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A sweet slice of egg nog: Tasting the season

Egg Nog Cake (9)
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Here is a cake I created as a tribute to one of my favorite seasonal treats.  As the holidays near, I find myself anxiously awaiting the arrival of egg nog — anticipating its rich, creamy sweetness and the way it signals a new year on the horizon.  For me, one of the best ways to celebrate something delicious is not simply to eat or drink it, but to transform it into a dessert.  So why settle for having a glass of egg nog when I can eat it, too? (Actually, I admit I’m even more satisfied by a slice of this cake than I am by sipping the drink that inspired it.  And whenever I’ve brought this cake to parties, I’ve witnessed it being devoured with great delight – even by those who are otherwise egg nog averse.) … Continue reading »

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