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UC pulls new logo amid criticism, ‘controversy’

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The University of California released a statement Friday that it would cease use of a newly released logo following “a significant negative response by students, alumni and other members of our community.”

Daniel M. Dooley, senior vice president for external relations at the University of California Office of the President, released a statement Friday that was posted on UC Berkeley’s News Center website shortly after noon.

Dooley wrote that the response to the new logo had resulted in an unfortunate community controversy. … Continue reading »

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New, modern UC logo evokes cries of ‘foul’

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The University of California system has started using a modern logo intended to be easy to use on the Internet, Facebook, and social media.

It hasn’t gone down well.

While the University started using the modern logo in November, people only became widely aware of it after news organizations reported on it last week. Within days, a group of students and alumni had posted a petition on Change.org calling for the removal of the spanking-new logo. By Monday morning, 38,340 people had signed onto the protest. A Facebook page “Stop the UC Logo Change,” has 4,500 “likes.”

“The newly designed monogram of the University of California, while attempting to be modern, loses the prestige and elegance of the current seal,” reads the petition. … Continue reading »

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