city in nation to mark Bisexual Pride Day

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The City Council on Tuesday night proclaimed Sept. 23 as “Bisexual Pride and Bi-Visibility Day,” making Berkeley the first city in the nation to formally honor people with this sexuality, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Other cities such as Boston and Santa Monica have events on Sept. 23, but Berkeley is the first city to highlight a separate day for bisexuals.

The resolution was brought to Council by Council Member Kriss Worthington. He said the move was prompted by a bisexual woman he talked to who said she did not feel comfortable coming out to either her straight friends or her gay friends. “I thought that was sad. In the Bay area many people talk about the LGBT community but most of the focus is on lesbian and gay people,” he said.

“Since we have supported June as Pride month every year since I got elected, I think it is consistent to give positive affirmative support to the bi community as well,” he added. … Continue reading »

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