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Op-Ed: We need a safer, greener way to Tom Bates fields

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The Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex, located just south of Golden Gate Fields, has been a boon to local athletes since it opened in 2008. The Mayor’s office estimated at that time that the fields would be used by about 250,000 people each year, and a look at the fields at almost any time of day confirms that they are indeed well-used year-round by both adults and children.

However, the complex is through the insanely dangerous Gilman/80 interchange, which … Continue reading »

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Good Samaritans set up fund for Berkeley train victim

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A couple who helped a man who lost part of his leg after being hit by a train in Berkeley earlier this month has set up a fund to collect donations for his medical care.

Shelly Jones, 27, and Sean Stallmeyer, 29, were driving in West Berkeley when they witnessed the accident on Oct. 7.

They were driving toward Target at about 10:40 a.m. when they stopped for the southbound Union Pacific train to pass. As the gates came down to halt traffic, Stallmeyer said he saw a man with a shopping cart standing between the north- and southbound tracks. … Continue reading »

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Good Samaritans recount Berkeley train amputation

A man lost his leg in a train accident Monday at Gilman Street in Berkeley. Image: Google Maps
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Authorities say two good Samaritans who sprung into action after a train accident took a man’s lower leg Monday morning may well have saved his life.

The accident happened at about 10:40 a.m. Sean Stallmeyer, 29, of Richmond said he and his girlfriend were driving toward Target when they stopped for the southbound Union Pacific train to pass. As the gates came down to halt traffic, Stallmeyer said he saw a man with a shopping cart standing between the north- and southbound tracks.

“I told my girl, ‘This guy is going to get hit,’” he said Friday morning. The man appeared to be trying to get across the tracks, and seemed to have cleared them. But he didn’t make it far enough. “The arms came down. I think he just froze. The force of the train just knocked him over. He tumbled down. He must have just fallen underneath the train.” … Continue reading »

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Man loses leg in train accident at Gilman St. in Berkeley

The Union Pacific railroad crossing at Gilman. Photo: Google Maps
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A man who was struck by a train Monday at the Union Pacific railroad crossing at Gilman Street in West Berkeley lost his leg as a result, authorities said.

Few details have been available from officials so far this week.

Berkeleyside readers alerted us to the incident, reporting “a very large number” of Berkeley Police and Berkeley Fire vehicles at the train tracks at Gilman on Monday morning, and said the roadway was closed down in both directions.

Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb said, in a written statement, that Berkeley firefighters were called to the scene at about 10:40 a.m. Monday for a report of a man who had been struck by a train at Gilman. The man lost a leg in the accident and was taken to the Trauma Center at Highland Hospital for medical care. An update on his condition was not available Tuesday afternoon. … Continue reading »

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Fourth, Gilman zoning may shift from industry to retail

A map created by the city, and updated by Berkeleyside to reflect changes made Tuesday night, shows areas that could be affected by zoning decisions underway. Image: Google Maps
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Parts of Gilman Street and Fourth Street in West Berkeley may be re-zoned from light industrial to commercial uses after a majority vote by the Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night.

The changes, depending on who you ask, will either serve simply to legitimize existing and planned commercial uses, or are an end-run around the failure of last November’s Measure T campaign that could put pressure on the neighborhood and threaten its character moving forward. (Measure T was focused on six specific sites, but opponents said it would open the floodgates to much broader development.) Proponents of the new zoning proposals say the changes would boost the city’s economy via increased revenue possibilities. … Continue reading »

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What’s happening with the Gilman Street Interchange?

City staffers say that roundabouts on Gilman Street at I-80 will improve the interchange in several important ways. Image source: City of Berkeley
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Earlier this month, after Berkeleyside’s most recent article on Whole Foods coming to Gilman, several readers asked in the comments section about the status of a city project to reconfigure the intersections at Gilman and Interstate 80.

According to a city flier from last fall, the area has become “overwhelmed” due to multiple commercial venues in its vicinity, such as Golden Gate Fields racetrack, Target in Albany, residential neighborhoods in Berkeley and Albany, and major recreational spots such as the Bay Trail and the Gilman Street Fields. Stop signs on highway off-ramps cause back-ups onto the interstate. The right-of-way for motorists “is confusing, leading to conflict and collisions.”

Berkeleyside readers called the area “a ridiculous mess” and ”the most dysfunctional intersection I have seen anywhere in the United States.” … Continue reading »

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Whole Foods confirms it will open second Berkeley store

Whole Foods telegrah
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Whole Foods has confirmed it will build a second Berkeley store at 10th and Gilman Streets on the site currently occupied by Office Depot.

The grocery chain made the announcement after its earnings report today, confirming the news that Berkeleyside reported in November. The tentative opening date is fall 2014.

The store will be an estimated 30,500 square feet, and construction will begin late this year, once Office Depot relocates across the street.

Rob Twyman, President of Whole Foods Market Northern California and Reno Region, estimates the new store will bring approximately 200 new jobs to Berkeley. … Continue reading »

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