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Greenerprinter: Growing a sustainable business

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The growth of Greenerprinter, West Berkeley’s eco-friendly printer, serves as an object lesson in the risks, twists and turns entrepreneurial businesses need to navigate.

When Mario Assadi, founder and CEO of Greenerprinter, started the company in 1987, he had a freshly minted degree in mechanical engineering but was impatient to do something on his own. Desktop publishing — fuelled by the Apple Macintosh and Adobe PageMaker — was burgeoning, and he started a pre-press company, then called Tulip Graphics, on University Avenue.

He handled the changing technology and demand sufficiently to open another office in San Francisco in 1993, to be close to the ad agencies that were big purchasers of his services. And, like so many other businesses at the time, he found himself in the middle of the dotcom boom. … Continue reading »

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With elegy book, community becomes part of exhibition

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Speaking about his new exhibition of photographs which opened simultaneously at the Berkeley Art Museum and the Oakland Museum of California this week, Richard Misrach says it is as much a community event as an art show.

The haunting images, taken 20 years ago in the wake of the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm, document the aftermath of a disaster that touched everyone who lived or worked locally. And, now, because the photographs have never been shown before, people who lost homes — or perhaps even family members — are seeing these large scale, beautifully composed images for the first time. The impact is bound to be strong and responses are likely to be emotional.

Misrach knew he wanted to create a way for community members to articulate their reaction to the photographs and contribute to the exhibition directly. So he decided to create two handcrafted elegy books, one for each museum. Exhibition goers are encouraged to write in the books — or include photos or drawings — and the tomes will become part of the museums’ exhibition archives.

The design of the books fell to Brian Scott of San Francisco’s Boon Design, who worked with Misrach 20 years ago on his book, Bravo 20, and Berkeley bookbinder John DeMerritt. Scott and DeMerritt share a love of ledgers — the type that banks or courthouses would use in the past, or that hotels still sometimes have on display as guest books. … Continue reading »

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