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BHS alum has ‘Daddy Skills’ in new DJ Dave video

Even rockers and rappers grow up and have kids. Two Berkeley High alums, both musicians, have collaborated on a music video that, while being upbeat and funny, also makes a candid stab at exploring the peculiar transition that happens when you segue from carefree youth into parenthood.

DJ Dave, aka David Wittman, will be known to Berkeleyside readers as the creator, via his company Fog and Smog, of the popular “Whole Foods Parking Lot” video, and the “Berkeley Enough” follow-up he put out with local performer LaeCharles Lawrence. Wittman met Sam Dorman at Berkeley High, although Dorman graduated in 1994, two years behind Witman. The pair got to know each other well when they both lived in Los Angeles. … Continue reading »

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Top food stories from Berkeley in 2011

Andre Green from the Berkeley Food & Housing Project cooks for the neediest in the community. Photo: Tracey Taylor
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As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back to see what food stories created a buzz around town and on Berkeleyside in 2011.

Granted, there’s an arbitrary nature to such end-of-year lists. But it’s an opportunity to take stock of the city’s culinary culture.

For the purposes of this post we’ve focused on food news stories, which doesn’t take into account the dozens of interviews with foragers, farmers, artisans, advocates, chefs, cooking teachers, preservers, pasta makers, cheese purveyors, pop-up restaurateurs, and farmers’ market vendors we’ve published during 2011.

This year also saw controversial coverage of corner stores, reporting on detractors of school food, an insider’s take on speed dating with a veg-friendly focus, and a widely criticized first-person piece on disappointing camp chow.

Readers may differ on what food stories caught their attention. Feel free to add your own highlights (or low points) in the comments section.

In alphabetical order: … Continue reading »

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Berkeley-raised rapper goes commercial with Hyundai

David Wittman, aka DJ Dave, had a viral hit in June with his rap about the Whole Foods parking lot (although many Berkeleyans preferred the localized version by Lae Charles). Innocean, the ad agency for Korean car manufacturer Hyundai seems to have taken note, because Wittman and his creative collective, Fog and Smog, are the stars of the latest commercial for the Hyundai Elantra (shown above). … Continue reading »

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Local musician responds to that Whole Foods music video

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Last month we brought you news of a Berkeley boy, now living in L.A., whose clever music video about shopping at Whole Foods went viral — our story about “getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot” garnered 400 Facebook Likes alone and the video itself has notched up more than 2.3 million views on YouTube.

While the video’s subject was familiar to many Berkeley Whole Food patrons — a lack of parking spaces, some more than precious … Continue reading »

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Berkeley boy gets real in the Whole Foods parking lot

He’s a Berkeley High School alum (class of ’92), his fiancée also attended BHS, and his parents live in Berkeley. He drives a Prius and likes quinoa — and now a music video created by David Wittman, which has some fun at the expense of Whole Food-shopping healthfood nuts (like him), is going viral.

In an interview with occasional Berkeleyside contributor Tanya Jo Miller for CyberFrequencies, Wittman (aka DJ Dave) explains that, although he shot the video at a Whole Foods in west Los Angeles, its tongue-in-cheek message applies just as readily in the Bay Area.

“I have a lot of love for the Bay. I grew up in Berkeley… I couldn’t be happier that people like [the video] up in the Bay.” … Continue reading »

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