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Goats swarm across road, stop traffic in Berkeley Hills

Goats still
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A herd of grass-munching goats swarmed across Cyclotron Road in the Berkeley Hills last week on the way to another plant-clearing mission below Blackberry Gate.

The goats are part of Berkeley Lab’s vegetation management plan to trim abundant grasslands and reduce fire hazards.

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Berkeley Lab posted a video of the goats on the move to its Facebook page on June 12. The video was shot by Lab employee David Stein (while he was apparently listening to KQED radio!). It proved so popular that it has been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook since then, helped no doubt by the fact that Berkeleyside reposted it to its Facebook page, and it was then picked up by other media, including NBC, CNN and the Huffington Post. (Watch the video below the fold.) … Continue reading »

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Goats take over Berkeley hills, but what is their intent?

Goats on Centennial Drive 6-2-15 Photo: Melati Citrawireja
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Reader Eric Cotts recently shared the photo above with us. It was taken on June 1, and shows a large number of goats on a hill near the Berkeley Lab. It inspired us to send our photo intern Melati Citrawireja to capture more images of the animals everyone seems to adore (see them below the fold).

While goats are commonly used to clear brush and grass in the East Bay (Berkeleyside has written about this use of goats for fire prevention), Cotts was not convinced the cloven-hoofed herd was there for such a benign reason. “I would not be so sanguine about the intent of these agile Bovidae,” he wrote us. … Continue reading »

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Goats reduce fire hazards in the Berkeley hills

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For the past six weeks, more than 600 goats have been munching the grass and shrubs on the steep hills around the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in a 6-week project to make 100 acres less susceptible to fire.

“They are perfect for the steep slopes at the lab which would be difficult to clear by humans,” said LBNL Communications Manager Jon Weiner.

The goats come from Goats R Us – an Orinda-based company that specializes in goat-powered brush reduction.

The bearded grazers eat most vegetation available, including plants like poison oak and star thistle, which are difficult to clear by hand. They generally eat the tops of plants instead of pulling the roots, which causes less damage to lands than traditional grazers. … Continue reading »

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