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Rosa Parks chickens found dead, buried on campus

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Two chickens that were stolen from an outdoor coop at Rosa Parks Elementary School earlier this month were found dead and buried in the school yard Tuesday, according to the school’s garden teacher.

Tanya Stiller wrote Berkeleyside late Tuesday afternoon with the update: “I just found the two chickens. They were killed, and buried on top of each other in the garden. I saw what looked like the back of a bird sticking up in a spot where neighboring cats sometimes do their dirty business. It looked like a cat had been scratching there, probably uncovering what it could smell. There was an old wooden garden sign, that kinda looked like a cross next to it. Clearly there was remorse.”

The chickens, named Chip and Daisy, were removed from an outdoor coop sometime during the first weekend of June, Stiller told Berkeleyside last week. They were part of a group of five chickens Stiller had been using as part of her curriculum to teach students about the birds’ life cycle. … Continue reading »

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Thief steals 2 school chickens from Rosa Parks campus

The Rosa Parks Elementary School chickens one day after they were born in April. The two lighter-colored chicks, in the back left corner, were the ones that were stolen. (One of them is hard to spot and appears more like a blur.) Photo: Tanya Stiller
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The Rosa Parks Elementary School community is asking for the safe return of two of its five chickens, which were stolen over the weekend just days after they were moved from a science classroom into an outdoor coop that’s visible from Eighth Street.

Garden teacher Tanya Stiller, known around campus as “Farmer Tanya,” said she discovered the theft Monday when she was heading outside to the chicken coop during a school solar fair.

“I ran into a science teacher who asked me, ‘What happened to the other two chickens, did you give them to somebody?’ I said, ‘What, they’re not there?’ I was pretty shocked, as were other people,” she said Wednesday evening. … Continue reading »

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Pets dumped in Tilden cause problems, become dinner

Tilden Little Farm4 Mary Flaherty
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The abandoned chickens appeared one afternoon in December, in the parking lot near Tilden Park’s Little Farm. Nine of them, right next to the bus stop. Whoever dumped them had sprinkled feed on the ground, and apparently hoped the Little Farm would adopt them. Not so.

“It’s as much as I can do to keep these animals clean, alive and fed,” said the man known as Farmer Stanley, gesturing to the chickens, cows, sheep and pigs he has taken care of at the farm for more than a decade.

At least two of those abandoned chickens became dinner for the local wildlife, judging by the piles of feathers found on the ground, said park staff.  They think – or at least hope – that some of the chickens were adopted, in response to an ad posted, because a bunch disappeared all at once.

The month before the chicken-drop, it was a white bunny, left in a cage at the same spot. Last summer there were five kittens. … Continue reading »

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Podcast: Ain’t nobody here but us chickens

Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 1.47.30 PM
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Berkeleyside contributor John Rieger wanted to know what’s up with all the chickens in Berkeley. So he set out with Berkeleyside contributing photographer Nancy Rubin to find out what’s clucking.

You can find all of Rieger and Rubin’s podcasts in our new podcast collection. We will be reprising all the Rieger-Rubin oeuvre over the next couple of weeks to mark the launch of our podcast channel and as a treat for Berkeleyside readers.

If you would like to subscribe to the Berkeleyside … Continue reading »

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Last week we reported that four chickens — a New Hampshire Red, a Buff Orpington, a Barred Rock, and a Wyandotte — had been scooped up by Berkeley High School security staff after being found on campus. The officers took the birds to a neighbor, Shirley Carrie Brewin, who keeps chickens, and they were then taken to Berkeley’s Animal Shelter. Two Berkeleyside readers — Emma and bhs-student — left notes in our Comments saying they believed the chickens belonged to King Middle School.

Mossberg collected the birds from the animal shelter. He said the chicken coop had been broken into on the night of June 8. “We are relieved to have found them. There are no suspects at this point,” he said.

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Have you lost four chickens? They’re in safe hands

Barred Rock chicken
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Four chickens are looking for their owner and rightful home, after they were let loose at Berkeley High on Wednesday, in what is believed to have been a prank.

The school’s security officers scooped the birds up and took them to a neighbor, Shirley Carrie Brewin, who keeps chickens. “They thought our girls had crossed the road,” she said. Brewin took care of the chickens — they are four different species, a New Hampshire Red and Barred Rock among them.

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Talking poultry: Raising backyard birds in Berkeley

Three chickens
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By Eve Fox

Our North Berkeley neighborhood is a haven for chicken fanciers. I’ve counted at least six coops within a three-block radius of our house!

And we’re fortunate enough to live right next to one of them. Our lovely back neighbors, Fran and Chip, have three young hens in their backyard. In addition to entertaining Will, who now says “buck, buck” and heads for the back door whenever we say “chicken”, we also receive delicious eggs with brilliant orange … Continue reading »

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Are there chickens on the loose in Berkeley?

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Veteran investigative reporter Lance Williams of California Watch tipped us off to this caper: there was a chicken running loose in the Elmwood a few days ago.

Fortunately, a kind citizen noticed the bird trying to cross Ashby Avenue, picked it up, and took it home. The Good Samaritan then put up this poster seeking the bird’s owner.

The rescuer did not identify himself, but Williams used his well-honed investigative skills to determine his identity. As he … Continue reading »

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