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Still undecided about the election? Let us help

Will you miss all the lawn signs on Berkeley medians after tomorrow? Photo: Alan Tobey
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Over the last several months, Berkeleyside has run many dozens of articles on Berkeley’s mayoral election, council seat races, the school board contest, the rival rent board slates and most of the 10 city measures on the ballot tomorrow. On top of that, our collaboration with MapLight on Voter’s Edge Berkeley provides a handy one-stop site for information about the ballot measures. And our Opinionator op-ed section has overflowed with rival views about various election issues.

What Berkeleyside is not going to do is make any endorsements in the election. There are two reasons why. First, we believe in an educated, informed citizenry. Newspaper endorsements are a relic of a pre-Internet era when readers had to rely on insiders to tell them what was what. Our goal is to make sure you have as much information as we have, so you can make up your own mind. We don’t feel the urge to make it up for you. Second, we work hard to be impartial in our news reporting of Berkeley. Even if we convince ourselves that we could create neat compartments between our opinions and our reporting, our readers would be understandably skeptical. … Continue reading »

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Berkeleyside launches one-stop, nonpartisan voting guide

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Berkeleyside is here to make things easier for you.

We have teamed up with MAPLight, a Berkeley nonprofit dedicated to revealing money’s influence on politics, to produce a nonpartisan voting guide for the ten measures on the ballot.

Called Voter’s Edge Berkeley, we see it like one stop shopping: come to the Voter’s Edge Berkeley website to understand the measures (described in plain English); see how they might impact your pocketbook; see who is throwing money at them; and see who is endorsing or opposing the measure. As a bonus, there is a handy collection of links to various news stories, editorials, and organizational endorsements. … Continue reading »

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