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Lemon trees everywhere: A pie for Berkeley

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My sister used to refer to Berkeley as the place with giant lemon trees everywhere. And it’s pretty much true, don’t you think? I got my own little lemon tree about a year ago and I’ve been watching it ever since. While my tree can’t compare to the prolific and giant ones around town, I was thrilled to pick its first fruit a few weeks ago: three beautiful, succulent lemons. Intent on turning them into something unusual that would really let their flavor shine, I made rich, creamy lemon curd and nestled it in a crust made of crisp meringue. Here’s the recipe. … Continue reading »

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McDonald’s forces name change for new restaurant

Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade
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Berkeley blogger and soon-to-be restaurateur Allison Arevalo found herself in a David and Goliath situation last week when fast-food behemoth McDonald’s let her know it would sue if she went ahead with the chosen name for her new Oakland restaurant: Little Mac.

Arevalo and Erin Wade, co-owner of the new restaurant which will specialize in macaroni and cheese, rapidly determined they could not afford either the time nor the money to fight a lawsuit, and have … Continue reading »

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Berkeley food blogger finds spot for new restaurant

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Berkeley blogger Allison Arevalo has found a spot for her new venture, Little Mac, a community restaurant focusing on comfort foods — like mac n’ cheese naturally.

Arevalo, a Brooklyn import, writes the delicious Local Lemons blog, and the space she will soon close escrow on for Little Mac is at 400 40th Street in Oakland.

Arevalo is chronicling the run-up to the restaurant’s opening on the blog. She says the eatery will serve “all different kinds … Continue reading »

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