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Critic of Berkeley library bond issue files more lawsuits

The North Branch of the Berkeley Public Library recently reopened after a $5.9 million remodel. Photo: Nancy Rubin
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The woman who was the only named member of the group in a citizen’s lawsuit against Berkeley’s use of library bond funds has filed a number of lawsuits against her critics.

Judith Epstein, who is part of Concerned Library Users, has filed suits in the Alameda County small claims court against Berkeley City Councilmember Darryl Moore, Pacific Union International, and Julie Nachtwey, a realtor for Pacific Union, according to court documents. The suits all claim that Epstein’s reputation was sullied because of comments the defendants made. Epstein asked for as much as $10,000 in damages, according to court documents.

“Moore made the following false and defamatory statement to the Berkeley Times about those of us who were suing the city of Berkeley over the illegal use of library funds,” Epstein wrote in a declaration to the court. “This placed me in a false light before the public. It was part of a campaign of harassment, bullying, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress with the purpose of trying to get us to drop the lawsuit.” … Continue reading »

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Secret acres: Berkeley’s hidden hillside park

Vicente Canyon Hillside open space
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High on a hillside, tucked behind houses lining Alvarado and Vicente Roads sits one of Berkeley’s most hidden parks.

The two and a half acre open space is studded with oaks, toyons, bay and pine trees, as well as native plants like purple needle grass, soap plants, coyote bush, and California sage brush. Pathways meander up and down the hills, and wooden benches are placed throughout to capture the view of the bay and San Francisco.

This is a public park, but the public does not own it. Instead, the hilly property belongs to the Vicente Canyon Hillside Foundation, a non-profit organization with about 60 members. But it is a dedicated open space, which means anyone can go there – if they can find it.

Getting to the park can be tricky. Its entrance is up a set of wooden stairs near 146 Vicente. The park boundary is at the top of the steps, but the trails begin even higher up. The land there is so steep that the foundation’s members recently installed a rope handrail.

Since it is so tucked away, it is not well known. … Continue reading »

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