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Bites: Nido, Doc’s Refresher, Adeline Collective, more

A rendering of Nido's Backyard. Image: Nido's Backyard
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Openings, closings

NIDO CHANGING MENU, OPENING SECOND RESTAURANT Oakland’s Nido restaurant announced some big news this week. Co-owners Silvia and Corey McCollow told Inside Scoop that they are planning to open a second restaurant, Nido’s Backyard, in December, up the street from their original spot, and, because this project will take up great amounts of their time, they are handing the reins of Nido over to executive chef Jose Ramos. (We profiled Ramos in a story in February.) Silvia McCollow will continue to “oversee the overall culinary vision,” writes the Scoop, but Ramos will be in charge day-to-day. This culinary vision includes a new menu that includes rotating, sharable small street-style antojitos like grilled corn equites and grilled blue corn squash blossom quesadillas, plus a few rustic family-style Mexican entrees like pork carnitas and grilled octopus. As far as Nido’s Backyard, the new restaurant will focus on food cooked on an outdoor wood-fired adobe grill. Corey McCollow described the menu to the Scoop as “Mexican barbecue food:” tacos, quesadillas and slow-cooked meats. Nido’s Backyard will also have two bars, one of which the McCollows plan to use as a pop-up venue for aspiring bartenders. In addition, the McCollows hope to attract local vendors and live musicians to showcase and play their work at the restaurant. Nido is at 444 Oak St. (between Fourth and Fifth streets), Oakland. Connect with the restaurant on Facebook and TwitterNido’s Backyard will be at 104 Oak St. (at Embarcadero), Oakland.Continue reading »

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Bites: Handlebar and Bacano Bakery closures, more

Handlebar is at 984 University Avenue in West Berkeley. Photo: Bill Newton
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Openings, closings

HANDLEBAR TO CLOSE, TWEAK CONCEPT West Berkeley’s Handlebar is changing. Owner Jennifer Seidman has brought on Farm League, the restaurant design and management group behind Tigerlily, East Bay Spice Company, Westbrae Biergarten and Drake’s Dealership, to update the restaurant’s concept to something that “makes more sense for the neighborhood,” Farm League’s Joel DiGiorgio told Nosh in an email. That concept will, thankfully, still include Handlbar’s signature burger and tater tots, plus new sandwiches, bar snacks and milkshakes. Seidman says that all of the menu items will be available to-go and for delivery via Caviar. The larger conceptual changes will have to do with service, wrote DiGiorgio, but the “general feel of the place will stay somewhat intact.” The new iteration of the restaurant will be focused on a fast casual service model where customers will order at the kitchen window. In addition, Farm League and Seidman will be adding a “retro game room” and jukebox, which frequent customers will note has already been underway, as well as a “grab-your-own craft beer wall,” a la Honor Bar & Kitchen. On the bar side, Farm League is bringing in Adam Stemmler (East Bay Spice Company and Tigerlily) to work with Seidman on a new cocktail menu that will be “heavy on crushed ice drinks,” according to Stemmler. It will also likely include drinks like Moscow mules on draft and “adult milkshakes.” Handlebar will be changing its name once final installations are complete; we have not yet heard what the new name will be. DiGiorgio hopes to keep the restaurant open as Farm League and Seidman make changes in order to support the staff. We will keep you posted as we learn more details and a timeline for the relaunch. Handlebar is at 984 University Ave. (between Eighth and Ninth streets), Berkeley. Connect with the restaurant on Facebook.

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NOSH’s guide to food and drink in West Berkeley

The Rare Barrel. Photo: Adam Chandler/Flickr
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We’ve spent the last year touring different neighborhoods in the East Bay looking for the best bites and sips around. Instead of dropping into the typical dining meccas — the Gourmet Ghetto, Temescal, Rockridge — we’ve taken a look at areas that are a little off the radar. One of our favorite places to eat? West Berkeley.

Don’t miss best East Bay dishes and drinks of 2016!

The neighborhoods around the western side of San Pablo, which we’ve dubbed the “Warehouse District” and the “Design Loop,” are chock-full of old manufacturing buildings, barbecue and dive bars. Wondering where to go once you’ve tired of Fourth Street? Take a look at our picks below, and read our full guides by following the links. … Continue reading »

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NOSH neighborhood guide: Berkeley Warehouse

The Rare Barrel. Photo: Adam Chandler/Flickr
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We know that there’s more to East Bay dining than Temescal, Rockridge and the Gourmet Ghetto. NOSH’s neighborhood guides explore the best of the rest. This month, we explore Berkeley’s warehouse district on the west side of town.

Okay, so the Warehouse District isn’t a defined neighborhood per se, but the strip of West Berkeley between San Pablo and the Bay is chock-full of old manufacturing buildings and delicious food businesses all the same. We’ve defined the north and south borders at University and Ashby, respectively. Feel free to dispute in the comments. Below are our picks for the best bites and tipples in the area; check out the map to find out precisely where they are. … Continue reading »

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Bites: PieTisserie, Kitchener Snack Bar, more

Jaynelle St. John (center) held a grand opening for her pie shop, PieTisserie, on Valentine's Day. Photo: PieTisserie
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Openings, closings…

PIETISSERIE SHOP HOLDS GRAND OPENING Oakland pie maven Jaynelle St. John held a grand opening celebration for her standalone shop in the Grand Lake district this past Saturday. PieTisserie specializes in unique pies, such as mojito custard and chocolate cream pretzel. St. John has been selling her pies for the last five years, but has moved her operation around Oakland; most recently she sold pies out of Nido, near Jack London Square, and she has also made appearances at Swan’s Marketplace in Old Oakland, and Kitchenette in San Francisco. Since parting with Nido in August 2013, St. John has been working on opening her retail space while selling her pies through her website and Munchery. PieTisserie, complete with its pie window, is at 1605 2nd Ave. (at Foothill Boulevard), Oakland. Connect with the bakery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Continue reading »

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How to open an East Bay restaurant in boom time

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 12.38.51 PM
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By  /Bay Area Bites

How many times do we go to restaurants each month—or week—and fail to really comprehend the physical process of pulling together all the elements that a restaurant requires, from permitting to plumbing, to every hoop jumped in between?

I tend to notice aesthetically pleasing design, but don’t go much beyond my hedonistic pleasure in identifying its lineage. My encounter with Travis Wirt, owner of Black Creek Builders, changed all that. Or rather, I should say, my encounter with many compelling Oakland restaurant spaces that Wirt has had his hand in made me aware of the process in a way I hadn’t considered before. … Continue reading »

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Fivetenburger owner opens Handlebar in Berkeley

Robles poses in his new kitchen. Photo: Charles Siler
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Fans of food truck favorite Fivetenburger rejoice: mustachioed restauranteur Roland Robles’ new project Handlebar opened last night at 984 University Ave., between Eighth and Ninth streets, in West Berkeley.

Robles, who is the owner and head chef of Fivetenburger, opened the restaurant, which is licensed as a full bar, with his partner Jennifer Seidman. Seidman owns Acme Bar & Company at 2115 San Pablo Ave, a half mile away.

“We want it to feel like a bar,” said Robles. “We want you to have a good time here.” … Continue reading »

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Food trucks expand to bricks and mortar

Photo: Liba Falafel
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Anyone who has had even a bite of a Fiveten Burger knows that Roland Robles, the proprietor and chef, knows more than a thing or two about slinging beef. His cheeseburgers are cooked to order and made with a signature blend of meat ground daily. There are at least three cheese options for melting over the hot patty (usually more), as well as a well-balanced array of toppings stacked together on a North Beach Baking Company bun. An overflowing basket of truffle tater tots sets the meal over-the-top — in a hot, crispy, and salty good way. But this is no fancy restaurant burger. Instead, Robles’ burgers are handed to customers through the window of a food truck.

Robles is banking on his many fans sticking with his burgers when he opens his first brick-and-mortar burger joint this year. The restaurant will be called Handlebar and is slated to open some time in the spring. While the location is still up in the air, the overarching plan is not. “The vibe we intend is a comfortable spot where you can just drop in and have some grub you’ll dig and a cold beverage of your preference. … Pretty much everybody likes a cold beer and a made to order burger,” he said. … Continue reading »

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Shop Talk: The ins and outs of Berkeley businesses

510 burger
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SLIVER PIZZERIA Sports bar and restaurant Sportivo at 2132 Center St. in downtown Berkeley will not be renewing its lease and plans to close on Dec. 15. Sliver Pizzeria is moving into the space and expects open in January 2013. Sliver says it plans to “use the freshest and finest quality ingredients on our pizza as a means to promoting human health and empowering the fight against human trafficking around the world.” Sliver Pizzeria, 2132 Center St.

SEA SALT Haig and Cindy Krikorian’s K2 Restaurant Group has sold Sea Salt, the Berkeley seafood restaurant on San Pablo Avenue, on the heels of its September divestment of T-Rex Barbeque. (K2 also owns Lalime, Jimmy Beans, Paisan and Fonda.) Sea Salt’s new owner is Sung Su Han, according to Inside Scoop which reported that the pair wants to downsize. Sea Salt will keep its name and menu through December, when it will close for about a week, then reopen as Eat. Chef Quyen Vu will stay on board, but will change to a small-plates format, according to Diablo. The adjacent dining room will be transformed into a lounge in the next six to eight months, after which it will become Eat + Lounge. The Krikorians will stay involved as outside consultants. Sea Salt, 2512 San Pablo Ave., 510-883-1720.Continue reading »

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Bites: What’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening, II

Victory Burger: opened on Nov. xx. Photo: Victory Burger
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Bites is Berkeleyside Nosh’s round-up of restaurant, bar and food-related news in the East Bay. To stay up-to-speed with all that’s going on locally, read our daily Nosh Wire, and check out previous editions of Bites. We always love receiving food-related tips at nosh@berkeleyside.com.

Freshly served…

VICTORY BURGER Last week, we gave notice that Victory Burger, a new venture in north Oakland from the folks behind Actual Café, was about to open. Well, the first official day of business was Friday. In addition to the burgers, hand-cut fries and shakes on the menu, there’s also roasted chicken banh mi and both pork and gluten-free veggie arepas (a cornmeal South American street food). There are also several interesting “add-ons” for both the burgers and fries that sound pretty delicious: Avocado Mayo, Chicken Skin Mayo (wait, what?), and Bacon Gravy. Victory Burger, 1099 Alcatraz Ave., Oakland.

INNA JAM INNA Jam, the artisanal preserve company started by former freelance commercial video editor Dafna Kory in Berkeley, moved into a new commercial kitchen in Emeryville at the beginning of the summer, and has been busy processing a big crop of berries and stone fruit since then. Kory also recently opened an INNA Jam store — really just a shelf in the corner of the kitchen. It’s stacked with jars of every jam they make, many of which are not available in retail stores or online. Regular hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdys from 2–5 p.m. (and by appointment). INNA Jam, 1307 61st St., Emeryville, 510-214-6620. … Continue reading »

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