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ABGSL Sting 12U team wins final summer season tourney

team 1 rebel classic
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By Kate Campbell

The Albany-Berkeley Girls Softball League’s 12U travel team, Sting, won the final 2012 summer season tournament. You may remember the team from the article Michael Lewis wrote for Berkeleyside last year. We’ve been following their progress. Here’s the latest installment:

Facing a field of eight other teams, none of whom they had yet played this season, the Sting team had strong pitching, was on fire with their hitting and solid in their fielding. Their batting lineup started slow on Saturday, narrowly losing their first game on Saturday to the San Bruno Storm 8-7. Despite 14-3 and 7-2 wins in their other games, they were seeded a dark horse fifth on Sunday.  Ironically, in single elimination Sunday they again matched up against the San Bruno Storm, and this time they shut them out 2-0 in seven innings, with Robyn Wampler pitching a perfect game.

Sting was definitely one of the teams to beat on the B team softball circuit this summer. This was their third tournament win out of the five tournaments they played for the season. Beyond the wins, though, the team was known for the teamwork, camaraderie and positive attitude that characterized both practices and tournament competition. … Continue reading »

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Hits, put-outs and a Garbanzo tournament victory

Team Zonta Garbanzos, who won last Saturday's mid-season tournament. Photo: ABGSL
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By Bora Reed

Bora Reed, an Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League parent and the league’s reporter coordinator recently wrote to Berkeleyside wondering if we would publish game reports. “Why not?” was our reply. Here’s the first: 

The Albany Berkeley Girls Softball League season is well under way, with girls grades 1-8 building skills, learning teamwork and having fun. Berkeleyside provided one perspective on the league from Moneyball author Michael Lewis in December. Below is a report of the Older Division’s mid-season tournament last Saturday, along with a few reports from games in the Middle and Younger Divisions. Special thanks to the team of embedded reporters for the game write-ups.

Zonta Garbanzos Win Mid-Season Tournament

Zonta Clubs’ Garbanzos girls softball squad jumped to an early commanding lead from the get-go in their first game on Saturday against the Friedman-Brueggemeyer Fantastic Flying Frying Pans with one run each scored by Zinnia Thewlis, Grace Rusin, Dylan Kurzgul and Anne Mugler. The four-run lead was held throughout the four-inning game thanks to sharp pitching from Zinnia and Grace and deft fielding skills of Claire McNally and Griffen Campbell. … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis: After Moneyball comes softball

Front Row (left to right):   Grace Rusin, Maeve Gallagher, Quinn Lewis, Derby Gill, Griffin Campbell, Kaili Meier, Amanda Galbraith Back row (left to right): Coach Katie Vickers,  Briahna Jackson, Adi Saaf, Coach David Wampler, Lila Simpson, Robyn Wampler, Claire Kaneko, Isabel Lavrov, Coach Marissa Drewery.
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By Michael Lewis

One of the striking traits about Berkeley is the competitive spirit its residents bring to seemingly uncompetitive activities. They may not be playing the same game as everyone else, or be willing to admit an interest in victory, but the games they play, they play to win.

In addition to a lot of obvious intellectual and artistic achievement, our population can go head to head with any in its capacity to find what is morally objectionable in common foodstuffs; in its ability, as pedestrians, to make life miserable for automobiles; in its sensitivity to the presence of petroleum in products; and in its willingness to express political opinions, especially on bumper stickers. If the Olympic Committee ever were to replace cycling with recycling, our residents would not only take home all the medals, but know exactly which colored bin to put them in. And of course our tree sitters would kick the butts of tree sitters in any other similarly sized city. … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis on movies, books, and the financial crisis

Michael Lewis. Photo: Julia Flynn Siler
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Michael Lewis seems incapable of telling a lie.

In a freewheeling interview in front of a private banking group Wednesday night, the Berkeley writer confessed how he didn’t like the movie The Blind Side when he first saw it, how movie people would prefer that the author of a book adapted for the screen would just go away, and how the financial press actually did a good job reporting the 2008 crisis.

Lewis, who lives in Berkeley with his wife, … Continue reading »

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UC Berkeley

Berkeley’s Michael conspiracy at Rep tonight

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Can it possibly be a coincidence that the three most famous writers currently resident in Berkeley are named Michael? Think about it: Michael Pollan, Michael Lewis and Michael Chabon. Somebody is hiding something.

Two of the Michaels — Pollan and Lewis — are on stage tonight at the Berkeley Rep in a fundraiser for the university’s Graduate School of Journalism. It’s billed as a “conversation about writing, storytelling, books and journalism”. There’s plenty of evidence that … Continue reading »

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Brad and Angelina have (or not) left the premises

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their children left the East Bay and the Claremont Hotel and Spa on Monday, but reports of their doings while in town are still surfacing.

Many people saw Zahara and Shiloh swimming in the Claremont’s baby pool, with Brad at times and with bodyguards at other times. The Claremont apparently closed the pool to everyone else, according to a member of the hotel’s club. That didn’t sit too well with club members … Continue reading »

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Brad and Angelina in Berkeley

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People at the Claremont Hotel apparently kept their cool on Saturday when the world’s hottest celebrity couple appeared in their midst.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their brood of six children spent the afternoon at the Claremont’s pool and health club, according to some members of the club.

While Pitt worked out in the exercise room, Jolie and the children swam in the hotel’s Olympic-size pool. Lucky for them the fog burned off.

Pitt is in town to … Continue reading »

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Berkeley Bites: Lisa Rogovin, Epicurean Concierge

The CheeseBoard: a Berkeley tour stop.
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A former ad sales rep for Gourmet magazine (R.I.P.), Lisa Rogovin had what she calls her Eat, Pray, Love moment in 2005, meaning she left an unhappy marriage, sold the house, and embarked on a food-fueled journey around the world, visiting 14 countries (yes, India was in the mix) in seven months.

Before she left on her edible adventure, though, the food enthusiast sowed the seeds for her future happiness, both personally and professionally. She met the man who … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis is Washington’s new darling

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Well, savvy Berkeleyside readers already know that Michael Lewis’ new book, The Big Short, sold 162,000 copies in its first month.

But now there’s news that the book has captured the attention of our country’s lawmakers. According to a story on the website Politico, The Big Short has been mentioned at least 15 times in the hallowed halls of Congress — on the Senate floor, in committee meetings and in press conferences.

Dick Durbin, the … Continue reading »

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That Money Machine: Michael Lewis

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Berkeley author Michael Lewis named his most recent book about the 2008 economic meltdown The Big Short.

He could have called it The Upside (in a nod to a previous book, The Blind Side.)

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine sold a phenomenal 60,000 copies the week after it was released on March 21. By early April, fans had bought 162,000 copies of the book, Jason Boog writes on the publishing website Galley … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis’ Moneyball a step closer to big screen

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Berkeley author Michael Lewis has other things on his mind right now — he’s on the book tour circuit promoting his new oeuvre The Big Short — but it won’t have escaped his notice that one of his earlier books is inching its way closer to moviedom.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the long road to the big screen for Moneyball, Lewis’ 2003 book about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, may be reaching … Continue reading »

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Michael Lewis: I don’t make $$ when my books become movies

Michael Lewis
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Michael Lewis may have a slew of bestselling books, but he doesn’t  make much money when they become movies.

Ten days after Sandra Bullock won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in The Blind Side – which was originally a book by Lewis – he told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that he will never see a penny from that film.

“Are you asking me if I got rich off that movie?”  Lewis said in a radio interview broadcast … Continue reading »

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Hollywood woos writer Michael Lewis, again

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Michael Lewis is one lucky writer. Not to downplay his talent.

The adaption of his book The Blind Side was nominated for an Oscar award for Best Picture Tuesday morning, and Sandra Bullock got a nod for Best Actress. (Not that she acknowledged Lewis when she won a Golden Globe; she thanked everyone but him.)

It also looks like Brad Pitt can’t get enough of this Berkeley writer.

Pitt was supposed to star in Moneyball, Lewis’ book … Continue reading »

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