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Bay Area Underground: A cornucopia of sub-cultures

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Two local lads — Matt Werner, a Cal English grad who now works at Google, and Joe Sciarrillo who is studying for his masters at Cal — have published a book that embraces many of the Bay Area’s “big” moments of the past five years, be it the Occupy protests or the Giants winning the World Series. A smattering of those events took place in Berkeley, as the photos here show. We caught up with co-author Matt Werner to find out more about ‘Bay Area Underground.’

What is Bay Area Underground about?
Bay Area Underground is a photobook featuring candid images of life in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2008-2012. The photos invite readers to revisit key moments that have defined living in the Bay Area during the Great Recession. The book captures the major social movements and cultural events in the Bay Area over the last five years from the Giants winning the World Series to the Bay to Breakers. It’s also one of the first books to cover Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco, as well as the Oscar Grant protests in Oakland. … Continue reading »

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Truly modern: Cocktails, couches, street art, meatballs

On a wet night in an abandoned ink factory, west Berkeley turned into Brooklyn for a few hours, or maybe New York City’s Meatpacking district, with a gathering that included a canvas of wall-to-wall graffiti, cool couches, cocktail waitresses and scrumptious meatballs.

The event was the brainchild of Edgar Blazona, owner of True Modern, the contemporary furniture store at 1659 San Pablo Avenue.

Blazona had set up a photo shoot in the old Ink Flint factory at 1350 Fourth Street, which was recently host to Endless Canvas‘s Special Delivery Bay Area 2012 Mural Exhibit. And he figured that after all the effort of orchestrating the shoot — which included hauling furniture into the vast building, pumping out the lakes of water that had pooled there as a result of torrential rains, and lighting up the warehouse’s cavernous nooks and crannies — he might as well round off the work with a party. … Continue reading »

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Endless Canvas delivers unique experience to Berkeley

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Take an abandoned 36,000 sq ft former ink factory with giant circular holes punched in the ceilings and views through rusty metal-framed windows of a steel plant, a freeway and San Francisco Bay. Add the building’s owner, who has a penchant for art and an openness to big ideas. Mix in a collection of one-word names like Swampy, GATS, and Yoder, that belong to artists, many of whom are local and several of whom are highly regarded in the street-art world. What do you get? One of the most exciting shows the Bay Area has seen for a long while. (Check out our photo gallery.)

“Special Delivery Bay Area 2012,” the third graffiti mural exhibition organized by Bay Area street art blog and zine Endless Canvas, made its grassroots debut on Sept. 8 when, despite the fact that the exact location of the show was not revealed until the eleventh hour, an estimated 5,000 people showed up to west Berkeley’s Carbon Warehouse in the old Flint Ink building at 1350 Fourth Street to soak up the wall-to-wall art. Many did so again on the afternoon of Sunday Sept. 23 — young and old, families with young kids, photographers, and the merely intrigued. … Continue reading »

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Street art’s Endless Canvas makes good with community

Special Delivery-2 by Dyanna Fang
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The organizer of an underground graffiti show that attracted thousands of people to west Berkeley on Sept. 8 has helped ensure that tagging that appeared on many neighborhood buildings after the exhibition has been covered over.

The Special Delivery Bay Area 2012 event, which was orchestrated by Endless Canvas, saw dozens of street artists blanket the interior of the Carbon Warehouse in the former Flint Ink building at 1350 Fourth Street with graffiti and spray-painted artworks. Its organizer, who declines to reveal his name, told Berkeleyside that, once it was apparent that tagging had been done after the show, he personally walked the neighborhood cleaning it up, along with “a large group of muralists who were featured in the exhibit who volunteered on their own accord to buff out the amateur tagging around the neighborhood.” … Continue reading »

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Berkeley buildings defaced after graffiti event

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Following an underground graffiti event that drew thousands of people to a vacant west Berkeley warehouse on Saturday, September 8, many buildings in the area were tagged leaving their owners and local residents dismayed.

The event, called “Special Delivery” and organized by Endless Canvas, took place in the Carbon Warehouse in the old Flint Ink building at 1350 Fourth Street between 6 p.m. and midnight on Saturday. Over the past few weeks, the interior of the 36,000 sq ft building has been covered with tags and street art by dozens of local graffiti artists. The warehouse, which has been vacant since 1999, has been a draw for graffiti artists for years, but this orchestrated “happening” was seen as a last gasp before the building is cleaned up and put to use by its owner, Alan Varela, owner of ProVen Management.

But on Sunday, the neighborhood also woke up to the sight of graffiti on many exterior walls of buildings across several blocks. The back walls of 1360 Fifth Street, which houses photovoltaic testing lab PVEL, and 1321 Fifth Street, home to Gingko Press, now sport dozens of multi-colored scrawls. There are tags on the Trumer Pils building at 1404 Fourth Street, on the Donkey & Goat winery, on the walls of expedition gear retailer SlingFin on the corner of Fifth and Gilman, as well as on many doorways of small businesses in the area. According to the Berkeley Police, they received reports from 13 victims of vandalism, and an investigation is under way.

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Cartoons and comics on display at Berkeley fair

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A few years ago Susie Cagle set aside her keyboard and picked up her paintbrush.

After years of working as an editor and journalist, Cagle decided to try editorial cartooning, and the results have been remarkable. Her “True Stories in Words and Pictures, “ (the way she describes her narrative cartoons) have run in San Francisco Panorama, SF Appeal, The Rumpus, and The Awl, among other places. She has also published a comics … Continue reading »

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