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Those numbers flying high over Berkeley? Pi in the sky

Numbers over Berkeley
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If you happened to look up at around 12:40 pm today and see lots of numbers being drawn in the sky  above Berkeley by a plane, you were witnessing what its creator describes as “the largest ephemeral installation ever created.”

“Pi in the Sky,” a Bay Area spectacle being put on by a team of synchronized skywriters, is part of the Zero1 Biennal, a Silicon Valley-based art gathering, and shows pi, 3.14159 and so forth a thousand places being painstakingly depicted in the sky.

The man behind the display is UC Berkeley science graduate ISHKY, a California-born artist whose goal, he says, is to is “to flirt with provocation and inspire spontaneous awe.”

The line of quickly dissipating numbers certainly confounded some of the people on the ground who saw them. Berkeleysider Carly spotted them while walking her dog at Ohlone Dog Park. She sent us the photo above with a question: just what was the plane’s writing trying to say? … Continue reading »

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