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Family, heritage infuse dishes at Cholita Linda

Cholita Linda’s Vanessa Chavez. Photo: Nancy Rubin
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The first time Cholita Linda’s Vanessa Chavez and Murat Sozeri came to sell their food at the Jack London Square farmers market in 2008, they were totally unprepared. They brought no ticket pads, so they had nothing on which to write orders. They didn’t think to bring change. In quickly writing the menu, Chavez wrote “spit tacos” rather than “spit-roasted tacos.” And they neglected to bring a thermometer for the oil, meaning it was either too hot or too cold, and their fried items all came out either over- or under-cooked.

Amazingly, even though they estimated it was a pretty disastrous first day, people came to us saying, ‘That was so good, I’ll be back next week.’ I don’t know how that happened,” Chavez recalled. “We crashed that night, so exhausted, but then, from there, we just started rolling.” … Continue reading »

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Chez Panisse contingent head to Cuba, public welcome

A Cuban farmer talks about growing greens with a visitor. Photo: Varun Mehra
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In the last year, Chez Panisse chefs, staff, and alum have embarked on gourmet global diplomacy trips to Japan (in an informal expedition under the auspices of a group known as OPENrestaurant) and China (in a formal affair the restaurant’s owner, Alice Waters,  presided over herself.) Now comes word that a contingent from the acclaimed restaurant are headed to Cuba to plant seeds of change on the food and farming front — and learn a thing or two about Cuban cuisine and growing greens from this Carribbean island country.

What’s more the trip, scheduled for December 4-12, coincides with the Havana Film Festival, and is open to the public. The delegation includes Chez Panisse downstairs chef Jerome Waag, former Chez Panisse pizzaiolo Charlie Hallowell, Steve Sullivan from Acme Bread (a former Chez Panisse chef), and Cuban-American line cook Danielle Alvarez, who will set foot on Cuban soil for the first time. … Continue reading »

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