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Recent Stories

  • How Quirky is Berkeley? Arlene Mayerson and Allan Tinker

    In the hills behind the Claremont, within a Berkeley zip code, is the home of Arlene Mayerson and Allan Tinker. For what they do, what they collect, and what they make, sculptor/gardener Marcia Donahue has crowned them the queen and king of Berkeley Quirk; and sculptor Doug Heine wrote: “This is what I love about Berkeley, these treasures and the people that are the REAL treasures to us.”

  • On Colusa Avenue, beach debris art with a twist

    “Eccentric Artist in Residence” warns a sign outside of Mark Olivier’s house. Usually known simply as “the house on Colusa”, Olivier’s home is something of a legend in Berkeley because it is covered in art made from debris washed up on beaches. Many Berkeley residents know the house, but the owner himself is mostly anonymous, and the story behind it mostly untold.