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Tea and sympathy: The cake

ts cake 1
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Before I heard that “tea and sympathy” was a play, a restaurant and a song, I only knew it as a soothing cocktail: hot tea with a splash of Grand Marnier. A warm mug of tea is my go-to drink for relaxation and comfort, and I’ve always loved the idea that sympathy can be added to it with a splash of orange liqueur. When I recently discovered a local and remarkably delicious Earl Grey tea – fragrant with vibrant bergamot and speckled with beautiful, tiny flower petals – I found myself drinking it daily and, naturally, I couldn’t help but think of turning it into a dessert.

I decided to pair it with orange liqueur and create my very own version of tea and sympathy: the cake. Here is the recipe.  (If you’re short on time, don’t miss the simplified version at the end of this post.) … Continue reading »

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