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Breaking: West Berkeley Whole Foods to open Nov. 4

An architectural rendering for the West Berkeley Whole Foods. Image: Field Paoli
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Whole Foods Market has announced the opening date for its new West Berkeley location on Gilman Street.

The 47,800-square-foot complex is scheduled to open on Gilman at 10th Street on Nov. 4, the company said Tuesday.

It’s the second Whole Foods location in Berkeley, and the 41st in the region. The company’s other Berkeley store is at Telegraph and Ashby avenues.

In addition to the 31,000-square-foot grocery store, the complex is slated to include a 1,666-square foot coffee roastery and 2,000 square feet of retail offices on site, according to project documents submitted earlier this year.

The grocery store, at 1025 Gilman, is expected to bring 180 to 200 new jobs to the area, said Jen Monaco, store team leader. … Continue reading »

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Rodents, trash prompt city of Berkeley clean-up of homeless camp on Gilman; residents ‘scattered’

Police officers visit the homeless camp on Gilman Street in West Berkeley daily to provide outreach for residents. Photo: Drew Jaffe
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Citing concerns about garbage and rodents, both dead and alive, the city of Berkeley sent in a team to clean up Gilman Street beneath Interstate 80 where homeless people have been living in recent months, city staff said Friday.

At least one advocate for the homeless criticized the effort, saying no one was told in advance about the operation, which dispersed residents and will make it harder to provide important services to them, he said.

City spokesman Matthai Chakko said Friday shortly before noon that the operation to address ongoing sanitation problems on Gilman under the freeway had gone smoothly. He estimated that perhaps a dozen people were on site when the city arrived Friday morning. … Continue reading »

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City of Berkeley gives Gilman Street homeless a reprieve

Police officers visit the homeless camp on Gilman Street in West Berkeley daily to provide outreach for residents. Photo: Drew Jaffe
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The city of Berkeley, which had planned to remove the personal possessions of the homeless living on Gilman Street under Interstate 80 on July 15, has backed off its insistence that the homeless encampment is a public nuisance.

City Manager Christine Daniel sent out a memo July 9 saying the city is terminating its public nuisance determination. Berkeley just learned that the East Bay Community Law Center is working with city agencies to find temporary housing for the Gilman homeless. The city wants to give everyone more time to find new arrangements, Daniel said.

Daniel emphasized, however, that the encampment is posing a health hazard and the city’s patience is limited. … Continue reading »

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Stolen car seen in Berkeley, driver arrested after chase

CHP chase. Photo: Oakland CHP
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A Berkeley man spotted driving a stolen car on the freeway near Gilman Street was arrested Tuesday morning after leading authorities on a high-speed chase, authorities said.

Officer Sean Wilkenfeld, Oakland-area California Highway Patrol spokesman, said 38-year-old Felix Blas was spotted driving a stolen Acura on eastbound Interstate 80 near Gilman Street at 9:05 a.m.

Blas fled in the Acura, which had been reported stolen out of San Pablo, said Wilkenfeld, and a CHP officer pursued him.  … Continue reading »

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Wanted man causes major injury wreck on I-80

Image: Google Maps
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A man wanted for weapons violations and kidnapping was arrested in Berkeley on Saturday night after crashing into several vehicles on the highway and sending two people to the hospital.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the agency received a call shortly before 7 p.m. about a “reckless driver in a small red vehicle” on Interstate 80 near Gilman Street in Berkeley.  … Continue reading »

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Police: West Berkeley fire caused by hashish operation

One man was taken to the hospital for treatment after a fire in West Berkeley on Tuesday night. Photo: Jef Poskanzer
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A small fire at a West Berkeley business on Tuesday evening, which sent one man to a burn center for treatment, appears to have been caused by a hashish production operation, police said Wednesday.

Very little information was available from authorities, but Officer Jennifer Coats, Berkeley Police spokeswoman, said via email that officers responding to the fire Tuesday discovered an illegal marijuana grow and hashish production operation on-site. … Continue reading »

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Breaking: Man injured in Berkeley fire on Gilman Street

One man was taken to the hospital for treatment after a fire in West Berkeley on Tuesday night. Photo: Jef Poskanzer
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A small rooftop fire in West Berkeley on Tuesday night sent one man to a San Francisco burn center for treatment, authorities said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb said a caller reported flames showing from the roof of 841 Gilman St. at 6:45 p.m.

A single-alarm assignment, including four engines, a truck and an ambulance, was dispatched. Firefighters arriving to the Royal Robbins Clothing store said there were no more active flames on the roof when they got to the scene, though they did see smoke and some embers. … Continue reading »

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Caltrans fence forces homeless to find new camp

The people who used to sleep under the Gilman/I-80 underpass are trying to adjust to their new cramped sleeping situation. Photo: Natalie Orenstein
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Responding to complaints that the homeless people who camped under the Gilman/I-80 underpass were engaged in criminal activity, Caltrans has fenced off the area — pushing the encampment onto a narrow strip nearby.

Caltrans installed the fencing between Feb. 10 and March 6 at the request of the Berkeley Police Department, “in order to help curtail criminal activity in the area,” said Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus via email.

“We have had complaints regarding criminal activity associated with the encampment down there,” said police spokeswoman Officer Jennifer Coats via email. “We have reached out to those camping in the area through members of our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Area Coordinators, and Mobile Crisis workers.” … Continue reading »

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Berkeley dumps possessions of 8 homeless people

Leroy Morgan. Phon: Bryan Westfall
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The city of Berkeley collected and threw away the unattended possessions of eight homeless people on Dec. 26. Afterwards many of them said they had to scramble to find new blankets and coverings to stave off the chill of recent winter nights, although the city said it had sifted through the items for valuables such as those and found none. One of the homeless men said the items that were taken were vital to his survival.

The city confiscated about 13 shopping carts filled with possessions on a piece of city property on Eastshore Highway and Gilman the day after Christmas because workers thought the items had been abandoned, according to Matthai Chakko, a spokesman for Berkeley. Staff sorted through the goods and, when they did not find anything of value, dumped it.

“They did clear property that was unattended,” Chakko said. “They looked through it and didn’t find anything valuable. They didn’t find tents, or sleeping bags, or blankets. We would have bagged, tagged, and contained them.” … Continue reading »

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Op-Ed: We need a safer, greener way to Tom Bates fields

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The Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex, located just south of Golden Gate Fields, has been a boon to local athletes since it opened in 2008. The Mayor’s office estimated at that time that the fields would be used by about 250,000 people each year, and a look at the fields at almost any time of day confirms that they are indeed well-used year-round by both adults and children.

However, the complex is through the insanely dangerous Gilman/80 interchange, which … Continue reading »

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Good Samaritans set up fund for Berkeley train victim

Mark Schwartz 003
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A couple who helped a man who lost part of his leg after being hit by a train in Berkeley earlier this month has set up a fund to collect donations for his medical care.

Shelly Jones, 27, and Sean Stallmeyer, 29, were driving in West Berkeley when they witnessed the accident on Oct. 7.

They were driving toward Target at about 10:40 a.m. when they stopped for the southbound Union Pacific train to pass. As the gates came down to halt traffic, Stallmeyer said he saw a man with a shopping cart standing between the north- and southbound tracks. … Continue reading »

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Good Samaritans recount Berkeley train amputation

A man lost his leg in a train accident Monday at Gilman Street in Berkeley. Image: Google Maps
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Authorities say two good Samaritans who sprung into action after a train accident took a man’s lower leg Monday morning may well have saved his life.

The accident happened at about 10:40 a.m. Sean Stallmeyer, 29, of Richmond said he and his girlfriend were driving toward Target when they stopped for the southbound Union Pacific train to pass. As the gates came down to halt traffic, Stallmeyer said he saw a man with a shopping cart standing between the north- and southbound tracks.

“I told my girl, ‘This guy is going to get hit,’” he said Friday morning. The man appeared to be trying to get across the tracks, and seemed to have cleared them. But he didn’t make it far enough. “The arms came down. I think he just froze. The force of the train just knocked him over. He tumbled down. He must have just fallen underneath the train.” … Continue reading »

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Man loses leg in train accident at Gilman St. in Berkeley

The Union Pacific railroad crossing at Gilman. Photo: Google Maps
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A man who was struck by a train Monday at the Union Pacific railroad crossing at Gilman Street in West Berkeley lost his leg as a result, authorities said.

Few details have been available from officials so far this week.

Berkeleyside readers alerted us to the incident, reporting “a very large number” of Berkeley Police and Berkeley Fire vehicles at the train tracks at Gilman on Monday morning, and said the roadway was closed down in both directions.

Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb said, in a written statement, that Berkeley firefighters were called to the scene at about 10:40 a.m. Monday for a report of a man who had been struck by a train at Gilman. The man lost a leg in the accident and was taken to the Trauma Center at Highland Hospital for medical care. An update on his condition was not available Tuesday afternoon. … Continue reading »

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