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Recipe: Tender, tangy buttermilk hibiscus cake

Hibiscus Cake. Photo: Moriah Van Vleet
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Vivid hibiscus flowers are often flaunted in brewed tea, but I’ve found that their tart, earthy notes make for a wondrous edible treat, too. So when I recently came across dried hibiscus petals in powdered form, I knew they were destined for my next dessert. Besides, with spring in full swing, it’s hard to keep blooming flowers out of mind. (Ah-choo!)

This time, I echoed the hibiscus with other tangy tones: rich buttermilk and plenty of Meyer lemon. The result was a refreshing and succulent new cake — moist, citrusy layers with a deep burgundy hue. Cream cheese frosting proved a decadent and well-balanced pairing, but the cake is also lovely when simply dusted with powdered sugar. … Continue reading »

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Recipe: Fig and mascarpone pie with cardamom

Mascarpone fig pie (6)
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The signs of fall’s imminence are upon us. One of my favorites is the abundance of fresh figs, whether they’re found dangling from local trees or heaped into mountains at the market. Their oozing sweetness and jam-like centers are gifts that don’t need much doctoring, but in my view, deserve a celebration.

I decided to create a pie that would showcase the season, starting with a crisp oatmeal crust. For the filling, I chose a stovetop custard made with silky mascarpone: a creamy cradle for the fresh fig slices arranged on top. This combination invited rich and mellow cardamom, along with a bit of orange zest for complementary tang. … Continue reading »

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Mulberry oat cookies: Distinctive and delicious

Mulberry Cookies (13)
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After a recent dinner out, my dad and I popped into a tiny grocery store and picked up a random sampling of items: Mexican cactus fruit, unusually flavored popsicles (think salted chili cucumber), and a bag of dried white mulberries from Turkey.

That’s one of the things I love about my dad, and something I think I inherited: food curiosity. He’s known to order the most unusual dish on the menu, while I can’t stop experimenting with new ingredients.

Tonight we’d both expected the popsicles to serve as dessert, but we instead ended up polishing off the mulberries before we knew it. They were simply addictive: sweet, tender and almost crispy, with warm notes of vanilla and a buttery essence. … Continue reading »

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