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Thanksgiving turkey: Chop it up, it tastes better!

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It’s turkey season. Norman Rockwell’s iconic image of a turkey dinner — “Freedom from Want” — reenforces the image that the turkey we place on the table for holiday feasts should be a whole bird. However many experts, including Monica Rocchino, co-owner with her husband Aaron Rocchino of The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley, challenge that sacred notion.

Here, Rocchino explains why carving up the bird makes for a better-tasting meat. This article was originally published two years ago, but its advice is timeless, so we’re delighted to bring it to you again on the eve of Thanksgiving 2014:

Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner is a pressure-filled meal for many of us. For those who don’t cook much throughout the year, it is a daunting task to feed family and friends, and for those who pride themselves on being excellent cooks, there are grand expectations!

Unfortunately, for both types of cooks, Norman Rockwell’s image of a turkey dinner has become the “norm” of what we expect to see on the holiday table, even if only for a brief moment before it gets carved or hacked to pieces. After spending a pretty penny on a turkey, why is it that we throw our sense of taste aside in order to present a whole bird for a minute or two at the table? The bottom line is that it is nearly impossible to cook a whole turkey and end up with perfectly cooked white and dark meat.  … Continue reading »

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