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New guide aims to improve school food beyond Berkeley

Food conference
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Regular readers may think that the only person in town doing anything to fix school food in Berkeley and beyond is Alice Waters via her Edible Schoolyard Project.

But that perception would be wrong. Founded in 1995, the Center for Ecoliteracy has also long championed school food reform and channeled funding in the millions to garden programs, cooking classes, and nutrition-based curriculum in Berkeley public schools.

Along with the Chez Panisse Foundation and Berkeley Unified School District, the Center for Ecoliteracy also implemented the School Lunch Initiative, which kickstarted local, seasonal, and sustainable food for students here and connected the classroom and the cafeteria. … Continue reading »

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Michael Pollan: New food rules, but no need to be neurotic

Copyright (c) Maira Kalman 2011. Reprinted with permission from The Penguin Press from FOOD RULES by Michael Pollan.
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Sometimes a spoonful of sugar does, indeed, make the medicine go down. Though you won’t find that catchphrase in the just-released hardcover edition of Food RulesMichael Pollan‘s best-selling little eater’s manual.

Food Rules does sport the whimsical and witty illustrations of well-known artist Maira Kalman, however. And the new book also boasts 19 new rules — many gleaned from eaters around the country that Pollan wished he had thought of and included the first time around.

Take two is again full of commonsense kitchen wisdom such as If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re probably not hungry; and When you eat real food, you don’t need rules.

The takeaway message: food need not be complicated, and the act of eating is as much about pleasure and communion as it is about nutrition and health. In other words: lighten up a little and enjoy your dinner. … Continue reading »

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Chez Panisse birthday fundraising declared a success

The children say it all at the Berkeley Art Museum party for Chez Panisse. Photo: Christina Diaz
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Now that the hoopla is over, it’s time to take stock of how the Chez Panisse 40th anniversary celebrations fared as a fundraising effort.

Answer: pretty well. The Chez Panisse Foundation had a goal to raise $500,000 for all its 40th birthday activities combined, which it exceeded by a lot, said event producer Carolyn Federman, who didn’t specify exactly how much the private dinners, restaurant parties, and other activities raised.

The money will go to support the recently launched Edible Schoolyard Project (ESYP) website, which has an estimated annual operating cost of about $1.5 million, according to Federman. This new, national nonprofit, building on the work of the Edible Schoolyard locally, intends to serve as a “best practices” resource for kitchen and garden classes in schools across the country looking for ideas, tools, resources, curriculum and community to support their work. Interviews for candidates for the ESYP director position are currently under way. … Continue reading »

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Nikki Henderson: On the frontlines of edible education

Nikki Henderson
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People seem to have an insatiable appetite for food matters right now. Case in point: the public tickets for Edible Education 101 at UC Berkeley were snapped up in 12 minutes on Monday, according to a tweet from Alice Waters, who played a key role in bringing the curriculum to the university.

The 13-week course, co-taught by J-school professor and The Omnivore’s Dilemma author Michael Pollan and Nikki Henderson, the executive director of People’s Grocery, … Continue reading »

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Fundraising underpins Chez Panisse’s birthday festivities

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Forty years after a young Alice Waters opened what was to become one of the most famous restaurants in the world, the Chez Panisse owner is using the anniversary to focus less on the brown-shingled eatery and more on her mission to see kids eating healthily at school.

With this in mind, the Chez Panisse Foundation is to be renamed the Edible Schoolyard Organization this Fall, so that a program that originated in the shadow of the restaurant is now clearly positioned as where Waters is devoting most of her energies.

That’s not to say that the birthday will not be marked with celebrations, many of them guaranteed to delight the taste-buds. Indeed, Waters and her team have orchestrated a full calendar of events over the long weekend of August 26-30, from large-scale cocktail parties to intimate dinners, from educational classes to creative gatherings.

And graduates from the “university of Alice Waters” will be out in force, as Chez Panisse protegés such as Jean-Pierre Moullé, Sally Clarke, Charlie Hallowell, Russell Moore, Gayle Pirie, and Charlene Reis are put to work whipping up feasts. … Continue reading »

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Tickets expected to go fast for Michael Pollan’s food class

Michael Pollan
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When word leaked out in the spring that Michael Pollan would be co-teaching a class on the rise and future of the food movement, students at UC Berkeley rushed to sign up. The 10-week, two-unit course was filled minutes after it was listed online.

Now, the general community has a chance to participate in this gold rush.

UC will be releasing tickets for Edible Education 101 on a first-come, first-serve basis on August 15. There will be about 282 tickets available for each class and people will be able to sign up for just one lecture or all of them, said Carolyn Federman, director of development for the Edible Schoolyard, which is co-sponsoring and paying for the course. The tickets will be free and will be sold through Ticketweb, she said.

Pollan is co-teaching Edible Education 101 with Nikki Henderson, the executive director of People’s Grocery, a food justice organization in Oakland. While Pollan and Henderson are the co-teachers, much of the class will center around lectures given by luminaries in the food movement. Confirmed speakers include Carlo Petrini, Peter Sellars, Marion Nestle, Frances Moore Lappé, Raj Patel, Ann Cooper, Eric Schlosser, and Alice Waters. … Continue reading »

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Chez Panisse to throw a birthday party for 5,000

Save the Date for Web CPF
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Chez Panisse will be 40 years old this summer, and there are certain to be all sorts of food-related events to celebrate the anniversary. For example, there are whispers that Michael Pollan will be giving a series of lectures on food that is open to both students and the public.

Leah Garchik, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, reported today that the Chez Panisse sent out a holidayContinue reading »

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Berkeley Bites: Alice Waters

Alice Waters.
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Do Berkeleyside readers even need an introduction to the mother of the American fresh, local, sustainable, organic food movement?

Alice Waters is a living legend. For four decades, the California cuisine innovator, Chez Panisse chef, Edible Schoolyard founder, school food reformer, and Slow Food advocate, has influenced how people in this country buy, cook, eat, talk, and think about food.

As with any icon, Waters has her fans and foes. Some see her as … Continue reading »

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Research verifies importance of school food program

Edible Schoolyard
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Berkeley Unified School District’s School Lunch Initiative (SLI) has been hailed nationwide as a model for teaching children about food and the importance of good nutrition.

But for every glowing report from the Edible Schoolyard, there have been critics carping about Berkeley hippies detracting from “real” education.

Now, however, research by the University of California Berkeley’s Atkins Center for Weight and Health supports the claims that SLI and similar programs have a lasting effect on children’s eating … Continue reading »

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Edible Schoolyard Plant Sale busts fundraising target

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The Edible Schoolyard at King Middle School held its annual Plant Sale over the weekend. The event was very well attended and Alice Waters was on hand on Saturday morning signing copies of her new book, “In the Green Kitchen”, proceeds of which benefit the Schoolyard.

David Prior, a spokesperson for the Chez Panisse Foundation, said they believe they have exceeded last year’s fundraising, which brought in a total of $12,500,  on Saturday alone. The final tally will … Continue reading »

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The Edible Schoolyard throws its big annual bash

Edible Schoolyard Plant Sale. Photo: Edible Schoolyard
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This weekend offers the opportunity to celebrate and support one of Berkeley’s best ideas. The Edible Schoolyard at King Middle School will be hosting its annual plant sale in the garden. Schoolyard founder Alice Waters will be on hand on Saturday morning to meet, greet and sign copies of her new book, “In the Green Kitchen”; and Bakesale Betty’s will be serving its  iconic organic chicken sandwiches.

King students have spent the past months cultivating the … Continue reading »

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Toxic sludge demonstrators picket Chez Panisse

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A small group of picketers from the Organic Consumers Association took up position directly in front of Chez Panisse at lunchtime today, in an attempt to raise awareness of what it terms “toxic sewage sludge”.

This followed remarks made by the OCA criticizing Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters, and Francesca Vietor, the executive director of the Chez Panisse Foundation and a Commissioner on the San Francisco Public Utilities CommissionContinue reading »

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Alice Waters calls on Organic Consumers Association to apologize

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Alice Waters is calling on the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and activist John Stauber to issue a public apology and to “retract false statements” made by the OAC on the subject of sewage sludge. The OCA accused Ms Waters and the Chez Panisse Foundation of acting hypocritically.

As we reported yesterday, the OCA plans to picket outside Chez Panisse today at noon to raise awareness of what it sees as a contradiction: Francesca Vietor, a Commissioner on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission which has in the past given away sewage sludge to be used as compost, is also the Executive Director of the Chez Panisse Foundation which does not use the sludge on its related gardens.

The Chez Panisse Foundation issued the following statement this morning:

Statement from the Chez Panisse Foundation

On March 29, 2010, at the request of activist John Stauber and the Organic Consumers Association.
Alice Waters issued a statement calling for safe composting methods in San Francisco.Representatives from the OCA responded by shamelessly misrepresenting her position, repeating false accusations against Francesca Vietor, the Executive Director of the Chez Panisse Foundation and Commissioner on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and announcing a plan to picket Chez Panisse Restaurant. The Chez Panisse Foundation welcomes a full public airing of the facts of the situation, which follow. In particular, the Chez Panisse Foundation has learned that the Center for Food Safety, which filed the original petition on this matter to the Public Utilities Commission last year, is not a party to OCA’s planned demonstration at the Chez Panisse Restaurant. … Continue reading »

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