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With ‘Beautiful Sin,’ Berkeley filmmaker tackles Costa Rican reproductive rights controversy

Andrea Bianchi and her husband Alberto Moreno, and their children Camila and Alejandro, are one of the three families the documentary Beautiful follows for a decade. Bianchi and Moreno were one of several couples who took the Costa Rican government before an international human rights court to fight that country’s ban on in vitro fertilization (IVF), a fertility treatment in which doctors create embryos in the lab. Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has outlawed IVF. Photo courtesy of Azul Films
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Gabriela Quirós, a Berkeley documentary filmmaker, spent 12 years making Beautiful Sin, which will air on KQED TV, Sunday Sept. 13 at 6 p.m. The film tells a surprising Latin American reproductive rights story, one with resonance for the United States.

In 2000, anti-abortion activists, with the help of the Catholic Church and a U.S. group, won a legal case that banned in-vitro fertilization (IVF)  in Costa Rica and gave the embryo legal rights. Beautiful Sin tells a cautionary tale about what can happen when a religious ideology such as the “personhood of the embryo” becomes law by following the decade-long story of three couples struggling with infertility. The couples take the Costa Rican government before an international human-rights court to demand the right to use IVF. Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has outlawed the fertility treatment, in which doctors create embryos in the lab.

Berkeleyside caught up with Quirós to ask her about the film. … Continue reading »

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Uncharted, Berkeley’s first ideas festival is 1 week away!

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The finishing touches are being applied to the program, the speakers, all world experts in their fields, are tweeting about their imminent appearance on stage in Berkeley, and the final decisions on wine pairings, music sets and lighting for the sure-to-be celebratory party at the art museum have been made. This time next week the inaugural Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas will be in full flow.

The program is bursting with entertaining and thought-provoking conversations. Here’s just a taste:

Browse the full program here; learn more about the speakers here.
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Berkeley High’s Principal talks about attendance scam

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Following last week’s revelation of student-generated attendance fraud at Berkeley High School, Principal Pasquale Scuderi and Quan Tran, a BHS senior and chief of service of the Associated Student Body there, were interviewed this morning by Michael Krasny on KQED’s Forum.

Thirty-two students have been suspended from Berkeley High School for breaking into the school’s attendance system and changing records, and Scuderi confirmed that two students are up for expulsion over the incident and that no criminal charges will be made. … Continue reading »

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KQED launches partnership with Berkeleyside

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KQED, the nation’s most listened-to public radio station, today launched an innovative partnership with Berkeleyside and three other local online news sites. KQED is working with Berkeleyside, Oakland Local, NeighborWebSJ and SF Public Press to bring both more depth and greater coverage of local stories to the station and its website. The local sites, in turn, benefit from greater exposure of their work.

“Emerging news organizations such as Berkeleyside are vital to the information needs of the … Continue reading »

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Everything you wanted to know about Berkeley, on KQED

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On Thursday, Berkeleyside’s Frances Dinkelspiel was interviewed by Jon Brooks, Editor of KQED’s News Fix, about Berkeley — the biggest issues facing the city, its financial health and business climate, food culture and outsize influence nationwide.

Dinkelspiel also spoke about Berkeleyside, and in particular its diverse and engaged readership.

“One of the most interesting things as a journalist,” Dinkelspiel said, “is the back and forth on the Berkeleyside site. It’s definitely a two-way communication. For every article we … Continue reading »

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