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Op-ed: How come my street isn’t getting fixed?

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How come my street isn’t getting fixed?

Since Berkeley’s Five-Year Street paving plan came to Council November 18 (item 39), a lot of people have asked “how come my block isn’t on the list? It’s in major disrepair.” The answer is in our 2011 Streets audit; we provided a road map for getting the most bang for the buck for every dollar spent on streets. Repair costs increase exponentially when maintenance is deferred. This means the City needs … Continue reading »

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In potholed city, which Berkeley streets will be paved?

Find out if your street will be paved in the next two years by consulting our interactive map. (Blue lines are scheduled for 2014, and red lines are scheduled for 2015.)
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The city of Berkeley has budgeted nearly $15.4 million through June 2015 to repave nearly 25 miles of city streets, many of which are in rough shape and desperate need of improvement.

So which streets will be paved? Berkeleyside has created an interactive map — scroll down to view it — to show which streets are on the list for fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Streets marked in blue are set to be repaved in 2014 by June, while those in red are slated to be fixed in fiscal year 2014-15. … Continue reading »

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City Manager Christine Daniel details Berkeley’s finances

Christine Daniel
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Isabelle Gaston, president of the North East Berkeley Association, recently did an email interview with Christine Daniel, Berkeley’s City Manager, about the financial health of Berkeley for NEBA’s newsletter. Gaston provided the interview for reprinting on Berkeleyside. It has been edited to conform to Berkeleyside style:  

Gaston: How would you characterize the overall financial health of the city? 

Daniel: The City of Berkeley weathered the financial downturn better than many jurisdictions. While reductions in staffing were felt throughout the city organization and resources for a variety of programs were reduced or eliminated due to decreased funding from sources such as the state and federal governments, Berkeley property values remained relatively stable compared to values in the region, and sales taxes, while suffering a decline in FY 2010, have recovered.  However, property transfer taxes suffered a significant decline which affected the city’s ability to invest in infrastructure maintenance. Those revenues are now beginning to recover, but are not yet at pre-recession levels.  … Continue reading »

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Have your say on improving Berkeley’s streets, watershed

Residents attended a meeting in early May to learn about the planning process for Measure M spending. Photo: Emilie Raguso
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Residents interested in street improvements and the city’s watershed have two chances this week to get involved in the discussion about how to spend millions of dollars in Measure M funds that are expected to start flowing into city coffers next year.

Tuesday night, the Berkeley City Council will hold a special work session on Measure M. Then Thursday, the Public Works Commission will discuss the city’s proposed updated five-year paving plan, which helps determine Measure M priorities. (Scroll to the bottom of this story for details.)

The five-year paving plan is the main document that will drive Measure M improvements. The council is scheduled to approve the next five-year plan in November. (See the current-year paving plan here.) … Continue reading »

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Urban planning

Scorecard would help determine Measure M projects

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 12.02.14 PM
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The final public meeting currently scheduled to discuss Measure M spending will take place Thursday, July 18, at the South Berkeley Senior Center.

Measure M, to pay for bonds related to street and watershed improvements, was approved by 73% of voters in November.

Thursday, residents will have a chance to learn more about the proposal for how the city will spend the bond money, though which streets will see repairs or changes remains to be determined.

“We’ve been getting public comments coming in with people asking, ‘What about my street?’ They want to know where they are in the 5-year plan,” said Ray Yep, of the city’s Public Works Commission. “Right now we’re shying away from specifics like that.”

Yep said, currently, the city gets about $3.5 million each year in tax funding to handle street improvements, and the Measure M bonds will bring in an additional $6 million annually. Later this year, he added, the Berkeley City Council will approve the updated 5-year plan, which will set the specific priorities for spending.

“The amount of money available per year is going to triple, and the work per year is going to triple,” said Yep. “But which exact streets will be included, that answer is going to come later.” … Continue reading »

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Second Measure M planning meeting comes Saturday

Residents attended a meeting in early May to learn about the planning process for Measure M spending. Photo: Emilie Raguso
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The second community meeting on Measure M spending will take place Saturday at 10 a.m. at the South Berkeley senior center to seek input from community members on their priorities for street and watershed improvements.

Priorities will likely include accelerating the city’s five-year paving plan and focusing on green infrastructure — such as permeable pavers and rain gardens — that relate to street improvements.

Measure M allocates $30 million toward street and watershed improvements. Exactly how the money will be spent will be determined between now and November when the Berkeley City Council will vote on the spending plan. The money is supposed to begin flowing toward projects in early 2014. … Continue reading »

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City asks residents to brainstorm Measure M spending

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In the next few months, city representatives will start taking steps to determine how to allocate $30 million from Measure M, which voters approved in November to improve Berkeley’s streets and watershed.

The first session will take place May 2 from 5:30-8 p.m. at the North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Ave. Commissioners will explain and answer questions about the planning process, the schedule, and the ways the public can contribute their views. City staff will provide technical background on street paving, watershed management and transportation programs. … Continue reading »

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Urban planning

South Berkeley neighbors ask city for help to improve

About 30 South Berkeley residents came together Wednesday to ask the city for help to make several changes in the neighborhood. Photo: Emilie Raguso
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Several dozen South Berkeley residents and city staffers came together Tuesday night to brainstorm about how to make three key changes in the neighborhood.

Residents, who met at MVMNT Studio at 2973 Sacramento St., asked the city to help lead the charge to calm traffic and fix stormwater drainage problems at California and Julia streets, and address a blighted building on Sacramento that many said they feel is keeping the local commercial district from flourishing. … Continue reading »

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Ambitious public works program falls short of need

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The public works capital improvement program was the focus of the budget worksession that preceded Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. Public Works Director Andrew Clough and his colleagues presented an ambitious roster of projects for the next five years, but cautioned that the plans do not keep up with the city’s needs.

“The city’s public infrastructure is indeed suffering,” Clough said. “But all is not grim. We’re here not only to tell you what we don’t have, but also what we have done and what we plan to do.”  … Continue reading »

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