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Spotlight on city manager’s response to Chief Meehan

Christine Daniel, interim city manger
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While eyes across the country are focused on Berkeley’s City Hall to see how it responds to Police Chief Michael Meehan’s attempts to get a reporter to change his story, the eyes at City Hall are all focused on Interim City Manager Christine Daniel.

With just a six-month contract that is due to expire in May, the way Daniel handles the Meehan matter may play a large role in whether she gets the job permanently.

Daniel learned on Friday March 9 that Chief Meehan had sent Sgt. Mary Kusmiss to the house of Oakland Tribune reporter Doug Oakley at 12:45 am that day to ask that he change a story on a community meeting about Peter Cukor’s murder. But Daniel did not issue a statement on the matter until around 2:20 pm March 10, hours after the story garnered significant airtime and play in regional publications.

And since then, Daniel has been quiet. … Continue reading »

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In Berkeley slaying, victim defended fiancée

Courtesy San Francisco Chronicle
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Adolfo Ignacio Celedón, the 35-year-old Chilean man who was shot and killed during a robbery in south Berkeley on Sept. 12, died as he tried to protect his fiancée, according to an article by Henry Lee in the San … Continue reading »

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New book: A look into the murder of Nina Reiser

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Henry Lee’s byline is one of the most familiar in the San Francisco Chronicle. He’s covered crime in the East Bay for 16 years and is known to have the best police sources around. He writes so fast that his words are often online shortly after the report of a crime comes across the scanner.

Lee got his start as the crime reporter for The Daily Californian, the newspaper for UC Berkeley. In 2006 he covered the mysterious disappearance of Nina Reiser of Oakland, a beautiful young mother of two who had last been seen heading to Berkeley Bowl. Hans Reiser, Nina’s brilliant but strange computer programmer husband, was eventually convicted of her murder. The case gripped the Bay Area. (Read Lee’s blog on the trial.) … Continue reading »

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