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Slow restaurant finds fast following

Kyle Anderson, executive chef/owner and Rose Grabow, general manager of Slow./Photos: Sarah Henry.
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Kyle Anderson opened his first restaurant, Slow, nine months ago. The skinny slip of an eatery resides in an emerging food corridor on University Avenue, home to Chocolatier Blue, eVe Restaurant, OctoberFeast Bakery and New Amsterdam Coffeeshop. (Anderson is an alum of acclaimed eatery Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, as are the owners of eVe, and Christopher Blue, who owns the gourmet chocolate shop next door.)

While Anderson comes from a fine-dining culinary background, the food he serves at Slow is simple, rustic comfort fare, albeit with high-quality, mostly organic, ingredients and thoughtful taste pairings like free-range chicken salad with golden raisin, toasted almond, and sorrel, or potato salad with radish, apple, caraway seed and whole grain mustard vinaigrette. All made from scratch and dished up fast at affordable prices. … Continue reading »

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New restaurant Slow opens in emerging foodie ghetto

Slow Restaurant interior 1
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A restaurant named “Slow” in Berkeley — if it didn’t exist someone would have to invent it. And that someone is Kyle Anderson with his new “California with a European twist” place on a section of University that is emerging as a dynamic, albeit micro, gourmet ghetto.

Anderson, 28, hails from Omaha, Nebraska, and has worked as a chef in the kitchens of Daniel Boulud in New York and Charlie Trotter in Chicago — Michelin stars and Diamond ratings roll … Continue reading »

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Berkeley Bites: Christopher and Veronica Laramie, eVe Restaurant

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This culinary couple met cute at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, no less. He followed up his gastronomical studies with a stage at the prestigious Georges Blanc (three star Michelin) outside of Lyon, then the two headed to Miami, got married, and went to work at posh nosh spots in South Beach; Blue Door for him and Wish Restaurant for her.

They ditched the hurricanes and humidity of Florida for the cold, wet winters of Chicago. She … Continue reading »

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