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Bites: New Public Market tenants, La Crema, more

The redesigned entrance for Public Market Emeryville. Photo: Courtesy of Public Market Emeryville
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Openings, closings..

TWO NEW TENANTS ANNOUNCED FOR EMERYVILLE PUBLIC MARKET Slowly but surely, Emeryville’s Public Market is adding more new restaurants. Shiba Ramen and KoJa Kitchen are now both up and running, with We Sushi and Mayo & Mustard to follow later this spring. Now we hear that a new casual Peruvian café, Granja Eatery, will occupy a prime 1,500-square-foot space at the front entrance to the market. Granja Eatery is a project from chef Carlos Altamirano, who owns several restaurants and food trucks across the Bay Area. Altamirano will offer street food-style Peruvian food, and the restaurant will feature an open kitchen and a bar with beer, wine and sangria. He hopes to open this fall. Also headed to the market in July will be Oui Oui Macaron, a Daly City-based macaron company. It will be the first food purveyor to open in one of Public Market’s three shipping-container spaces. Public Market Emeryville is at 5959 Shellmound St., Emeryville.Continue reading »

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A grand taste of Paris at Oakland’s La Parisienne

Photo: La Parisienne/Facebook
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Barely open a couple of weeks, the newest addition to Grand Avenue has already attracted connoisseurs of fine French pastries.

La Parisienne, located at 3249 Grand Ave., offers delicacies that one would expect to find in a traditional Parisian boulangerie and pâtisserie: several varieties of quiche (potato, leek, and ham), croques monsieur (with ham, salmon or bacon) and croques madame; baguettes; a dizzying variety of pastries, cookies and croissants; espresso drinks; and some heavenly chouquettes, those little clouds of puff pastry. New on the menu last week was a lychee mousse made with chocolate and ginger, as well as a colorful assortment of pâtes de fruits — little jewel-toned squares of fruit jellies rolled in sugar. … Continue reading »

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A little something: Where to find bite-sized treats

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As we work off the excesses of Thanksgiving dinners and Hanukkah feasts, and anticipate still more over-indulging during the winter holidays, what better time to think about eating less? Specifically, smaller bites of the treats we love. Mary Flaherty set out to investigate local purveyors who offer wonderfully small portions of the ice creams and pastries we can’t live without. (Let us know in the Comments if you know of other East Bay spots that think small. In particular, Mary is still looking for a tidy little blueberry muffin!)

Petit croissants at La Bedaine

The mid-Solano French take-out shop La Bedaine sells sandwiches, tarts and vacuum-packed dinners, as well as pastries.

La Bedaine’s croissant ($2 — pictured above) is about half the size of most American croissants, estimates chef/owner Alain Delangle. It’s also slightly sweet. The pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant) ($2.25) is about two-thirds the size of others in the area, he said.

Asked why he makes smaller croissants, Delangle said, “I’ll show you —  it’s very simple.” Reaching behind a counter, the French native pulled out a rolling pin-like device from France that rolls and cuts the croissants into a fixed size.  “That’s the normal size for a French croissant.”

La Bedaine, 1585 Solano Ave. between Ordway and Peralta. … Continue reading »

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North Berkeley merchants want parklets for the people

A parklet in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood. Photo: San Francisco Pavement to Parks
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Businesses in the Gourmet Ghetto are keen to jump on the parklet bandwagon — bringing outdoor seating to the streets for espresso sippers, pizza eaters, and world watchers in lieu of parking spots — but must first wait for the city to come up with a process for making the spaces available.

So-called parklets — slivers of open space sprouting in cities around the globe — are a big trend in urban design, with San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks leading the way locally, and Oakland following suit (a pilot program is under review there.) Berkeley is a little late to the take-back-the-public-space movement but eager to come up with its own ideas to beautify public areas where community members can congregate. Leading the charge is the North Shattuck Association, which is helping businesses in its café- and restaurant-heavy district organize around the concept.

“The parklets pilot project was conceived by the association based on our experience with hosting temporary parklets during past years on Park(ing) Day and the Spice of Life Festival,” said Heather Hensley, executive director of the association.

Park(ing) Day is an international movement conceived to help city residents around the world reimagine the humble parking space. One day each fall, D.I.Y., creative urbanistas are encouraged to transform parking spots into parks, playgrounds, pop-up cafés — anything other than a lowly (though coveted) place for cars. Park(ing) Day parklets have sprouted in Berkeley in past years in front of the Cheese Board Collective and the late Amanda’s Feel Good Fresh Food. … Continue reading »

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In Berkeley: The search for the perfect eclair

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By Jane Stillwater

Recently I met a doctor who told me, “The first thing that I do when I get a new patient is to take him entirely off gluten and dairy for a month. And chances are good that, if the patient takes my advice, whatever symptoms he has will improve.” I also read where autistic children do better without dairy products or gluten.

Okay. I’ve got digestive problems. I’ll try it. It works.

But … Continue reading »

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