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Help Berkeley schools: Perform an energy upgrade

Stopwaste.org will hold a workshop Oct. 4 on improving your home's energy. Photo: Shutterstock.com/ecological house
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In an effort to reduce energy consumption, Energy Upgrade California is sponsoring a contest that lets local schools win $250 for every household that completes an energy upgrade.

Last year, Alameda County schools raised $18,000 through “Energize for the Prize,” as the contest is called, with two Berkeley schools raising the most. Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement, a preschool, raised $5,700 and Rosa Parks Elementary School raised $3,500.

“Energize for the Prize is a real win-win in which residents help local schools raise thousands of dollars, while earning rebates for making their homes more energy-efficient,” said Wendy Sommer, principal program manager at StopWaste.Org, which is working with Energy Upgrade California. “Our goals this year are to provide schools with new ways to earn money, and to increase school and homeowner participation in order to educate more residents about the benefits of saving energy.” … Continue reading »

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More homes in Berkeley, but energy use is down 10%

Increasing numbers of rooftop solar installations in Berkeley may have helped reduce the city's energy consumption
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Despite growing in size, Berkeley is using less energy, according to new data released by the city’s Energy and Sustainable Development department.

Over the past decade, the number of households in Berkeley has increased by around 1,000, but total residential energy consumption in the city between 2000 and 2010 fell by 10%. This is also despite a proliferation of household electronics and portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops, all of which consume electricity.

Marna Schwartz from the Office of Energy and Sustainable Development, says this is an indication that the city’s Climate Action Plan is working. “We have to be reducing our energy consumption and meet certain goals, so this is encouraging,” she said.

Between 2000 and 2010, residential natural gas consumption went down 11% in Berkeley. This is significant because natural gas, which is used primarily for home and water heating, accounts for nearly 80% of total residential energy consumption. Over the same period, residential electricity consumption decreased 7%. … Continue reading »

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Up to $6,300 rebates available for home energy upgrades

HOme energy
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Berkeley residents can claim rebates up to the value of $6,300 for implementing energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. And they can learn all about the what, where and how at a Berkeley Home Energy Efficiency Forum happening tomorrow, November 2nd, in Berkeley.

The City of Berkeley has partnered with Energy Upgrade California to offer the workshop as a one-stop shop for all Alameda County homeowners to find contractors, get information about the rebates and tax credits available and have all their questions answered.

Residents will get a chance to meet participating contractors who are trained and ready to work on their home, as well as homeowners who have already made energy improvements to their homes. … Continue reading »

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