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Rooibos Capetown: From cup to cookie

Rooibos cookies (3)
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One of my favorite evening drinks is a hot cup of rooibos (“roy-bus”), also known as red tea or African honeybush tea. It has a soft, naturally vanilla-y flavor that reminds me a bit of my grandpa’s tobacco pipe and tends to calm me instantly. It’s delicious plain or with a splash of cream and honey, and it’s purely caffeine- free.

I never thought I’d love it any more than I already did – until I found a delightful new twist on it.  Speckled with tiny colorful flowers and flavored with vibrant fruit, Rooibos Capetown has quickly become my favorite hot drink. Its beauty is evident at once in three ways: sight, scent and taste.  And with every sip of it I’ve savored, I’ve succumbed to vividly imagining it being integrated into a dessert. This has proven to be a deliciously worthy daydream. Here’s my first of many sweet Capetown creations. … Continue reading »

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Lemon trees everywhere: A pie for Berkeley

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My sister used to refer to Berkeley as the place with giant lemon trees everywhere. And it’s pretty much true, don’t you think? I got my own little lemon tree about a year ago and I’ve been watching it ever since. While my tree can’t compare to the prolific and giant ones around town, I was thrilled to pick its first fruit a few weeks ago: three beautiful, succulent lemons. Intent on turning them into something unusual that would really let their flavor shine, I made rich, creamy lemon curd and nestled it in a crust made of crisp meringue. Here’s the recipe. … Continue reading »

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