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Cal football coach Jeff Tedford sacked after 3-9 season

Jeff Tedford by Joe Parks
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Jeff Tedford, head coach of the Cal Golden Bears football team since 2002, was fired today after a 3-9 season and a combined 15-22 record over the last three seasons. Tedford was the highest paid state employee in California, with a salary of $2.3 million a year. His contract with Cal ran through the 2015 season.

“This was an extraordinarily difficult decision, one that required a thorough and thoughtful analysis of a complex set of factors,” Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour said in a press statement. “Ultimately, I believed that we needed a change in direction to get our program back on the right track. Cal football is integral to our department and our university, and its influence can be felt well beyond the walls of Memorial Stadium. The program clearly serves as an important part of the connective tissue that binds our community together, and it is imperative that Cal football be recognized as a leader in competitive success, academic achievement and community engagement.”  … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

Does big-money sports make sense at Cal?

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The relationship of big-money sports to the university will be the focus of next week’s Academic Senate meeting at UC Berkeley. The Chronicle published a front-page analysis of the debate the other day, and the university has just released Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour’s 22-page question-and-answer document.

Some facts from Barbour’s FAQ that I wasn’t aware of:

The three most highly compensated coaches (football’s Jeff Tedford, men’s basketball’s Mike Montgomery and women’s basketball’s Joanne Boyle) all … Continue reading »

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