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Relatives remember Berkeley shooting victim ‘Lil Tone’

Anthony Medearis Jr.
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Family members have identified the man who died Sunday in a shooting in West Berkeley as Anthony ‘Lil Tone’ Medearis Jr.

The 22-year-old lifelong Berkeley resident and father of three children, ages 1, 4 and 7, loved to dance, and was a compassionate family man and “social networker” who was very popular in the community, said two cousins who spoke with Berkeleyside on Monday.

But Medearis also faced difficulties. Relatives said he was raised by his great grandparents and had not found a steady job since leaving high school. There were also some indications from friends that he had ties to Berkeley’s Waterfront gang.

Family members described him as a “wonderful kid” who was “proud of where he was from,” and often wore Cal Berkeley clothing to represent his love for the city.

“He was a shining star, the life of the family,” said cousin Maria Stewart, who said the two grew up much more like siblings. “He was easy going, and always open to advancement.”

Stewart described Medearis as generous, even when he didn’t have much to give.

“He helped other people and, even if he only had 30 cents in his pocket, he’d say, ‘You can have this,'” she said. … Continue reading »

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Defendant in 2012 murder found mentally unfit for trial

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A man charged with shooting a Berkeley man to death in 2012, and later getting into a shootout with Berkeley Police officers, has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial at this time by a Superior Court judge in Oakland, according to court documents.

Calvester Houston Stewart, 20, of Berkeley was arrested in April 2012 after he reportedly exchanged gunfire with police following a routine traffic stop in West Berkeley. Police said Stewart opened fire on multiple officers after he ran into a Delaware Street apartment building when police tried to stop him. Stewart was shot multiple times during the incident. … Continue reading »

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Psych review delayed for man charged in murder

The crime scene at Sacramento and Oregon where a shooting occurred at around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night. Photo: A citizen reporter
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A man charged with the murder of Devin Lee Whitmire last year, and the attempted murder of Berkeley officers after a shootout with police, is set to appear before a judge later this month for a mental competency hearing.

Calvester Stewart, 20, of Berkeley was scheduled for the hearing Wednesday morning, Feb. 6, at the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in downtown Oakland. But Judge Carrie McIntyre Panetta told the court that one of two doctors set to review Stewart’s state of mind had asked for more time to turn in the report. … Continue reading »

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Man accused of murder released after witness speaks up

The scene of the March 29 shooting near Bob's Liquors on Sacramento Street. Photo: A citizen reporter
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Randall Oscar Alston, one of two men arrested in connection with the murder of 24-year-old Devin Lee Whitmire in Berkeley in late March is a free man after charges against him were dismissed.

Another man has been questioned, but not arrested, after a dramatic moment in court when Whitmire’s brother, 22-year-old Darnell Robinson, who was with Whitmire when he was shot, said Alston wasn’t involved in the shooting and then pointed to a man in the audience and said, “That’s the guy who did it,” according to a Bay City News report.

Alston was the first person to be arrested and charged in connection with the shooting of Whitmire near Bob’s Liquors and Deli in the 2800 block of Sacramento Street at about 7:35 p.m. on March 29. Authorities later arrested a second suspect, 19-year-old Berkeley resident Calvester Houston Stewart. Stewart is accused of being the shooter. … Continue reading »

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Man in police shootout charged with Berkeley murder

Shooting Bob's Liquor
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Update, 4:40 p.m.: Calvester Houston Stewart, 19, has been charged with the attempted murder of five police officers, the Berkeley Police Department said in a statement released at 4:28 p.m. today. Stewart has also been charged with the March 29 murder of Devin Lee Whitmire, 24 (see below). He was wounded by Berkeley police during a shootout on Delaware Street on April 13 when he shot at officers.

Original story: Calvester Stewart, 19, who was wounded by Berkeley police during a shootout on Delaware Street on April 13, has been … Continue reading »

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Berkeley police identify suspect who was shot

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Berkeley police have identified the man who was shot by an officer on April 13 as Calvester Stewart, a 20-year-old Berkeley resident.

Stewart was shot in the arm and the leg after he fled from a traffic stop and went inside an apartment in the 900 block of Delaware Street, according to a police statement. He came out of the apartment and shot at several Berkeley police officers, several of whom returned fire.

“Stewart then continued to flee and was confronted by an officer who shot and wounded Stewart,” said the press release.

Stewart was taken to the hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. When he was released he was sent to jail, where he is being held on suspicion of violating his probation. Berkeley police are asking the District Attorney to charge him with several counts of attempted murder against a peace officer. … Continue reading »

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Berkeley police exchange gunfire with fleeing suspect

Berkeley police exchanged gunfire with a suspect near 8th and Delaware streets on Friday April 13, 2012
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Berkeley police shot and wounded a man Friday night who opened fire on them from an apartment near Eighth and Delaware streets.

Police were in the area  looking for a man who had fled from a car several blocks away, according to a press release issued by Berkeley police. When officers spotted him in an apartment in the 900 block of Delaware Street around 10:40 p.m. they ordered him to stop, but he attempted to escape and “opened fire on … Continue reading »

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Berkeley victim’s brother fought suspect after the killing

Police on the scene of the March 29 homicide on Sacramento Street. Photo: A citizen reporter
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It has emerged that the brother of 24-year old Devin Lee Whitmire of Berkeley, who was murdered in south Berkeley on March 29, was with the victim on the night of the killing and he fought with the suspect in the case, 19-year-old Randall Oscar Alston, also of Berkeley, after the slaying and immediately preceding Alston’s arrest.

Alston was due to be arraigned today in Alameda County Superior Court.

Court documents show that Whitmire and his brother were on the sidewalk outside Bob’s Liquors and Deli at Sacramento and Oregon streets when they were approached by Alston and a second suspect. Whitmire’s brother knew Alston and acknowledged him. Alston responded by acknowledging Whitmire’s brother. Whitmire’s brother then saw Alston and the second suspect approach Whitmire and saw the second suspect displaying a handgun. … Continue reading »

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Reward offered to help find suspects in Berkeley homicide

The homicide on March 29 happened close to Bob's Liquor store on the corner of Sacramento and Oregon. Photo: A citizen reporter
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After making one arrest related to the March 29 shooting on Oregon and Sacramento streets which took the life of 24-year-old Vallejo resident Devin Lee Whitmire, Berkeley police are looking additional suspects and offering a reward to help find them.

Randall Oscar Alston, a 19-year-old Berkeley resident, was arrested in connection with the crime. The City of Berkeley is offering a $15,000 reward, and Bay Area Crime Stoppers is offering an additional $2,000 reward, for information leading to the arrest and conviction of all responsible suspects for Berkeley’s third homicide of 2012.

The shooting came as two men left Bob’s Liquors and were confronted by a crowd of men on the corner, one of whom had a gun and started shooting. The two men fled. One was not injured, but Whitmire was hit and fell down on Oregon Street. Paramedics transported him to a local trauma center where he was pronounced dead. Police arrested Alston about an hour later.

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Berkeley police are holding 18-year-old Randall Oscar Alston in connection with the Thursday shooting death outside of Bob’s Liquors of Devin Whitmire, 24.

Alston, a Berkeley resident, is being held without bail at the Berkeley jail on suspicion of murder, according to Lt. Ed Spiller.

Whitmire and a friend were leaving the corner store around 7:34 pm on Thursday when a group of young men confronted them, according to police. One of the people in the crowd had a gun, and when Whitmire and his friend saw it, they started to run west on Oregon Street. … Continue reading »

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Southside residents contend with spate of shootings

Seal Lolis prepares his barbecues for The Bootstrapper's lunch crowd. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
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It was a normal-seeming morning on Sacramento Street on Friday, 14 hours after a man had been murdered on nearby Oregon Street.

Mothers pushed children strapped in their strollers. A man bought two cans of frosty Colt 45 beer and a quarter pint of cognac at Bob’s Liquors. Two young men rapped on the metal gate leading to Perfect Plant Patient’s Group, a medical cannabis collective.

Seal Lolis, the owner of Bootstrapper, a southern style restaurant on Sacramento, lit up the charcoal in the two barbecues right outside his bright red gate. Fridays are barbecue days at the Bootstrapper, and Lolis was getting ready to cook the ribs, links and chicken his regular customers look forward to.

Lolis had been just yards away from the 7:34 pm shooting on Thursday. He was working in his restaurant and heard the shots, but stayed inside. He has been operating a business on Sacramento Street for three years, but cannot remember another time there have been so many gun battles. … Continue reading »

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Sacramento Street shooting victim dies, arrest made

Sac Oregon homicide by a citizen reporter
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A man who was shot in the area of Sacramento and Oregon streets near Bob’s Liquor store on Thursday night at around 7:30 pm was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital last night. Berkeley police have made one arrest, but no specific details of the arrestee are being released. The case is being investigated as a homicide. Berkeley Police officers were still on the scene of the incident at 4.20 am Friday morning, and are continuing to investigate.

After 7:34 pm, Berkeley Police received multiple calls of loud reports in the area of the 2800 block of Sacramento Street. Responding officers found a single gunshot victim lying in the roadway on Oregon Street west of Sacramento Street. The Berkeley Fire Department transported the victim to Highland Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to Berkeley Police Lt. Kevin Schofield, who was the watch commander on duty at the time of the crime. … Continue reading »

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Shooting on Sacramento and Oregon, victim wounded

The crime scene at Sacramento and Oregon where a shooting occurred at around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night. Photo: A citizen reporter
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A shooting tonight in Berkeley at Sacramento and Oregon streets near Bob’s Liquor store at around 7:30pm resulted in one known male victim being transported to Highland Hospital’s trauma unit.

The condition of the victim is unknown and, at 9:00 pm, there were no further details available.

Police were on still  the scene at 9:00pm and requesting reserve units for the investigation.

A resident who lives near the crime scene reported to Berkeleyside hearing eight gunshots at around 7:40pm.

We will … Continue reading »

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