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Smitten: High-tech, organic ice cream to Rockridge

Smitten founder Robyn Sue Fisher started her business serving ice cream out of a red Radio Flyer wagon. Photo: Smitten
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The dreams of most Stanford MBA students tend to Silicon Valley start-ups, prestigious consulting firms, and high-paying investment banks. It’s a fair bet that Robyn Sue Fisher is unique: she spent the first two years after graduated from Stanford prototyping an ice cream machine.

What was a quixotic quest at the start has grown into the acclaimed Smitten ice cream business, which plans to open its first East Bay outpost at 5800 College Ave. in Rockridge on April 1.

“I was naive and optimistic,” Fisher said. “It took two years and all my life savings to get a prototype.”  … Continue reading »

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New: Bootleg Creamery launches its offbeat flavors

Cap'n Crunch
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When Jessica Rollison started making her homemade ice cream available to her friends — who quickly spread the word to their friends — people went crazy for it.

“They would be calling me and saying, ‘I really need more ice cream, it was so good,’” she said. As she packaged up pints of Spiced Chai or Goat Cheese and Blackberry, she joked to her husband that she felt a little like a drug dealer.

Five months after rolling out her flavors and gleaning feedback from those original customers, Rollison has launched Bootleg Creamery, selling hand-packed pints online that are available for delivery or pick-up in the East Bay and San Francisco. Rollison also hopes to open a brick-and-mortar store one day in Berkeley. … Continue reading »

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