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  • The definition of funk: Mo’Fone plays Berkeley

    The Oxford English Dictionary has yet to add the word “’Fonology” to its hallowed lexicon so let me provide this helpful definition for the euphonious noun. ’Fonology: the study of distilling grooves to essential components. Credit for its coinage goes to the potent East Bay trio Mo’Fone, which celebrates the release of its captivating third album ’Fonology Thursday May 15 at the Freight & Salvage.

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  • Iva Bittová: Deep tales from behind the Iron Curtain

    As a  young artist coming of age in Czechoslovakia during the dark years of communist rule, Iva Bittová faced an array of stark options. She could challenge the despotic state directly and face censure and prison, or flee to the west and make her way as an exile. Instead, she choose a different path, mapping her interior landscape and the vagaries of the human heart. With her haunting, darkly sensual vocals and plangently evocative violin, she’s honed a powerful body of work that combines folkloric sources, conservatory technique and avant garde practices.

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  • Bob Dylan’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ visits Berkeley

    UnderCover Presents has refined a simple and winning concept. Select a savvy Bay Area musician as guest curator, choose an iconic album, and hire a stylistically diverse cross-section of artists to perform and record each reinvented track. Working with Faultline Studios over the past three years UnderCover has honed its mission with a series of sold-out concerts at various venues exploring six different albums, including The Velvet Underground & Nico, Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, and Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

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  • The Freight at 45: Teach your children well

    If one measure of a music scene’s vitality is the involvement of young musicians committed to making their own mark, the Bay Area is looking hale and hearty. In many cases, an artistic inclination is a family affair, and over the next week Freight & Salvage hosts an array of stellar young players reared in musical households.

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  • Stringing at the Freight: Shasta String Celebration

    In a technologically driven society hurtling toward omnipresent connectivity, embracing a traditional art form can be downright countercultural. For the extraordinary siblings Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, who have won six Grand National Fiddle Championships between them, creating a communal gathering where some of the world’s finest bluegrass, Celtic, jazz and old-time players share hard-won musical wisdom is an extension of an itinerant upbringing that included roughing it in a teepee.

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  • Heard at the movies: Orchestra Nostalgico plays Berkeley

    A great film score doesn’t just highlight the action on screen. It can set the scene, amplify the mood, juice the rhythmic flow, and add psychological depth to characters. At its best, movie music can stand apart from the images for which it was conceived, and for almost two decades Orchestra Nostalgico has dedicated itself to celebrating the work of masters such as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, and Bernard Herrmann.

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