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Bites: What’s new in East Bay food, XL

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Openings, closings…

ARTIS COFFEE ROASTERS Artis Coffee Roasters, a new coffee shop (pictured top), which also sells coffee beans roasted to order, opens tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 7 at 1717B Fourth St. in Berkeley. The clean, modern space, designed by Berkeley architects Kahn Associates, encompasses a counter, fronted by bins of fresh green coffee beans, a seating area, and walls of shelves with all manner of coffee accoutrements for sale — from gleaming espresso machines to French presses and measuring spoons. What makes the place different from, say, Peet’s down the street, is that customers can have their beans roasted for them in one of Artis’ Roast Master machines. Roasting takes about six minutes, according to co-founder James Gutierrez, and, with guidance from the barristas, he said, customers can achieve their perfect roast over time. The three founders conceived of the idea for the shop in business school in Boston where they won a business competition for the plan. That gave them the seed money to launch Artis (Latin for “craft”), and they chose Berkeley, Gutierrez said, because they recognized Berkeleyans’ appreciation for local, handmade products. The partners want their first store to become part of the neighborhood and community before they think about possibly scaling to other cities like San Francisco, Gutierrez said. … Continue reading »

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Bites: What’s new in East Bay food, XXXV

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Openings, closings…

CUPCAKIN BAKE SHOP Lila Owens has been catering in the East Bay for the past three years, and now she’s decided it’s time to open her own brick-and-mortar place and offer the world her cupcakes. She has taken the lease at the former Dome Fits hat shop in the Sather Lane retail complex at 2435 Durant Ave. in Berkeley (just west of Telegraph), and is currently building it out to create the Cupcakin’ Bake Shop. “I wanted to be in the Bay Area in a highly trafficked spot, and also somewhere non-pretentious,” Owens told Berkeleyside Nosh. As well as different cupcakes, some of which will be gluten-free as well as vegan, Cupcakin’ will sell a variety of mini-cakes. All the baked goods will be free of GMOs, Owens added. We’ll provide an update nearer opening time.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 1.57.46 PMSCARECROW POPCORN Brand new in Oakland’s Lakeshore neighborhood is this store specializing in — what else — popcorn. There’s caramel and cheddar dill, among other varieties, at the store which opened on Wednesday this week. Early reviews are good: “The popcorn melts in your mouth. If you are ever in the Oakland area it is a must try!!! Great service, clean and delicious!!!” wrote Catrina Conner-Rhodes on the shop’s Facebook page. Scarecrow Popcorn is at 3435 Lakeshore next to Lin Jia. … Continue reading »

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Bites: What’s new in East Bay food XXXV

Chef Caabay at kain'bigan, Oakland's newest Filipino restaurant. Photo: kain'bigan/Facebook
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Openings, closings…

KAIN’BIGAN Filipino comfort food spot Kain’bigan had its soft opening in Oakland this week at 2101 14th Ave. Each day, Chef Charleen Caabay “creates a daily special based on the fresh and seasonal ingredients she finds at local markets throughout the Bay,” according to the company’s website. The business is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and menu offerings include Filipino breakfast with garlic rice, chicken and pork adobo, sweet cured pork sausage, and vegetable or shrimp lumpia (pastries similar to fried egg rolls). Caabay’s restaurant may be new, but she’s not new to the area, having worked at The Den inside the Fox Theater, Somar, Oakland Art Murmur and more. Learn more on Kain’bigan’s Facebook page.

HOI POLLOI Hoi Polloi Brewpub and Beat Lounge, which we first featured in March, is on track with its development plans, having just had its building permit approved Wednesday. The nano-brewpub is set to open in the Lorin District at 1763 Alcatraz Ave., next door to Easy Creole. Owner Viet Vu told Berkeleyside Hoi Polloi will be a “place where people can have conversation,” unhindered by television, with a soundtrack that will run the gamut from underground hip hop to indie rock. The space, with room for 30-40 people, will feature a bar and a few tables, with brew kettles and fermentation tanks in the back. … Continue reading »

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Gallery: ‘Temescal Tastes’ with Edible Excursions

Juhu Beach Club
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The new Edible Excursions “Taste of Temescal” tour highlights the wealth of delicious food options available in this hopping neighborhood. Continue reading »

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Announcing: Berkeleyside NOSH, East Bay food news site

Donut Dolly
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Today sees a thrilling new launch for Berkeleyside and, we hope, an exciting new source of information for East Bay residents on all things edible.

With the launch of Berkeleyside NOSH, Berkeleyside has broken out of Berkeley (gasp!). We felt — and we trust you agree — that if we were covering food and drink locally, we couldn’t ignore all the wonderful things happening in Oakland, as well as neighboring areas like Emeryville, Kensington, Albany and El Cerrito.

Be assured, Berkeleyside itself remains firmly focused on Berkeley. It is purely for our food-related stories on NOSH that we have expanded geographically. … Continue reading »

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Coffee and doughnuts in Oakland’s Temescal Alley

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Coffee and doughnuts (not “donuts” — we’ll explain why later) may be an American staple when it comes to food combinations, and there are certainly myriad places where you can pick up humdrum varieties as a breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up. But two new spots in a pair of fashionable Oakland artisans’ alleys take the classic pairing to another level.

Both Hannah Hoffman, who opened Doughnut Dolly three months ago, and Luigi Oldani, who launched his espresso place The CRO Café two weeks ago, have poured their hearts as well as their business chops into their respective start-ups. Both are intensely personal projects, and, happily for East Bay foodies, combined, the results are delicious.

At Doughnut Dolly, a beautiful space with painted striped walls, custom wood cabinetry, a black and white checkerboard floor, and an expansive marble counter, the donuts are hand-rolled and filled to order. Hoffman, who studied food anthropology, and whose mother, Lisa Goines, was a pastry chef at Chez Panisse, took a year to perfect her recipe while deciding whether to open a food truck. … Continue reading »

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